Topless boxing stories

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One of the talents that first attracted me to my wife was her athletic ability. Now, some 12 years later she still works out in the gym 4 Topless boxing stories 5 times per week, her body has matured but is still in great shape. We run together at times but rarely work out in the gym together, so I'm not up on her exercise routine. In mid January, she announced to me that her and some of her gym friends were going to learn to box.

I wasn't sure how to react. I've watched some professional female boxing on the tube and found it to be very exciting. A couple of month passed without much discussion on the subject, then out of the blue she asked if my Friday night was open. I replied it was and asked why. She said for me not to plan anything that she had a surprise for me.

Topless boxing stories

Incidentally, Friday is one of her gym nights. She tells me Friday morning that we are going to watch some boxing at her gym. We meet some of her friends and their husbands, some I Topless boxing stories and others were new to me. It soon becomes evident that the men and women were parting company. Cindy, my wife, whispers in my ear that she will be in the second match. I was totally unprepared for this one.

Cindy darted off with the girls and I was left with the guys. We grabbed a couple of beers, then found seats about three rows up from the ring. There were 6 husbands and only one other wife besides Cindy was boxing that night. The other guy's wife was in the last bout. The ladies came out for the first match.

Both were about 20 years old and about the same size. I was a bit relieved when I saw that they were actually sparring. They wore large gloves, 12 oz I think, and head protectors and mouth guards.

Topless boxing stories

They worked up a sweat, sparring for four 2-minute rounds. It was judged a draw. Cindy and another lady about the same size entered the ring for the second match. Cindy, my wife, was wearing a knee length black robe. I was a little worried when I didn't see her wearing a head protector but soon noticed that her second had it.

They were both introduced, just like a real fight, each removing her robe as her name was announced. Cindy was wearing a black sports bra and black satin boxer trunks, which were much shorter than the ones the men wear. The two exchanged some firm punches and by the end of the second round were both perspiring freely and gasping for air. I realized that I was feeling very erotic watching my wife punch another woman and being punched by another woman. Both ladies were out of energy by the end of the third, so the Topless boxing stories was mostly holding and clinching. Their match like the first one was declared a draw.

Topless boxing stories

Cindy had gone to the dressing room to shower and change. There was one more sparring bout, the two of actual boxing. Cindy and two of the other ladies ed us for the last two bouts. We didn't have any extra seats so each lady sat on her husband's lap. Cindy was still flushed and warm from her fight and I was hard in about 30 seconds. She flirted and teased me through the next two bouts.

Her friend was knocked out in the last bout. Cindy asked how I would feel if that was her spread out on the mat. I said I wasn't sure but I'll tell you that it was an erotic feeling thinking of her lying on the mat. We went to one of her friend's houses for drinks. Cindy knew that I was turned on and kept me that way until we got home at about 2 a. We started to Topless boxing stories each other's clothes off as soon as we closed the front door.

It was the hottest sex we've had for a long time. We were both wasted the next day. Cindy boxed about six more sparring sessions but I didn't see them as the gym was closed to males. She had a friend at the club videotape a couple so we could watch them in bed. She graduated from sparring to boxing and fought her first real four round fight to a draw, coming home with a black eye which got me a lot of dirty looks Topless boxing stories we were together in public. Cindy won her next three matches, one by decision and two by TKO. One Monday after being at the gym, Cindy bounced into the house calling me.

Keep Friday open, I've got a match at the club. You know the woman that knocked Claire out last month; well I'm going to box her in the match before the main event. I was hard at the very thought of these two warriors slugging it out, and the thought of Cindy being knocked out caused my member to double in size. I attempted to take her to the bedroom but she said, "hold it their big guy, not until after the fight". That was one long week, finally it was Friday night. The routine was the same as last time, the girls headed for the dressing rooms and the guys went to get a beer before the fights started.

I'm still not sure how I lasted through three fights before it was Cindy's turn. I haven't described Cindy or how she dressed for these fights. I'll keep you waiting Topless boxing stories Cindy is 5' 8" and about pounds with 38dd boobs, 29 waist and 39 hips.

She has long shapely legs and a firm round bum. That's all you get to know. When she started boxing, she wore a sports bra with the plastic protector cups like most female boxers wear but found that the cups were too small. They would ride up on her breast allowing the lower part of her breast to get pinched under the cup.

She stopped wearing them and has fought her last three fights without them. Cindy's opponent is Erica, who is about 5' 9" and a bit heavier than Cindy. She is about a 36c and looks about 5 years older. The club introduces the ladies. Erica is wearing a white sport's bra and white boxer shorts trimmed with red. My wife has on a black sports bra and black silk boxer shorts trimmed in white.

She looks fantastic and I've got a huge erection already. We're in the front row of seats almost next to Cindy's corner. I hope we don't distract her. The ladies are evenly matched and both are cautious at first but then begin to punch freely. The first round ends and I can see and hear Cindy gasping for breath. The perspiration is dripping from her.

Topless boxing stories

I worry that she'll run out of energy before the end of the fight. The girls go out for the second round. Cindy staggers Erica with a right. Erica takes an 8 count and seems to recover. Cindy goes all out in an attempt to score a knockout leaving her unprotected and takes a firm right under her left eye, which is swollen by the end of the round. Topless boxing stories corner applies ice to reduce the swelling. She looks tired as the third round begins but takes the fight to Erica.

Cindy staggers Erica again midway through the round. Erica doesn't go down but looks glassy eyed. Cindy again attempts to put Erica down, leaving herself unprotected. Erica is able to score with a right to Cindy's chin and it's lights out for my wife. The ref counts to 10 and als a knockout before Cindy shows any s of movement.

The ref and her second help Cindy to her corner. Cindy is helped to her dressing room and I go to check on her.

Topless boxing stories

I tell Cindy's second that I will stay with her. We are alone and Cindy is as horny as I've ever seen her. I lock the dressing room door and we make love on the trainer's table. We are jolted back to reality by a knock on the door. It's Erica wanting to know if Cindy is ok. I ask her to come back in a few minutes. Erica returns just about the time Cindy is coming out of the shower.

Topless boxing stories

Erica hugs Cindy asking if she's ok. I notice Erica feeling Cindy's breasts. This was my first clue that there was an attraction between my wife and Erica. About a week after the fight with Erica, Cindy asks if I could build a ring in the basement. I'm reasonably handy and acknowledge that I could. Cindy tells me that she would like to have some matches with a little more privacy. It takes me about three weeks to complete the project with some outside help.

A month has now past since Cindy's fight with Erica and all traces of her black eye are gone. During this month Cindy has been boxing weekly at the club. It's not hard to tell which nights were boxing nights as Topless boxing stories is horny as hell when she gets home. One night over dinner, she said that she wanted to initiate the new ring. I'd like to have Erica come over for the weekend. I said that would be fine with me, in fact I could go on a fishing trip if you want. No, I would like you to be here. Let's plan a late dinner on Friday. I arrive home about 4 p.

Cindy gives me a deep long kiss, then turns to Erica and says, your turn. I expected a cordial kiss but received one where Erica was definitely playing hockey with my tonsils. She also rubbed against me to see if I was hard.

Topless boxing stories

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