Toilet transformation story

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Welcome to Choose Your Own Transformation, please select your starting path! Chad swaggered down the hall of his high school like he owned it. In a sense as the school's quarterback, and water polo team captain he did. He was 6'3" with curly blond hair, broad shoulder, and a narrow waist.

Toilet transformation story

He was also an arrogant bastard who bragged about all the women he had, about who he wanted to have, and about all the wimps he'd put in their place. He opened his locker and his eyes focused on a black gift box wrapped in purple ribbon with a lavender scented envelope. Instantly he thought, "Karen Sinclair! She was one of the few hotties he had yet to score with.

Chad ripped open the envelope Toilet transformation story read the flowered card inside, "Dear Chad, I've wanted you for so long. It's been my fantasy for you to wear what's in the box-and only what's in the box to meet me at the fieldhouse at 4pm today. I'll leave a note with further instructions. The key to the fieldhouse is in the box too. Until then loverboy," ed simply, "Your Secret Admirer. Chad grinned. Score another one for Mr. Superstar, he thought as he opened the box. He examined the contents, and snickered, "Wear only this?

Chad looked into the box. He grinned. That afternoon, after showering. Chad sprayed his naked body with the spray. He crinkled up his nose, but figured it was just aerosol propellant on not the actual scent. He sniffed his armpit after overspraying his whole body, and crinkled his nose. What the hell is that spray? Chad glared at him, and looked down at the can. Chad raised the bottom of his right foot and sprayed it. He put it down on the tiled locker room floor, then he raised his left foot and sprayed its sole too. He gave himself another coat of the spray.

Toilet transformation story

He felt great. He turned to walk, and discovered his feet were stuck too the floor. He was Toilet transformation story to shuffle along the floor, but couldn't separate his feet from the tile. Then he noticed that the skin on the top of his feet now looked like the tiny tiles on the floor.

As he shuffled along the floor naked, the tiles seemed to flow over or through his feet. He reached down and touched his feet. They felt like they were sculpted out of the floor tiles complete with grout between each tile. Toilet transformation story label was loose. He peeled it off. The can wasn't body spray, it was "Inanimation Spray: Don't commit suicide, repurpose yourself as a useful object! His arms seemed to be stuck extended away from his body, and his mouth couldn't close now.

He moved as fast as he could shuffle toward the bathroom and showers. He had to wash off. He panicked a bit as he looked at the half completed new locker room. They needed more lockers, urinals, sinks, showers and toilets.

The builder had rushed things to re-open the gym after the fire last year. They only had a third of the stuff they needed, and Chad had a sinking feeling that he was going to become one of those missing fixtures if he couldn't wash this spray off in time.

As he shuffled into the bathroom, he realized he was sinking or rather his legs had started to become floor. His body now was just his torso from his thighs up, and his cock and balls and thighs were already showing the tile pattern on them. He ran straight into Rick.

What the fuck? You decided to repurpose yourself? Wicked, we need a new urinal," Rick said as he began to shove Chad sideways and backwards toward the tile wall with only four urinals and room for ten. The plumbing stuck out of the wall, and Chad felt his butt opening to connect with the sewer pipe. We need more toilets first! Nuh, nuh? There were two toilets in the first two stalls. There were eight empty stalls with black sewer pipes sticking out of the floor. He was sinking more into the floor, and he moaned as he felt Bruno's foot on Chad's tile dick which was now part of the moving floor below his belly button.

His skin had started to become porcelain. There was a plopping and sucking noise as Chad's butt sealed around the waste pipe in the stall. Bruno spun around and sat on Chad's open mouth, and farted loudly. Chad made weird unintelligible sounds as he realized that Bruno was really going to take a dump in him. He was turning into a toilet. Todd was holding the phony Body Spray label that Chad had dropped in his hand. Remember his secret admirer? They left him a can of body spray, but I'm guessing this is the label and that can in his hand is really what he sprayed himself with.

Boy, has a real good tongue, who needs toilet paper? Guess, he's a toilet with built in bidet feature.

Toilet transformation story

Rick straddled Chad's white shoulders and sat on his face. It's traditional to do something like this to the senior star quarterback at the end of the season. Though to be honest, I thought Chad would just become a new locker for me. Bruno and I have had to share, but this is better since Chad won't need a locker anymore, I can have his and we really do need another toi-uh-" Rick paused as there was a loud plopping noise as he sent a turd into Chad's growing porcelain bowl. Rick farted and another plop. His feet flailed in the air as the spray continued to coat him.

Bruno and Todd both backed away quickly to avoid getting sprayed. Rick thrust himself off the toilet Chad and landed on the tiled bathroom floor on his hands and knees. He breathed hard, and Toilet transformation story to get up, but his hands already seemed to Toilet transformation story made of tile and he couldn't separate them from the floor.

Chad's porcelain arm continued to shrink back into his bowl body, and the can slipped from his grasp and Bruno grabbed it before it hit the floor. He grinned as he walked over to Rick. Get me the antidote," Rick begged. Rick sighed, "Okay, but couldn't you drag me out to be a locker or something else?

He and Todd pushed the struggling Rick toward the waiting sewer pipe connection. As they forced Rick's butt over the sewer pipe, he pleaded, "Not a toilet, Bruno. I'll happily be a urinal. We should let the other players know?

He was still holding the spray can, and it was at least half full. Maybe two to be the safe side," Bruno said. He added, "We'd hate to turn them back prematurely, as they might end up with porcelain ass or a toilet mouth.

Toilet transformation story

After all we need the extra toilets, right? Chad was fairly quiet. Though to be fair, Rick had filled his mouth with shit, so Chad probably didn't want to taste more of it than he had to. He wasn't done changing yet. Bruno and Todd could see his porcelain body undulating as it fought to set into it's new form. Todd turned to hear him better, and Toilet transformation story hit Todd in his glass jaw.

When Todd came to, he was naked on the floor with his butt pressed against a pipe kneeling next to a urinal. He opened his mouth, and Bruno started spraying. You're right we do need more urinals. I think all the football players who don't the swim team could fill all the empty slots and then some. Don't you? It didn't leave his body, it just migrated down his neck, chest, and belly. It came to rest on his erect penis which was turning a metallic grey. Now his torso started to absorb his tiled thighs. When all was said and done, Todd made a handsome porcelain urinal with a foot pedal flush controller.

When a guy was done using Todd, if he remembered to flush, he would have to step on Todd's shiny metal boner.

Toilet transformation story

Bruno looked happily at his handiwork. Shook the can, and looked at the still open pipes awaiting new toilets and urinals. He started to walk away. Chad made a glugging noise. Rick forgot to flush you, Chad. When the bowl was empty, Bruno added, "I bet someone is still hungry!! He must've sat there fifteen minutes, until he was able to push a log out. He wiped himself and tossed the toilet paper into the bowl.

He used way too much paper. Chad knew what Bruno was doing. When flushed, Chad would clog and overflow, and then someone would need to put that filthy plunger in his mouth. Note: Not sure if they can still speak or at least gurgle, but okay.

Toilet transformation story

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