Thailand happy ending stories

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The following Thailand trip report is from a YouTube subscriber. Want to send in your own story? Get in touch here! As mentioned, it was my first trip to Thailand and since I had heard so much about it I wanted to make sure my trip was not wasted so I did tons of research.

This is something I normally do when going on a trip so I can get the most out of my journey and see the top things within that country. Of course this trip was not really to see the country but to have a mongering vacation as they call it. The problem with mongering Thailand happy ending stories Thailand is there are many videos out there but only a few with commentary or advice.

I of course was lucky enough to come across your YouTube channel and started consuming your videos and listening to what you had to say. My plan was to fly in and try all the great things mentioned in your videos like Thailand happy ending stories Massagebook a Bangkok escort from Smoocihit Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy and short time or long time with a girl from each, and finally try a freelancer Basically a new girl every night. I selected a hotel close to Soi Cowboy and knew from your videos that Nana Plaza was just a 20 minute walk away with freelancers everywhere.

Excited about my plan, I made my reservations and made sure I had plenty of funds to carry out my laundry list of fun items. The flight went smooth and when I landed I got a SIM card as mentioned in many of your videos in order to use data in the country. My only issue was I booked a shared ride van to take me round trip from Airport to Hotel and back and spent about 40 minutes walking up and down the airport trying to find my name in a sea of transportation services. I think if I would have just hopped into a cab it would have been better not to mention cheaper, however, once I found my ride they took care of me very well.

Also as I walked like a zombie up and down the airport looking for my ride many people were friendly asking me if I needed help and also offered to call me a cab. Some of that may have been ill intended but it was still nice all the same and the one thing you can say are Thai people are very friendly and willing to help if asked. Once I got to my hotel it was late and I was beat from my travels so I decided to go for a walk, get dinner and grab some supplies from 7-eleven.

I also scouted Soi Cowboy and did a walk-thru checking out the ladies which was a nice way to get myself motivated. I went back to my hotel and decided since I was going to chill tonight I would just go ahead and order a girl off Smooci. I watched your video on that and my experience was similar. Even with the little extra pounds she was still sexy, had a beautiful face and gave me the full girlfriend experience I paid for. After she left I was feeling good and was thinking what a great start to my trip, a bit expensive but I checked one task off my list … lol.

Plus, you never know what the girl really looks like reviews may or may not be legit. If you are a Thailand Guide memberI recommend you use the contacts I provide.

Thailand happy ending stories

There are now over 70 Thai girls included — all of which you can video Thailand happy ending stories before booking. Many will come for 1, Baht for 1 hour. The next morning I woke up hit the gym in the hotel and went for a swim before getting a massage, then relaxed by the pool until lunch. Little did I know this plan would not happen as an unexpected chain of events would take place leading down a different path.

For lunch I decided to go to Hooters have wings and scout Nana ahead of time to see what was there and get in a good walk. The walk was nice and when I arrived at Hooters I sat where I could see the entrance to Nana and the bars opposite from Hooters. Directly across from Hooters are a few bars and of course there where girls there looking around and trying to get customers in. From the time I sat down in my chair until the time I left Hooters a girl from one of the bars was waving and staring at me. As I got halfway through my meal I had talked myself into going over for one drink and just talking, no harm in that.

Thailand happy ending stories

I finished, paid and laser focused my gaze on her while walking across the street, she knew at that point she had hooked me and was reeling me in … lol. We sat down and started talking and I found out she was actually 42 which was amazing as she had really Thailand happy ending stories care of herself. She told me normally she charges guys Baht but she liked me and just wanted to get out so she suggested I bar fine her and we could go play pool and chat.

I agreed and paid the baht and we were on our way it was pm at that time and we hit a few places to play pool and drink. We woke up together and after another bit more fun we showered and she said that maybe I wanted to be alone so she would leave.

I told her why leave she could stay if she wanted and she jumped back into Thailand happy ending stories and we again talked and had a great time. We got up at noon and went to a mall to eat lunch together then ended up at a park where she rented a mat, bought some sweets and proceeded to give me a manicure and pedicure. After a few hours in the park we went back to the hotel for some fun then went to dinner and of course fun until the next day.

She never asked for money and never charged me anythingthe only thing I paid for was meals and she treated me so great. This experience left me thinking about why that was and made me feel like I experienced something genuine and special. The lesson I learned on this and any trip is to have a plan but also to go with the flow as it will make for a great vacation.

Just a little background on me. I was married at age 19 to a 32 year old who had two kids 8 and 12the marriage lasted for 25 years. I was in my 40s when the divorce happened and since she was my first and only women I had every been with I ran though my fair share of women in many different countries from South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Costa Rica, Russia, and Indonesia. I am 50 now but in good shape working out almost every day along with eating healthy and doing skin care.

Anyway, Thailand is a special place and the women are like no other I have experienced with such beautiful features that it drives a man crazy. I want to thank you for providing your opinions on the country and all the information you provided in your videos that helped me have a great vacation.

However, I would recommend to individuals who have never traveled outside their own country not only to watch your videos but to pay for your travel guides and personal help in planning their vacation to make their experience worth remembering. I know I will never forget my first trip to Thailand and never stop watching your videos so keep pumping out the great content! I was so relaxed and looking forward to my plan for that night which was hitting Nana Plaza.

Thailand happy ending stories

I kept telling myself to stop as she looked about 28 and for me personally that was too young. For me though I wanted to keep it in the 30s if I could but this girl was drawing me in.

Thailand happy ending stories

I finished, paid and laser focused my gaze on her while walking across the street, she knew at that point she had hooked me and was reeling me in … lol We sat down and started talking and I found out she was actually 42 which was amazing as she had really taken care of herself.

After talking for 15 minutes I got to the point and asked her how much for short time. To make a long story short we ended back at my hotel and had a great time all night long. She had to work so we woke up and I walked her to a corner so she could grab a ride to work. I agreed to show up later that night to bar fine her again and spend my last night with her. I do have plans to go back and will continue my check list while adding more task to the list. Of course none of that mattered but for me no need to lie about myself in that situation. I have traveled alone almost everywhere and am a confident traveler so your videos helped me.

Thailand happy ending stories

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