Young sibling sex story

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Summer break is the best. Kids out playing pick up games, videos games till your eyes bleed or studying for the next year. Me I enjoyed skateboarding. My junior year summer break and I gotta spend it doing pretty much nothing. It was kinda embarrassing at first cause it was hopeless to help myself with anything. The days kept going on and my sexual frustration kept piling. I could only get so far by using my forearms. It was hopeless. My younger sister would end up being my primary care taker.

She would help me undo my pants so I could go to the bathroom and shower. It kept getting more and more awkward as I was fighting the urge to stop my boners from revealing themselves every time my sister would help me. I apologized to my little sister as she would have to wrestle between picking up my shorts and tucking my fully erect penis back into my shorts so she could pull them up. The pre cum would get on her hands and it was just a sticky mess. She was drying my mid section on her knees which was not helping my 10 day dry season.

She was so delicate as the towel grazed my balls and my taint. Thick white ropes of cum came streaming out of my cock like I was fucking spider man or something. As I look down at my little sisters cum covered face she was calm and just kneeling there on the floor in front of my pulsating penis.

OMG sis I am so sorry. She slowly stood up and dragged one finger across her face and put the cum filled finger in her mouth and said. I was in disbelief as she grabbed a towel and walked into my room cleaning her face. In a sick sense I think I found the solution to my problem. I walk into my room and she starts helping me put my boxers on I asked her what she meant about its not the first time having cum on my face before.

I know its gotta suck not being able to pleasure yourself. So getting out of the shower the next day with all my meat swollen and about to burst my sister got the picture. She grabbed some lotion and started going to work. Slowly stroking my shaft with her soft delicate hands. Oh boy she knows what she is doing for sure. Playing with the tip of my cock and caressing my balls at the same time. She stroked harder and faster and as she saw I was about to cum she aimed my cock right to her mouth where she proceeded to collect my cum with every throbbing pulse of my seamen spewing penis.

Later that night she came into my room again. She was wearing a loose fitting top that showed her nipples through her shirt. They were pretty nice not going to lie. Yeah me either. So bro how was the handjob earlier today? Did I do I do a good job? Trick question cause the amount of seamen that came out speaked for itself haha. This content appeared first on new sex story. I thought it would be all awkward n shit but its just going on like normal. Let me say that you big brother have a very nice cock. Your big saggy testicles that makes me wanna lick em all day.

Can I be honest with you? Ok this is news to me. At this point I was getting hot in the pants and I saw that she knew I was getting a hard on. She can live her Fantasy and I can just tag along for the ride. I stood up and my penis teepee was staring my sister in the face. She proceeded to pull my boxers down to reveal my rock hard cock. With no hands she opened her mouth and started giving me a blowjob.

She was going nice and slow up and down my shaft. I could tell she was savoring the moment. She took my cock out and slapped it against her face. She pushed me on the bed where she started sucking on my balls. Ive always kept my cock and balls shaved so it was just all so Young sibling sex story as she would gargle both Young sibling sex story my nuts in her mouth at once.

The flick of her tongue on my balls as popped my sac out of her mouth. Then out of nowhere she was slowly deep throating my cock. I could feel the warmth from the back of her throat as she was flexing her tonsils on the head of my cock.

Young sibling sex story

Just up and down and up and down. I had no idea she had these skills. I was in pure awe as the cum was sticking to her lips as she would pull away for air. My throbbing cock felt like it was going to burst if it got any more harder. I want Young sibling sex story to shoot that hot cum down my throat. She went back to deep throat my cock.

I could hear her gagging on my cock as she went further and further down my shaft. Coughing as all the cum was in her throat. Up and down then she would pause once she had my whole cock in her throat and wiggling her tongue all around my cock savoring all the cum that was in her mouth. She was sucking faster and harder up and down my penis like her life depended on it. I spewed ever lasting cum in her mouth. My leg was twitching as every throbbing pulse filled my sister mouth with my sticky hot cum. Even after emptying my balls I was still orgasming in my sisters mouth.

She pulled away from my cock to open her mouth and show me the reservoir of seamen I shot into her mouth. She was swirling it around in her mouth. It took her 2 gulps to empty her mouth of my baby juice. That was so amazing little sister. Its gonna take days to replenish the seamen I just shot into your mouth.

I love having your seamen in my mouth it tastes so good.

Young sibling sex story

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Young sibling sex story

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Young sibling sex story

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