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As soon as I finished my exercise routine at the gym, I went to the bathroom to urinate. As I did, I thought I heard a laugh or something, but when I entered, the bathroom was empty, maybe my mind just trolled me. When I finished, I washed my hands, and taking advantage of the fact that I was alone there, I decided to take off my shirt and show my good body to take a photo that I would publish on my instagram.

However, when I was taking a photo in front of the mirror, I felt something cold that was getting more and more into my ear, and then I felt a little dizzy. Fuck, everything I could do with a body like this " were the words that came out of my mouth But I didn't mean to say them! My body moved and took another photo " Damn, I can't wait to put this body to use, hehehe " my body said How the hell does this happen?! You're more at bottom, aren't you? By the way, I'm Dave " said the ghost that controlled me They say life peaks at I try to escape this sad excuse of existence by reminiscing the old days - like when I was in college.

Or that time when Henry, God True gay stories tumblr his soul, pushed me to confess to Cole. We were twenty, still green by that time, but amidst red-flushed embarrassment, I was ready for your acceptance. We are friends but I wanted it to be more than that. It took me till the graduation that my hopes were just delusions. We walked our different paths in life. I stayed in our hometown while you went abroad to work the job your parents aspired to have.

Last I saw you were in a casket, death by stress due to overworking. Even in death, you still had that cute smile you gave me in life. Those were the good old days. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. I just hate how lackluster our ending was. If I had a chance to turn it all back again, I wanted to fix everything. I wanted True gay stories tumblr miracle, and by some deity who has heard me, a miracle was received. I woke up in a bed with more pillows than usual.

When I stretched my limbs, I was surprised by how quickly I did it. I looked at my arms in confusion and saw it differently. Not only that, but my entire body changed into that of a guy in his early 20s. Bu- But he was dead? No - I look like Cole when he was younger, back when we were in college. This will be a chance to turn events in my favor. His eyes, brown and full, twinkled in the light. I smiled at myself and lost to the excitement because I still considered the reflection as him. One by one, my clothes dropped on the floor. The last time I saw him naked was in memories of memories, and now, I can touch his abdominal muscles and trace the crevasses separating them.

My pits smell like hard sweat mixed with Fabric conditioner. I thought I had forgotten this smell but one sniff made me remember it all.

True gay stories tumblr

His smell was the reason why I fell for him in the first place. We were seatmates and he always smelled this way. Once my shirt hit the ground, I undressed my boxers, revealing a piece I hungered for in ages past. He has conservative parents so I expected him to be circumcised. I pulled the foreskin and saw the cute pink tip peek at me.

I thank whoever made me experience all of this. I took the time to know every inch of my body well. I scrubbed my skin with soap whilst my head spread it on every corner of my skin. I rubbed the areas behind my ear, my lovely cheeks, and even my nipple who grew alive at the slightest of touch. I scoured my groin and cleaned my balls, shaft, and the inside of my foreskin. This body is so sensitive, yet so tender and meaningful.

True gay stories tumblr

I wanted to do the thing right now like I always did in the shower when I was young. I wanted to feel it again, the pleasure robbed from me by age. This youthful body screamed at me to just do it, to revel in the hormones given by my body, but I have plans and doing it would ruin it all. And so, with great willpower, I acted against it.

True gay stories tumblr

It took a long while before I found the right road which le to the campus. Nevertheless, I reached the campus and went to an all so nostalgic rooftop garden where my friends meet every morning. There, I met Henry who brought a rush of memories when I saw his face. Beside him, is me, my past self smiling at the sight of my face. Who could blame me? I never thought about how good-looking I was.

I better leave you two before I mess something up. At that moment, it struck me. This is the moment where I was supposed to confess my infatuation with Cole. So, here it goes. Can you be my boyfriend? Fuck, looking at myself is melting my heart. He just smiled and apologized for making me infatuated with him. I want to be your boyfriend. I touched his chin and carried his lips into mine.

True gay stories tumblr

It was a small kiss but it left him in a steaming daze. Keep reading. An annoyed expression on his tired and sweaty face. Not weird since you had interrupted him in the middle of his workout. I want to know how it feels like to have a body as huge and thick like yours, as sweaty and smelly as yours, and I especially want to know how that beard of yours feel against my cheeks. After all, you held all the powers in your hands.

True gay stories tumblr

Catching him off guard you lept towards him and crashed your lips together. Taste of his coffee-flavoured saliva entered your mouth and his wonderfully scratchy beard rubbed against your face. Completely shocked at what was happening, he stared at you wide-eyed for a few seconds before trying to push you off.

True gay stories tumblr

Instead they just slipped around your own naked torso before falling straight down dangling. Of course, you knew what was actually going on, that the process had already begun; The transferal of your life essences. It would take a few minutes, but thankfully you had caught him in the early hours of the gym where nobody had come in yet. You stared straight into his terrified and disgusted copper-colored eyes for a few minutes, even taking the chance to rub one of your hands around his sweaty beefy muscular chest and then give the pecs a nice squeeze.

Then, the last part of the process happened and you felt incredibly nauseated. Like a feeling of vomit travelling up your throat and trying to escape through your mouth. You watched as the same must be happening to the man before you, looking just as concerned at you before his copper eyes rolled back. Right as yours did too…. As you regained some of you senses, you felt yourself swallowing something right before it settled down in your stomach.

Your vision was blurry and unfocused but you could still make out a figure in front of you, incredibly close and kissing you. It lasted a few more seconds before you True gay stories tumblr felt yourself shoved and had to take a few steps back. Your center of gravity felt off so you almost fell on your back, but managed to catch yourself onto one of the exercise equipment. Taking a second to recollect yourself, you vision returned just in time to look up and see the figure in front of you screaming and pointing at you.

God did it feel even better from the inside.

True gay stories tumblr

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