Underworld selene x male reader

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Underworld selene x male reader

Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Underworld movies. The Underworld poly fix-it fic no one asked for. You eyed Lucian through the bars wearily. Your job was to feed the prisoners and incoming slaves. Lucian had proven quite the handful for you. Giving you suggestive looks every time you were in radius. Grabbing at you through the bars. Almost always making not so subtle innuendos at you.

While all the attention was nice, you were afraid that this flirting might grow into something more. Your job and life hinged on you being loyal and useful to Viktor. You were to feed, water, and monitor the prisoners under your care. If it became clear you were playing favorites, with Lucian none the less, you would be in trouble.

As the sunset you began your normal ritual. Head to the kitchen, grab a helper, load the meal cart, and make your way to the cells. It was damp and dark in the prison, something you had grown accustomed to during your time serving.

Underworld selene x male reader

Now you hardly noticed it. You made your way down each cell, taking enough time to fill requests for clean water or to remove the last nights trays. One by one you got closer to the scandalous lycan. As you were at the next cell over you could feel his eyes following you. It was assuring and nerve wracking at the same time.

You thought about stalling for time, but you knew you had to complete your round sooner or later. Eventually you made your way to your last cell and stood face to face with Lucian. You grabbed his meal off the cart, probably cold by now, and passed it through the bars to him. His fingers brushed your wrist as he took it from you. Next you gave him a clean bucket of water. As much as you wanted to complete your tasks another part of you wanted to stay.

Underworld selene x male reader

You felt your face heat and turned your head away from him. This caused him to chuckle, amused by your sudden shyness. You grabbed your cart and hurried away. You know what cracks me up about underworld, every movie pretty much shows you that the vampires are bad, who enslaved werewolves for thousands of years, and yet the movies also make the werewolves out to be the bad guys and the vampires to be the heroes.

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The first: that a lot of the fight sequences looked like they could be transposed to video game format, which kind of ruined the moment for me. You included them in Awakening, so live up to your continuity; what happened to that officer dude? And also, Michael could totally live through that blood draining, he literally bled to death in Evolution and came out fine a couple of hours later. Blood Wars was also chockablock with Game of Thrones characters and that was a trip. I actually made a game of it in my head.

But basically, Blood Wars broke a lot of rules of the series and for fic, I will definitely be tightening the reigns on some of what we saw in that movie. What I do mind is that spirit world stuff - that is not science. In any case, Blood Wars, I will admit was a good movie. The vampire politics and Marius draining Michael for his blood. That Samirah you built? That bitch? That bitch would never step anywhere near that castle you built. If you wanted, writers, to have Blood Wars be about blood ties, Corvinus or not, then- well, you could still make David her son.

But Amelia could have been hiding out in that better, much more badass and brutal and ancient sort of coven, regrouping as the world falls apart. Also - Eve! Where the hell did that name come from? Eve, like the first human? Greek Mythology is all about new monsters and hybrid animal types, you could have been more creative than Eve. Will probably have more critical reviews to add on.

Will probably fic it all up the way I like it. This seems about it - oh wait. I get that you wanted gore, but actually, him getting spiked through the skull rather than the Headplosion would have been more aethetically pleasing to the feel of the movie. My askbox is open for rants, so - chop chop, tell me all your grievances. Lucian spends the day in his docile form when he has a bad pain day.

Killgrave looks after him, enjoying his docile, cuddly husband. Lucian played by Michael Sheen was supposed to be the romantic lead in the first Underworld movie. He was also supposed to be, like, a 12 year old. Like, literally, Michael Corvin has no agency the whole movie.

Turning Michael Corvin into a 12 year old resolves a whole bunch of dangling plot thre. Selene bites Michael right before her big battle scene with Viktor, to save his life. I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for that. If you enjoy these please consider buying me a ko-fi! Dark greetings of the night to all the members of the Vampiric Council, from all the continents, gathered here together on Staten Island. O-On Staten Island. She knows that there is a distinct possibility she could die tonight, in this tiny English village with its many suburbs and cul-de-sacs; but what kind of lycan is she, if she is not willing to put her life on the line for her brothers?

Ducking out of the main thoroughfare down an empty street, Yelena picks up the pace, a grim smile on her face. Daybreak is less than an hour away. Despite the oncoming winter and the cold nights, Underworld selene x male reader sky is already lightening in preparation for sun-up. A rusty post with stark white lettering tells her that the little street will lead her to a park — one she can see off in the distance, over a yellow-brown field of mud and dead grass. Past that, she can see another part of the town. Traversing the field is a high-stakes decision. Flat ground, no cover — if Underworld selene x male reader Deathdealer has no compunctions against using firearms in pretty old England, then Yelena is dead.

But it seems that luck is on her side. From the clear skies and the crisp breeze, Yelena predicts one last sunny day before the true cold of winter hits, the last of autumn fading away. Whether you like it or not, you're in the middle of a war that has been raging for the better part of a thousand years.

Underworld selene x male reader

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