True incest love stories

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Share Story. True Incest Family Experiences. You must to do that! No ? now! Story Details. I have a younger sister, who is 9 years old. My dad is 38 years old and my mom is 37 years old. To begin this story, we have to go back a couple of years. My parents, since I was a young age and so was my sister, were very open-minded and nonchalant about everything, including sex.

I would come back from school and find my mom and dad going at it with each other in the living room, kissing, touching, and licking each other while semi-nude.

True incest love stories

One day, when I was about 13, I came back home from school to find both of my parents naked in their bedroom. The door was wide open, so I peeked in to see my mom, what I now know as, giving my dad a blowjob. I had never thought anything dirty or sexual about my mom, but seeing her suck on Dad and seeing them all the time kissing and making out in front of us, I began to develop some nasty and dirty thoughts about my own mother. Let me describe my mother for y'all. My mother, for her age, is quite sexy. At age 37, she has quite a sexy body.

Tight curves, long sexy black hair, and an attractive face. Her tits are just the right size, and her ass is just perfect. She is quite fit for her age. Since a young age, I always noticed that she never wore much clothes around the house.

True incest love stories

She would cook, clean, watch T. V, etc in only her undies and bras. In the winter, she would put on some leggings in order to keep her warm. She would catch me looking all the time, but she never objected to anything about it. In fact, she seemed to tease me more. I knew it was wrong to be looking at your own mother like this or having thoughts like this, but the more she teased me with her sexy ass and tits, the more hornier I got.

After I caught them that day, I went back to my room and noticed that I had a boner watching them. I felt disgusted, but I ended up masturbating. This seemed to True incest love stories on going on for the next week or two, as I would come home from school and catch them doing all sorts of sex acts in the living room or in their bedroom. My parents knew I was watching them, and it seemed to turn them on more. Eventually, one night, my mom and dad came into my room after my sister fell asleep and we had a talk.

I was nervous at first, but they sat down and explained to me that they knew that I was watching them. I was shocked at that, but my parents shrugged that off and went on to tell the story of how they met. My parents met each other at college.

True incest love stories

My mom told me how at a young age, she was molested and raped by her own brothers and dad. Her mother and father divorced, so she lived with her dad and her brothers. She told me how her own brothers would come to her bed late at night, and she would wake up to see them all naked around her, and they would force her to suck their dicks.

She would call her dad to help, but instead of helping, he did the opposite and ed in. They would get her naked, and eventually, they penetrated her and used her all the time. They started doing this around the time she was about 11 or I was really surprised at this, but my mom told me it was ok.

True incest love stories

She actually appreciated them for this, and it was from her experience, that she began to develop her pervereted, dirty thoughts about incest and openly having sex. She met True incest love stories dad at college, and she had finally found someone just as nasty and perverted for her. They ended up having me when my mom was 18 and my dad was They had my sister later when my mom was 28 and my dad was I took all of this information in, and it blew my mind. My mom told me then that she has always wanted to have a sexual relationship with all her kids, as her dad did with her.

She said that I was getting to the right age, and that on my 14th birthday, she would have sex with me for the first time. Instead, he smiled and said that this was the right thing to do. The first person you should have sex with is your own loving mother, he told me. He then told me that my mom would teach me all about sex leading up to my 14th birthday. I looked at my mom, and fully realized how lucky I was and just how sexy my mom is. After that night, my mom would come to my room after school ended, and she would slowly teach me everything.

At first, I felt very awkward and weird touching and feeling my own mom, but as time went on and my mom taught me everything, I began to enjoy it. My mom would teach me how to kiss properly, how to make out properly. She taught me all the curves of her sexy body, and she let me touch her whole body. She then showed me just how talented she was. She gave me beautiful handjobs and blowjobs. She would always swallow all of my cum, and never lot a drop go to waste. She would let me rub my cock all over her tits and ass. They let me watch, and I watched them fuck. I watched them fuck in all different positions, and it seemed so fun watching my dad fuck my sexy, beautiful mother.

I asked them when we were going to bring my sister into this. My dad winked at me and said soon. I began to gain sexual feelings for my little sister too, as my mom began to dress her in sexy clothes too. She made my little sister walk around the house in tight black leggings, and she would give me some of her dirty underwear so that I would sniff it and masturbate to it.

My sister True incest love stories an adorable face and a tight small curvy ass that I wanted to cum on so bad. Finally, came my 14th birthday. My mom wore the sexiest, black lingirie, and we waited until my sister was asleep. My dad watched on the side, as I lost my virginity to my beautiful mother.

But me and my mom enjoyed every second of it, as I fucked her really wet pussy.

True incest love stories

But we discussed it later and she said that she wouldn't mind if she got pregnant by me. Sometimes, we would fuck maybe times a day. She was always horny and had a huge sexual drive, just like my dad. We tried anal a couple of months afterwards, and we all enjoyed it. After my 15th birthday, me and my dad had our first threesome with my mom. It was really fun as we tag-teamed with my mom.

True incest love stories

We took turns as my lovely mom blowed both me and my dad, and we took turns fucking her pussy and ass. Fast forward a couple of years, and we slowly started to introduce my little sister to sex. We let her watch whenever we fucked, and she was really grossed out the first couple of times. She cried and whined whenever she watched us do it, but my parents explained to her what they told me when I was She stopped her crying and whining reluctantly, and we forced her to be open minded.

We made her in eventually, and me and my dad began molesting her. We explored her whole body, and even at 8 yrs old, she was already sexy. My mom watched from the side and would often masturbate and touch herself when we touched my sister. My mom taught my sister how to kiss, make-out, and she would practice kissing and making out with my sister for sometimes hours straight.

She then taught her how to give blowjobs and handjobs to us, and they would take turns on True incest love stories. So from that night on, my sister slept on my bed. We would get naked at night, and I made her give me blowjobs and handjobs. It was really fun, and I finally got my chance to cum on her face and ass.

I loved spreading her warm asscheeks and sliding my cock between her ass. She enjoyed some parts of it too. My parents decided that she would lose her virginity on her 10th birthday, and my sister was really nervous.

True incest love stories

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