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Words: This took absolutely forever, but I hope you like it :. Your brother was watching from the corner with Sam, and they were both looking over in what appeared to be disbelief. For a moment, you thought he was kidding, and you gave him a weird look. You were going to shoot the same look to Sam as well, but when your eyes met his, his expression was dead serious; with maybe, maybe, a hint of a smirk.

Bucky was chuckling and you could see him shaking his head out of the corner of your eye. Bucky spluttered, trying and failing to cover it up with a cough. Your brother smirked, slowly walking up behind you as you and Sam continued to spit insults back and forth. You spun on your heel, your arms automatically protecting your waist — you knew your brother too well.

X ticklish reader

Before you could turn back around, you felt two arms wrap around you from behind, lifting you into the air with ease. You squealed, kicking out at the air, but it was to no avail. It was almost too easy for Sam to carry you over to the couch and pin you beneath him. You bit back a laugh, not wanting to give him the satisfaction so early on. Sam was picking up the pace, leaving one hand to gently pinch at your side while the other began to spider across your stomach.

X ticklish reader

You let out a half-groan, half-squeal as he now began to creep towards your underarms. Involuntarily, you made the mistake of clamping arms to your sides the moment you felt his fingers twitch against the sensitive skin, and the evil smirk that spread across his face made you let out a nervous whine.

X ticklish reader

He swiftly pulled his hands out from their position, and you relaxed, thinking that it was all finally over. Your eyes were closed, you were breathing heavily; you were just happy it was over. So, when you felt four hands pulling your wrists above your head, and opened your eyes to see Sam wiggling his fingers towards you, you practically jumped out of your skin.

And that was all you got out before The Falcon descended upon you once again, fingers scribbling across every inch of ticklish skin there was; and it was safe to say that you were laughing now. Posted on Thursday, 5 September Posted by sillyfeathers. Your brother sighed, then got your attention with a wave of his hand. In fact, it was what you did — your reaction — that determined your fate. Unfortunately for you, Sam decided X ticklish reader ignore it too.

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X ticklish reader X ticklish reader

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