Young cousins fuck stories

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This story from Notzforzeveryone has Young cousins fuck stories read 2 4 0 5 8 times. Young cousins Written by Notzforzeveryoneongenre incest Growing up my family was always very close, we still are to this day but only a few people in my family know what really used to go on between me and my favorite cousin. We used to have slumber parties all the time.

I'm only 2 years older than her so at the time she would be 7 and I would be 9. We always stayed up late and watched movies and played barbies, sometimes we would make the barbies take their clothes off and pretend that they were having sex. We thought it was funny and it definitely turned us on because we would be giggling and giving each other the eye. One day we asked to have a sleepover after a family event and our parents agreed so we stayed at her house.

When we got there she said she wanted to play house, which we always did, so I said "okay! We get to her house and go upstairs and she says she wants to be the daddy and i'll be the mommy. She shuts the door and i start pretending to prepare a meal for her with her kitchen set toys and she comes over from behind me with her shirt off and starts rubbing on my butt and kissing my neck from behind.

Im giggling and enjoying it but i was confused because we never did anything like this before so i asked her what she was doing and she said she saw her dad do it to her mom when she was cooking the day before and her mom liked it so she knew I would.

Young cousins fuck stories

She takes our toy plates and I sit on the bed watching tv and she comes over and starts kissing me, full on kissing me with tongue so I started to kiss back and grab on her butt. She climbs on top of me and starts dry humping against me telling me to make sexy noises. She said it was tingling again and i told her mine was too so she sat mine with her with our pants still on and started grinding her hips back and forth while rubbing on my boobs and taking my shirt off.

Young cousins fuck stories

I started touching her already exposed boobs and was moaning cause I could feel myself getting turned on. I told her we should take our pants off and she agreed. We did and we started touching each other's asses, rubbing and squeezing while secretly trying to get a feel for each other's daisies.

I touched hers and she touched mine and we were amazing because they were wet and we weren't sure why. She told me we should make them slip against each other so she sat in between my legs and we began to rub our pussies together as she pulled her blanket over us. We did this for about minutes until she said she wanted to see what mine taste like and she began to lick it. I never felt so good before and I started to grind my little pussy against her face. After about 5 minutes I felt an amazing feeling go thru my body which I know now was an orgasm. My first one ever.

I told her she had to feel what I felt after I got done shaking.

Young cousins fuck stories

I relaxed and started kissing her thighs then started licking her pussy the same way she was mine. She was moaning really loud and all of a sudden I feel the blanket come off of us and I hear her stop moaning and start pulling away from me and I tried to keep licking her but then I heard "stoppit! Her mom caught us, we stopped and were so scared. We went about our days normally after that, I still see her and we still had sleepovers but never did that to each other again even tho I always wanted to and so did she. We continued to just do it with our barbies. Reader comments on the erotic story.

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Young cousins fuck stories

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