True vacation sex stories

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I have a tight ass, a toned body, brown hair down a bit past my shoulders.

True vacation sex stories

Me and my family were on vacation just after I got out of the 9th grade. We took a road trip down to the Grand Canyon. We had stopped at a hotel in Denver, and I was wondering the halls. I had forgotten where our room was, and I needed to use the bathroom. As I was walking down the hall, I noticed a black man in his 30s walk out of his room.

I quickly walked up to him and asked if I could use his bathroom. He looked at me up and down, smirked, and agreed.

True vacation sex stories

I was wearing black booty shorts, tennis shoes, shin high black nike socks, a tight fitting blue tee shirt, with my hair curled. I ran into his bathroom and used it. As I walked out, I went to thank the man. I went to the main room and saw him on his bed, nude, eyes closed, stroking his huge 8 inch black cock. My mouth widened as did my eyes. I could feel my pussy get wet. I took out my phone and went to take a picture, but I forgot to turn off the sound, so the shutter made a sound and alerted him.

His eyes opened and he smiled. I smiled and walked up to him. My mouth was still agape. I took off my shirt and shorts to reveal white lace underwear. I put my head down and licked his cock. I spit on the head of his cock and lowered my mouth onto it. He let out a moan as I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue. I managed to force my head a the way down. Tears welled up in my eyes as spit bubbled out of my mouth. I pulled my head off and started a handjob.

I looked up at him with saliva stringing to his cock. Spit covered most of my lower face, while tears stained my eyes. I lowered my mouth once again and continued my technique. True vacation sex stories a few more minutes of this process, I felt his cock start to twitch.

True vacation sex stories

I sucked and the tip and used my tongue doing circles around the head while stroking the shaft, when I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth. After filling my mouth I pulled off only to have even more cum cover my face and hair. He moved his hands towards me and whipped of the cum, shoving his fingers into my mouth making me lick off his semen. He then ripped off my underwear and flipped be onto my stomach.

He layed behind me and started rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. He grabbed his cock and pressed his huge head to my tight cunt. He slowly pressed it in as I let out a loud moan. He gradually picked up pace. Each time his balls slapped my ass I let out a moan. Eventually he pulled out and shoved his cock into my ass in one swift motion. I let out a scream as my eyes rolled back into my head. He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked it back. He took a large soft dildo and shoved it down my throat.

True vacation sex stories

Once it was as far in as it would go he shoved my face into the bed so the dildo would be forced to stay in my throat until he let up. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I gagged restlessly. I orgasmed right then, my lower half seizing up tightly. My ass closed around his cock, and just then I felt his hot sperm flood my ass.

He let out an animalistic scream as he pulled his cock out letting the rest of his seed out onto my ass cheeks and back. Needless to say, I had the best vacation ever. This content appeared first on new sex story. This story Fucked on vacation appeared first on newsexstory. View all posts by Ggdfgffhhffggfff. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Free Sex Chat. Published by. Ggdfgffhhffggfff View all posts by Ggdfgffhhffggfff.

True vacation sex stories True vacation sex stories

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