Wet tshirt stories

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Janine, Heather and Wanda thought it would be a great idea for us to participate in the wet T-shirt contest at this bar off campus; but when I ed up for it they backed out and left me to do it alone. I knew, then, they had set me up; this was planned. They knew about my exhibitionist tendencies and they wanted to exploit it. I looked at the T-shirt that I had been given; looked at the other girls who obviously had done this before or had seen one before.

They were busy cutting their shirts down and trimming them to be more revealing. Had no idea what to do. One of them noticed the flabbergasted expression on my face and walked over to me. I handed her my T-shirt and watched her cut off the sleeves with scissors. She cut the trim at Wet tshirt stories neck and held it up to me. She nodded to herself. She cut off a good chunk on the bottom and handed it back to me. The guys out there will be happy with just about anything.

Drunk lugs all of them. I smiled nervously and turned my back to the room. Took off my top and bra and slipped the T-shirt on. There was a wide strip of my skin between the bottom and my shorts. Turned back to the room and looked at the other girls. Was glad that I was small on top. Some of the girls were pretty big in the chest, and when they were wet their boobs were going to be pretty obvious. Bent down and took off my shoes, wanting to keep them dry. Who was I kidding?

Wet tshirt stories

Deep down, I wanted to get on that stage and show off what I had to a horde of complete strangers. One by one, names were called and we could hear music and cheers through the walls of the room. As each one came back I looked at them. They were soaked and you could see their nipples. If I saw any guys that I knew, or even girls other than my friends, I was going to be pretty damned embarrassed. Hell, who was I kidding—I was going to be embarrassed anyway. Wished that I was back at the dorm or maybe that I had drunk more.

Heard my first name called and I almost jumped. I looked at the door and a big muscular man was motioning to me. He took my arm and led me to some stairs leading to a stage. Could hear cheering and screaming and I nervously walked up the stairs. Another big muscular man took my arm and led me to the corner of the stage where a thin guy with long hair was waiting with a water hose. They Wet tshirt stories me into the corner and sprayed cold water all over the back of the shirt and my shorts.

I was turned around and he sprayed my chest and the front of my shorts. Soaking wet, my hand was taken again and found myself at the center of the stage. Music was blaring behind me and I could see a sea of faces out there, screaming and cheering. Mostly men of various ages. Some women. Looked down and saw that my nipples were quite erect from the cold water. They were poking against the fabric and I blushed, realizing how visible they were. Janine, Heather and Wanda were yelling in front of me; they were at the center of the stage, down on the floor, and I Wet tshirt stories barely see them with the lights in my eyes.

It was starting to get to become a rush, with all the guys cheering and yelling; I could feel myself getting wet at the thought of what was going on their minds. Were they fantasizing about taking me on the pool table, on the floor, in the back alley? I was like a dangling carrot of desire and to have so many guys cheering because I was on stage felt good, did wonders for my ego. I did put my hands over my boobs and simulated squeezing them and that got a real good hot and applause from the guys.

I was really starting to get into this. I had never got this much attention ever before in my life.

Wet tshirt stories

Why had I never done this before? This was not demeaning, I realized, but empowering—I could control the crowd with my body, I had the power to give or deny what they wanted. This control was more intoxicating than alcohol. Then the music was gone and the MC stood next to me, his arm around my shoulders. He asked my name, my school, and some other things I forget, I was so aped on adrenaline. The MV held his microphone so everyone could hear my answers.

Then he asked me if I was going to show my tits to the crowd. I giggled shook my head no. How little did I know my friends and their plans for me. He asked me again, trying to get Wet tshirt stories to flash, but I kept saying no no no, Joe. For every different way he asked, I shook my head and smiled sweetly. I was not going to show anything for any amount of money, I thought.

What I was doing was enough to keep my friends off my ass. At least I got on stage, and they backed out. I went to the backstage room and looked around. There were seven girls remaining now, soaked and dripping. Some were looking as shy as me, others a little more blatant. Felt I was holding my own.

Wrung some of the water out of the shirt and the girl who had helped me came over. Then one of us will be the winner, second, and third place. Whichever one is the boldest will win. I must have looked like a fish out of its bowl; and like a cartoon, my mouth was open so Wet tshirt stories, agape, eyes bulging.

I sat on my chair and watched as they came back. The first two came through the door and I could see that their shirts were torn down the front. Then the third one came back topless.

Wet tshirt stories

The fourth came back with her shirt in one piece and then the fifth was topless. I was getting nervous again. Missy had gone on stage for her turn and I knew that I would be next. Even with my nerves I resolved to go through with this. My friends would tease me unmercifully if backed out now. Missy came back with her shirt torn down part way and it was now my turn. I swallowed my fear and marched up to Wet tshirt stories stage. I smiled as sweetly as I could I started dancing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Janine, Heather and Wanda being boosted up on the stage by some guys.

As soon as they were with me, they converged on me and started dancing with me. I felt a little better with them there at first, until Wanda got a grip on my arms. I was starting to turn my head to tell her to let go when someone grabbed the top of my T-shirt and tore it down the middle.

I shrieked and felt the cool air hit my nipples like a slap in the face. The shirt was pulled down off my shoulders and left hanging behind my back. Wanda still held my arms and I tried to get away and cover up but she was stronger than I was. Heather took one of my arms and the two of them moved to my sides. Janine was dancing in front of me, with me and she smiled at me nastily; she reached for the button on my shorts.

Wet tshirt stories

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