True forced feminization stories

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I was riding home with a couple of friends and got into a bad car wreck. I avoiding a trip to the hospital and got home an hour and a half later. I found that fennel oils can help heal cuts more quickly. I went into my spice cabinet and grabbed some fennel and mixed it with other essential oils.

True forced feminization stories decided to heat it up to activate ingredients within the fennel. After the cooling process, I had my own homemade fennel remedy. From there, I went to go shower and applied the oil to the cuts on my chest, stomach, and shoulders. It was refreshing. Over the next few days, I noticed my cuts were healing nicely. About 6 months later I began to notice something else. I woke up one morning and noticed two lumps underneath my breasts. Over the course of a year, I noticed my skin becoming silky smooth and my breasts began to grow bigger and my ass started getting bigger as well.

I had no idea why this was happening to me. At this point, it was even noticeable with partners in the sheets. At about two years, my boobs were coming in at about an A cup. Perfectly round and everything. My butt jiggled a little whenever someone would poke it and I even noticed myself losing a little weight possibly unrelated; I am a runner.

At this point, I began to do some research and found out that fennel has phytoestrogens and that my body was becoming estrogen dominant. I decided the best way to go about this was to eat healthily and to start lifting weights at the gym.

True forced feminization stories

After going to the gym every other day for about a year. My new girlfriend decided she loved me having breasts and bought Transfemme pills; she started sneaking them into my supplement regimen. I noticed I really started to feminize and at that point my girlfriend started to dominate me and dress me up for her girlfriends.

Update: After four years, my breasts have become a full C cup and my genitals are smaller and turning into a sissy clit. My thighs and hips are have grown thicker and I have more of an hourglass figure. Our friends even made me put on her bras, dresses, skirts, to see if it would fit. They did. We are almost the same bra size at this point. My ass is much thicker than it was and my face has become much smoother as well.

True forced feminization stories

If this keeps up I could almost pass as a lady in a few years. Seriously though, ask me anything. My secret wish is that my girlfriend starts cucking me I have not told her that yet. She has put me in a chastity lock now! I was 32 years old and living with a woman for 3 years.

She caught me cheating on her and decided to punish me. I stayed living in her home because she had always been the main breadwinner and I made minimum wage. Out of the goodness of her heart so I thought she allowed me to live with her as a roommate until I could save enough money to move out. Some months went by uneventfully and in the dead of winter I caught a seasonal cold and was very sick. I proceeded to eat 20 pills per day to beat off my cold.

After one month of taking the pills I suddenly developed breasts and before I knew it they were True forced feminization stories cup breasts! I told my ex that I was growing breasts! That was when she started laughing at me and produced a bottle of Transfemme male breast enlargement pills! I had no idea such a thing even existed! I immediately stopped taking the pills but my ex-girlfriend informed me that quitting the pills would not stop my breasts from growing and that they would stay large and the were permanent!

I had a feeling of dread come over me at that moment and then I totally freaked out! I went off the pills hoping she was lying to me but one week later my breasts had gotten bigger. This was when my desperation calls to Transfemme started. True forced feminization stories called the company times per day begging for help. I do not know what I expected to hear from them but I talked to a dozen women about my plight.

Eventually, I went to see a doctor and he gave me testosterone injections to reverse my high estrogen levels, instead of making my breasts shrink, they grew even larger as my body converted all that testosterone into estrogen! Here My breasts remained huge and my estrogen levels are high while my testosterone levels are low.

I eventually got liposuction suction done to repair my breasts but I have never fully recovered from the sissification I was forced to endure. I wish I could sue my ex but what can I tell a judge? I cheated on her and she fed me breast pills and I grew breasts? The whole situation has been beyond humiliating to me. All the doctors I went to snickered at me. I think they believe I wanted to grow breasts and that I got what I asked for. I know some men enjoy being sissies and want to grow female breasts but I was not one of them.

If you are here reading this, fantasizing about being turned into a sissy. You can take the first step right now and start growing your breasts and shrinking your penis. Imagine waking up with nice, round, girly breasts and your shrinking penis and testicles are stuffed into tight compression panties. Why sit around and fantasize about being a sissy when you can be a real sissy?! We have helped thousands of closet sissies achieve their goal of becoming feminized. You can start feminizing your body now with our Transfemme capsules, estrogen cream, and clinically proven breast enlargement cream that adds curves wherever it is applied.

True forced feminization stories

The best part is our product is permanent! Peruse our website and learn more about how you can unleash your inner sissy today!

True forced feminization stories

I made my husband grow breasts, that may seem like an odd statement unless you catch your husband wearing bras and female panties. I walked in the bedroom and there he was, posing in front of the mirror in a bra and panties and playing with himself! I was shocked at first, it seemed very weird to me that my grown husband was wearing a stuffed bra and female panties! There was nothing he could do it hide or pretend it was an accident. So there we were and he was caught! I started questioning him about his desires and how long he had been wearing female undergarments and prancing around our bedroom in front of the mirror?!

None of this was ever disclosed to me before we got married. I learned through research that there is an entire sissy movement and that was when I decided I would relish my new role making my husband grow breasts and turning him into a forced feminization. I decided the best thing to do was to punish him and turn him into a forced sissy.

True forced feminization stories

I figured if he was going to play dress up, I would get him to do housework wearing lingerie and turn him into a real life sissy boy. Now that I had learned about sissy life, I started researching the best way to create a forced sissy. I got on the internet and read about other women who had made their husband grow breasts. I called Transfemme and had a lengthy discussion with the customer service ladies who had extensive knowledge about other women and how I made my husband grow breasts stories.

It started sounding like swell fun! So I ordered a one year supply of Transfemme, Bountiful Breast Enlargement Cream, Transfemme estrogen breast growth cream, a whole complete forced Feminization package! I anxiously awaited the big day when the package would arrive. About four days later UPS came and the box of my punishment for my husband who would be growing breasts was in my hands!

I ordered my new forced sissy to get dressed in a bra, panties True forced feminization stories high heels up when he got home from work that day and then I took out the pills and creams and I showed them to him along with some photos of Transfemme customers. He got very excited and I made him take his bra off and massage the cream into his breasts.

I also make him massage the estrogen cream into his ever shrinking sissy balls and sissy clit. Applying the estrogen cream is a great way to get quicker forced sissification. Using the Transfemme forced feminization pills and cream package has some extremely wonderful benefits! The are permanent, so once you become a little sissy boy there is no return. You get to live your life out as the little forced sissy boy you are. I made my husband grows breasts and it was the best thing I have ever done.

If you are thinking about making your husband grow breasts I highly recommend it.

True forced feminization stories

If you are a male who is a closet sissy, you do not need to keep fantasizing about being a forced sissyall the necessary means are available to you. Get out of your head and start doing instead of fantasizing about being a forced feminization. A fantasy is the first step in living your true identity as a forced sissy. You will make some woman a happy mistress and owner of a good little sissy. Sissy boys are made and trained, their desire starts in their minds but the right woman needs to groom a forced feminization boy into perfection.

Under the proper care and guidance, a sissy boy can be molded, hair, makeup, shoes, undergarments, chastity belts, voice training, shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, and of course the ultimate in forced sissification, growing sissy breasts and shrinking that penis into a little-wet noodle or sissy clit to make a forced feminization stories.

True forced feminization stories

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