Tg stories fiction magic

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I have a Demon Lord for a father.

Tg stories fiction magic

A sex crazed succubus for a maid. An eldritch horror for a brother. What do I need to get some normalcy around here? Oh and the books in the library try to devour me! Magical Gender Change. Other : ePub eBooksSeries. Taylor is an unmotivated college student who is down on his luck.

Follow his tale as he gets transported to another world, and slowly transformed into a cute fox girl at a magical all-girls academy! Will he be able to hide his true identity and find a way back before he is transformed completely? Masquerades by tfes8 New! Tyler, Nicole and Victor are college seniors. Right before their final semester begins, Tyler makes a wish that unbeknownst to him ends up swapping the souls of his girlfriend Nicole and complete stranger Victor.

AF-What are friends for? The ballad of Jessica. The story of Jessica, a character from the original titled story. Tg stories fiction magic, a college student, sexually assaults Ryan, a troubled woman who used to be a guy, and gets her pregnant. Years later, Candi comes across Ryan, who saves her from this fate. Now a 10 year old named Jessica, she vows to be better as thanks to Ryan, but her new life is not going to be an easy one.

Tg stories fiction magic

Breaking the Routine by Tgaby New! After John refuses to help fix their marriage, Maya attempts to set things right with a visit to an underground magical marital counselor. Beware: the cure you receive is not always the cure you want.

Tiffany and Ryan are best friends. As young kids, the two girls meet Tyler, an African-American kid new to the neighborhood. Now in high school, Tiffany and Tyler are dating.

Tg stories fiction magic

Ryan's love for Tiffany has grown more than sisterly, and she knows it won't be reciprocated. Follow Tyler, as Ryan brings her plan to fruition, and the aftermath of his choices thereafter. Multiple changes occur other characters age regression, gender. This story is written as one piece, not a chaptered story. Word restrictions have made me put it into "chapters. One day, Thomas Michael Hayden 'Mike' makes a wish to be popular with the opposite gender. The wish, made in jest, had unexpected. Mike now deals with what this means for his relationships with his friends Jenna, and Scott.

Tg stories fiction magic

Odin's Law by Hikaro New! The God of Thunder loved to party, loved to drink, and loved to spend some alone time with the Valkyrie sometimes two at once. He'd been warned about consorting with them once and told he'd suffer the consequences the next time. What the God of Thunder didn't know was how severe the consequences would be. Fox's Tail by MisstressChange New! A young man finds some magical incense that brings on some interesting changes. Still Me by Bigou New! But as surprising as it may seem, that demoness is still undeniably me, even if a girl.

A Bewitching Halloween by vanillathunder New! When Max Piper get saddled with taking his little sister trick-or-treating, it means he'll miss the big party where he planned on confessing his feelings to the prettiest girl in his class!

Or perhaps not, thanks to the influence of a local witch! In the Darkness is the Light by Cabbitgurl New! A young orphan boy's careless wish for power le him spiraling into the world of the Umbra Girls. Girls with magick powers that are the only thing that can stop the Luminescent.

Memories of Motherhood by Princess-Kay New! Watch the. Watch the house. Afternoon Delight by Tgaby New! Jake and his friends just want to watch the game. After his wife Abbey comes home with a strange scratch on her, their afternoon plans just got a whole lot more interesting. Blue Streak by Luna Cat.

In the fantasy world of Murrow trouble stirs as the forces of darkness plot against the King's Court. Our hero is a man known as Knight Commander Dust, a cynic who's lost faith in the world due to his debilitating curse. Tonight is a night like any other, that is until the curse is altered and his cycle of rebirth is sent awry. Afflicted with amnesia her as she learns what it's like to enjoy life one more time. Penetration by Ezra Bjorn. Three men find their manhood inexplicably changed.

A looming presence appears. Empyrian by Alice Duffield. Major Andreas Wahl had Tg stories fiction magic loss in his life. Abandoned by his family, he and his closest friend made the Elsmerian military their life, rising through the ranks quickly.

Tg stories fiction magic

As an officer in the counterintelligence unit, his skills are put to the test as tensions begin to escalate between his own country, Elsmere, and neighboring Virago, and their ruler Empress Viktoria. Virago seems bent on controlling the entire continent, having already subsumed two small neighboring countries. But everything is not as it seems, and King Juan of Elsmere harbors secret plots of his own. His team is not only captured but turned, and now serve the women of Virago. Recursive of the Day by Tgaby. Luna is your normal college freshman - outgoing, and well-liked by her peers.

What most of them don't know is that Luna bears the family curse - forced to become someone else's fantasy each night at midnight. Will Luna make it through school unscathed, or will her antics attract the wrong sort of attention? Door in the mirror by QModo. Minivan's side was reflecting me and the wall with graffiti and door. I turned to the wall - there was no door. Following myself in the mirror I cracked the door open and pushed it stepping through the doorway.

The minivan disappeared. Who Doesn't Want a Free Dress? Nathan hopes to resell a free prom dress he found on Facebook Marketplace for profit. Connerfield was hoping to give the dress to a girl in need, so some alterations need to be made. Blitz n' Glory by K Love. A time ago, in a suburb in California Andy Mayer and his friends had lofty ambitions: To have the most professional looking fantasy series ever released on YouTube. Andy wasn't too thrilled about his character though, as it meant he had to crossdress as a princess every day of the shoot. As the group prepared themselves for internet stardom, Andy discovered he'd have to be "Andi" more often than just on-screen Enjoying Girlhood by Oboe Gary is a depressed loser in his early 20s, no longer interested in living.

After wishing upon a star for a second chance at life, Gary's wish is granted and he gets the chance to live his childhood again, but not quite the way he wanted. However, sometimes the only thing better than getting what you want, is Tg stories fiction magic something you didn't know you wanted as Gary starts enjoying girlhood.

The Raven's call by Lone elephant. Will is a normal 17 year old stable boy. He finds himself in a situation where he has to sacrifice everything for the sake of someone he hates. A Friend in Need by bb When Ollie's big mouth causes his best friend to get dumped, he would do anything to make Tg stories fiction magic right between them. Ollie is about to find out how broad the word 'anything' is. A recent drop out returns to his hometown to work at the local Inn. There he is greeted with a warm bed and a song that drifts him into a new experience.

Tg stories fiction magic

Lottery by avalatis. Two friends have lived under the constant threat of "winning" the lottery and becoming a breeder. One of them has been selected A Difference of Identity by rwbyfan Jason was just a slightly below average loser. One night he decided to be proactive and try and change that. Then he met her, and she certainly changed his life. Whether or not it's for the best is up to him. A Damsel of Fey Dreams by Tegeli. A novice occultist is guided by his new master into a realm beyond dreams.

When the pupil incarnates unwittingly as a woman on the oneiric plane, the pragmatic relationship between a pupil and a tutor is forced off track. Historical fantasy novella set in an alternative 19th century. Urges Interrupted by NurseTingle. Niko, an immigrant plumber was stuck at the mall dealing with a serious case of the hornies when it seemed he couldn't catch a break. Being in a college town with all the smoking hot freshman ladies running around it was bound to happen. But why do the other guys keep staring at him? New Owners [rewrite] by neyneyweywho.

When new owners buy a company, they implement a new dress code, much to the curiousity and dissmay of one employee. Story rewritten. Lady Serpentine by Tegeli. Burned and drowned, a fire-tainted musketeer lets a capricious spirit into his soul. As his body transforms into a feminine form to accommodate both of its inhabitants, the young soldier's very self threatens to slither Tg stories fiction magic, until only the spite of a rebel and a god remains. A matchlock fantasy novel set in an untamed land of endless lakes. A Shared Soul by Moonlight. Quinton is your average high school guy, with maybe a little less confidence than he would like.

Turns out, he only has half a soul. What will his life be like once its complete? When Nick wishes his longtime rival Noland would be boycrazy girl and that he would be better than Noland at everything Noland holds dear, he probably should have specified one or the other. Now Nick finds himself in a world where he's always won - at being a hyper-feminine tart!

Tg stories fiction magic

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