Worst spanking stories

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Log In Register. Public Service Forums. Post Reply 1 of 2. Last 1 2. After reading the"How often should you beat your kid? You must be a subscriber to. ed: Aug 14, Posts: 10, How long do you want to ignore this user? She went ninja on me, grabbing my burr haircut in one hand and her house slipper in the other hand, all in one motion, and proceeded to beat the ever-living, ever-loving, compound, complex, fighting Texas Aggie hell out of me for what seemed like an eternity until my dad came in the house after working all day.

When Worst spanking stories dad asked what was going on, my mother, without missing a beat or losing a stroke as she continued to swing the house slipper of death, proceeds to ask my father if he knew what "your son" said to me. At this point, my dad says "I've been at work all day, how the hell would I know what he said.

Worst spanking stories

Where do you think he got that from? My dad Worst spanking stories that extra gear that my mother had found earlier and his belt went into hyperdrive, just like the house slipper of death did that my mother had been using on me minutes before.

I wish this was the end of the story, but it wasn't. The next weekend, my family was going to my grandparents house, as were aunt and uncle of mine and 2 cousins, one who was 2 years older than me and the other one year younger. I KNEW the moment my cousin Ken said that to my Aunt Frances, he would get a long-overdue in my opinion ass-whooping like he never had gotten before. What I forgot to think Worst spanking stories was what would happen to me when Aunt Frances asked Ken the inevitable question "Where did you learn to use such language"?

In that split second between my aunt asking the question and my cousin answering, the satisfaction I felt for causing my cousin to get his spanking turned to horror as I realized that the spanking my cousin was getting was nothing compared to the one I was about to get as soon as he answered the question. When my cousin managed to blurt out "John told me to", I proceeded to get the spanking of a lifetime. I swear, it felt like every adult relative I had just materialized from out of nowhere to take part. That's my worst spanking story, Let's hear some of yours. Reply Quote. ed: Jan 7, Posts: 35, User Profile Private Message.

Adults who type text walls with no paragraphs need a beating. ed: Oct 31, Posts: 23, I don't even remember what it was for, but worst was when my mother told me to pull my pants down and bend over and proceeded to Spank me with fly swatter. The plastic swatter flew off and she continued to spank my butt and leg with the two metal prongs of the swatter. Left welts for days. ed: Sep 30, Posts: 45, I look forward to the day we make this happen.

Worst spanking stories

And this. ed: Dec 3, Posts: 58, I don't have anything that quite matches that, but that, sir, was an ass-beating well earned. AggieDarlin said:. Slicer97 said:. ed: Sep 25, Posts: 2, We did something bad enough for my mom to get a belt, which was highly unusual. It could have been the time we caught the kitchen on fire. It could have been the time we used a platter as a target for throwing stars we bought through a catalog.

Worst spanking stories

Regardless, my mom whipped me first and had me sit in the corner. My younger brother was next. After the first swat he popped up and started to run. My mom let loose with the buckle end of the belt in a move that would have made Indian Jones proud. It caught my brother square in the low back and dropped him immediately. As she was standing over his crumpled body beating him I laughed so much that she had to circle back around and give me round two. Totally worth it. ed: Jan 4, Posts: 32, We had a paddle engraved w "Board of Education" and that was all that was used.

Worst I got was 5 licks bc my dad said, "If I hear a single peep more out of this room, you are each getting 5 licks.

Worst spanking stories

ed: Aug 31, Posts:Worst was very likely the very rare occasion we did something very bad and dad had to get involved, with his big scary leather stitched belt he got in Mexico with his name on it. Worst spanking stories told us if we were bad enough he'd swat us hard enough to stamp that name on our butts. We rarely put it to the test. My mom would just lose it occasionally, and then you got swatted with whatever she could grab at hand: fly swatter, wooden spoon, yardstick, spatula, hanger, ruler, stick.

Not the worst but the funniest was the St Valentines Day massacre. My two brothers, sister and I were supposed to be all nice making Valentine's Day cards for eachother, but instead we were being antagonistic trolls and arguing and fighting. We failed to notice my mom getting angrier and angrier, except my sister.

Worst spanking stories

At the last minute she Worst spanking stories if she can walk over to my cousin's house one street over and escapes outside. Right then another argument broke out and my mom completely lost it. She grabs this extra heavy duty yardstick out of the closet and starts screaming "It's Valentines Day and you are supposed to be nice to eachother and love eachother! I, being the oldest and fastest, manage to escape quickly out of reach with minimal damage and retreat down the hallway. My two younger brothers took a beating however before my middle brother escaped to a bathroom and locked himself inside, leaving my youngest brother SpreheetAg to take the last couple of swats before the frustrated crying and severe guilt tripping started, which was really always the worst part.

ed: Mar 12, Posts: 12, Got beat with a power cord once bad enough that the sheets next morning partially stuck to me. I bled somewhat during the night. I don't even remember what the beating was for. Didn't happen often but when it did Reply Quote 0.

ed: Jul 22, Posts: 9, I didn't get many spankings that I recall. The one instance that does stand out vividly in my mind I was probably 7 or 8. I have no idea what my mom said, but we were walking out our front door and in a very sassy tone of voice I said, "so what?

Then she bent me over and spanked me with her leather purse strap. That was the last time I ever "talked back" to her until I was in my late teens.

Worst spanking stories

ed: Oct 4, Posts: 8, Agoodlittleag04 said:. It's just an oldest child thing, I think. My younger siblings were parented the same way and they were and sometimes still are hellions. The funny thing is people think I'm full of it when I say my parents were incredibly strict because they are the most mellow, indulgent grandparents you've ever seen.

Worst spanking stories

They tell me all the time that I'm too strict with my daughter. I'm like, "who the hell are you? ed: Nov 28, Posts: 3, Grew up getting spanked with belts, "instruments", hands, and the worst, heavy rope. Love my parents, but all spankings did were piss me off. Don't really condone it, but maybe I'd change my mind if I had. Aggie12B said:.

MouthBQ98 said:. Posts: 6, The only "beating" I ever remembered was the last one, even after 43 years. That's the only one my dad remembers giving me as well.

Worst spanking stories

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Whats the worst spanking you received from your parents was it over underwear or your bear butt and how was it please explain?