Wife wrestling stories

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Wife wrestling stories

Go to Edna vs Husband. Edna was a quiet, small woman who was in a bad marriage. When she was 19 she married Matt - who was 20 and an auto mechanic making bucks a week - what she thought was a lot of money at the time. She thought for sure Matt was the love of her life. But Matt's job didn't keep up with expenses and medical bills that piled up after Edna miscarried with their only. He began drinking more than usual and he would take out his frustrations about life on Edna. At first it was verbal abuse - that later turned into a once in a while slap across the face or shove against a wall.

Soon it was almost daily punches and slaps that Edna felt helpless to stop. She didn't want to leave Matt because she had nowhere to go. Wife wrestling stories had no friends or family in town, and her self-worth had been shattered by years of abuse, so she never thought she could support herself. She was trapped. At five-foot-three and pounds, Edna never thought about fighting back. What chance would she have if she tried? Matt was 6-foot-1 and pounds.

He often bellowed that he never understood why he got married and he would end it all with one good punch to Edna's head if he didn't think he would Wife wrestling stories caught. Edna lived in a world of fear. As time went on, Matt;s anger issues grew and he would fly off the handle at the slightest thing.

His supper was not hot enough. The beer was not poured correctly into his glass, or his clothes were not cleaned properly. And once a week he commanded Edna to perform her wifely duties and satisfy him sexually. This chore took all of 30 seconds and left Edna sexually frustrated.

One day at the supermarket, Edna's bruises were seen by the cashier who asked if she was alright.

Wife wrestling stories

Normally she would say "I'm fine," and quickly move on. But this time something clicked and she broke down in tears on the checkout line. A woman behind her took her aside to comfort her -- and after hearing her story, suggested she a women's self defense class that is given each day. The woman said many of the women in the class had similar problems that they were able to correct by fighting back and actually beating up their husbands.

Wife wrestling stories

Edna couldn't believe that -- but she figured she had nothing to lose. So, every day for three months she went to the class. She didn't learn about karate or martial arts. The class focused on vulnerable points on the human body that a woman of any size can strike to take down a larger opponent. They also worked on aerobics, building stamina and speed. At the class she heard testimonials from women who were abused but learned to stand up to their husbands. Some said they beat up their spouses and now rule the house. Others admitted that although they didn't win outright, they proved to be a formidable foe that their husbands respected and decided it was too much trouble to bully them.

They all said their husbands were surprised Wife wrestling stories they were confronted, challenged and beaten by a wife whom they had bullied for years. Edna didn't know when she would confront her husband with her new skills - but she assumed the right time would present itself. That night came when Matt returned home from work in a really bad mood.

Wife wrestling stories

Nothing Edna did was right and Matt pushed her and smacked her rear-end several times. Edna had enough. She slipped out of her pants and blouse, leaving her in blue panties and a bra. Matt saw his wife strip and made Wife wrestling stories comment about he didn't need sex now. Edna said "that does it," and she let fly with a punch that connected with Matt's face. She felt her fist bury into his cheek, and as if the world began to move in slow motion, she saw Matt's face contort in pain as her small knuckles buried deep into the fleshy part of face.

Matt's eyes closed as his head rocked to the right. Edna's fist hurt from the contact - but the pain quickly evaporated when she saw her big husband wobble, unsteady on his feet and look at her in disbelief. She saw it in his eyes that he didn't understand where that punch came from - yet he was alone in the room with his wife and she was standing in front of him in her underwear with her fists balled up.

No way this small sexy woman hit so hard, he thought. But there she was asking if he wanted more. Edna was entranced that she actually hurt her husband.

Wife wrestling stories

He no longer looked like the invincible hulk that had her caged in mental fear of his physical superiority. She flew at him with arms and legs wailing. She kicked his shins, knees, thighs and the back of his leg - causing him to drop to his knees.

Now that he was kneeling his face was at her level and she peppered his features with small piston like punches that at first seemingly had little impact on her husband's big head. But the cumulative effect of her onslaught took its toll and the big man fell over. The attack in the last minute and a half - had taken Matt completely by surprise.

He was still trying to come to grips that his little wife would attack him like this.

Wife wrestling stories

He was even more surprised to find himself on the floor looking up at a female warrior who he though he knew - but had a Wife wrestling stories aura of strength and determination. He groggily shouted he was going to kill her when he got up. But she answered "You're not getting up. I'm going to repay you for years of beatings and abuse.

Matt couldn't believe his wife could make good on her promise as he struggled to get to all fours to stand up. As he did, Edna snapped three kicks to his ribs - causing the big guy to roll over on his back. Edna looked down at the mammoth figure of a her husband sprawled out on the floor - still not believing she took him down.

She then rained punches into his face. He flailed his arms in a poor defense with several of his swings hitting his wife in the arm and, stomach and head. Edna realized she was not hurt Wife wrestling stories the blows from his muscled arms that he had waved in front of her nose many times, threatening to do damage if she didn't obey.

However, now his arms and fists had no impact as the last five minutes of her beating him took most of his strength. Matt bellowed again, "I'm going to kill you. She was in a superior position of sitting on her husband's chest punching his face into a pulpy mess.

She saw blood on her knuckles and thought she must have cut her fists from landing so many blows. She stopped a moment and saw her fists were fine. The blood was from Matt's broken nose, split lip, cut eyes and swollen cheeks. She smiled as she knew she was inflicting damage on the man who she feared and thought to be invincible. Matt began to whimper - pleading with his wife to stop. Don't hit me anymore. I can't take the pain. Matt laid there quietly for ten minutes trying to digest what had happened.

Wife wrestling stories

Who was this woman? How could she have beaten him so handily? He suffered a whipping that was worse than any bar fight he'd ever been in. He still couldn't believe that his tiny wife put him down and nearly beat him unconscious. And he also couldn't believe she made him whimper a submission.

As these thoughts ran through his head he got angry. He slowly got up and looked at his wife who still had balled up fists in a ready position. She remembered her self-defense training of picking vulnerable spots - such as ears, throat, eyes, knee and groin. As her husband charged she threw out a punch that he caught in mid-air and then pulled her in to a tight bear hug.

She had to regroup and compose herself. She realized her hands were free as her husband shook her from side to side like a rag doll. She grabbed his head and poked her thumbs in his eyes and pushed hard. Matt let out a howl of pain and dropped Edna to the ground. He began to stagger around realizing his eyesight was damaged. While on the ground beneath her wounded husband, Edna gave a swift kick to the inside of his right knee. She heard it crack as Matt crumpled to the ground.

She jumped to her feet and stood over Matt who was still having trouble seeing and now couldn't stand. He couldn't stand, his vision was blurred and he feared he didn't even have enough left to protect himself. Edna must have read his mind, because she moved in on the incapacitated man lying on the ground and danced around him, periodically kicking him in the head. After all it was only his wife - a woman he had knocked down so many times before. But he couldn't move with his dislocated knee and damaged eyes.

And his wife's kicks to the head were making him groggy. He tried lunging at Edna hoping to grab her leg, when Wife wrestling stories kicked and then use his weight to hold her down and pummel her. But she was too fast. One of Edna's kicks did get to close and Matt grabbed her leg. He had his wife and was now going to beat her - with a payback vengeance. Edna felt his massive arms encircling her body.

As her husband dragged her in close, Edna launched two punches to Wife wrestling stories throat.

Wife wrestling stories

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