Wife masterbation stories

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My wife and I have been married almost 30 years and our sex life is pretty much nil, sure I love my wife and she loves me, but our sex is almost non-existant. So I masturbate a lot. Last night however was different. Feeling horny after about an hour of fitful sleep, I turned the covers down and got up and went to the john to masturbate.

I was getting into the routine when the bathroom door was suddenly opened and she burst in and started accusing me of jacking off to porn on the computer true and ignoring her.

Wife masterbation stories

When I got there I noticed that the computers mine and hers was already turned on and there on the floor was a pile of thin rope and the KY Liquid. I did what she said, getting even more horny at the prospect of real sex, finally. She tied my ankles to the chair then my back and chest and then she tied my hands behind me.

Wife masterbation stories

Then sitting in front of my computer she started keying google searches for galleries of nude women, clicking all sorts of pictures onto the screen and following links to nasty sex pictures. She poured a liberal amount of KY Liquid in her hands and then started on my cock, pumping deep, long and hard.

Not knowing what the hell she was talking about, I pressed on and soon, I was spurting thick cum out and onto her hands and the floor.

Wife masterbation stories

In fact she started on the cock head like it had dirt on it and she was trying to scrub it off with a passion. She pumped, pulled and then I looked down and she had my cockhead between her thumb and forfingers rubbing with a passion and I about passed out from the sensitivity of it. After about ten minutes my cock started to respond and became like a tree again. Then she, standing inches from me, became aroused and pulled her pussy open for me to look at and then started masturbating herself.

I begged her not to, that I wanted her pussy and very badly, but she just looked meanlike and continued to rub her clit. My cock was starting to shrink, and she reached down to pull on it to get it back up and I heard the door to the computer room open and in walked our neighbor. So then I knew that she Wife masterbation stories really going to let the neighbor fuck her while I watched. He started to take his pants down, and she stopped him. She unzippered him and took his tool out much much bigger than mine, longer, but thinner then she began to lick the underside like it was candy and then held his balls and worked on his cockhead like she was starving.

I just stared at her, stunned. What a bitch, I thought. Soon he was ready and she smiled at me and let him pick her up and put her on the computer table next to me, spreading her legs and entered her pussy to her gasping mouth. She moaned and he began to fuck her. She was squirming on the table and I noticed she was pushing her ass up to meet his thrust. She pushed and he pushed and she quickly glanced at me and stuck her tongue out at me. Then when he pulled out of her pussy, she licked his cockhead to get the last of his juice on her lips and then smiled at me and said….

This morning, it was like a dream, and I thought maybe it was. She smiled at me when I came out of the bedroom, was all lovey dovey to me, like it really was a dream. I started to turn off the light when I noticed a public hair on the table. She turned my chair to face her and she dropped her hands to her clit. Share This. Related Posts. I looked at what seemed like a hundred different sites before I stumbled across one that featured nudism.

I was quickly pulled in by the thought of mass nudity. There she was sitting in her executive chair. She was wearing her typical business suit — pant, full sle. Humiliation A few weeks ago, my husband and I sat down and had a long, long, long conversation about the future of our marriage.

We have been together a total of 4 years, one of which we just lived together before we tied the knot. But there is one thing Wife masterbation stories ca. Copyright Fantasies.

Wife masterbation stories

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