Teen girls diaper stories

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Here's just a little story I wrote guys. I hope you enjoy it! The period between waking up and actually getting out of bed was her favorite time of day. After spending the ten minutes between alarms snuggled under her blankets, she rolled out of bed and toward her shower.

She untapped her Abena M4 and carefully considered her options as far as body wash went. After selecting a body wash that smelled like chocolate and oranges, she took a shower and dried off.

Teen girls diaper stories

Walking into her room, she grabbed a diaper from her stack in her drawer and laid it out on the bed, settled her butt into it, and with a dash of baby-powder she wrapped the soft, plastic-backed Abena around her hips. She stood up, and for the first time she looked at herself in the mirror. Jamie was a little shorter and a little chubbier than a lot of the other seniors at her school.

She had curly brown hair down to her shoulders that had been died underneath. She turned around to continue her morning routine, and after dressing and putting on makeup, she headed downstairs. Oh, dear your diaper is poking out of your pants, lemme get that for you. She finished her breakfast and threw away her paper plate. Tell dad I love him too! Jamie opened the door and felt the cool autumn breeze.

Teen girls diaper stories

She cranked her car up and closed the door. Jamie was not incontinent. She did have a small bladder, but she could mostly hold her pee. But, ever since she could remember, diapers had fascinated her. She put it on and walked downstairs hoping no one would notice. They did. She pulled the Goodnight around her hips and the padding hitting her skin made her shiver. She loved the feeling of the material sliding across the couch she was sitting on, and the Teen girls diaper stories it hugged her. It was familiar, but absolutely foreign at the same time, and Jamie was absolutely in love with it.

From that point onward, whenever Jamie would visit her Grandma, she would be diapered by the time she left. At first, she would just wear her pull-ups. Eventually though, when curiosity got the best of her, she started wetting them. The first time her Grandma happened on Jamie wearing a wet pullup, rather than being angry or disgusted, her Grandma just laughed and bought her wipes.

Jamie would wear them around the house, using them as she needed to and hiding them in the trash when her parents got home. This went on for a year or so without a hitch. Dakota was two years younger than Jamie, and loved video games, so she retreated into her room to spend the night playing COD online. Jamie on the other hand was excited about being able to lounge around in her goodnight in the living room.

Teen girls diaper stories

When she heard the car doors shut, Jamie ran upstairs to her room and pulled the Goodnight around her waist. She ran down stairs in just a t-shirt and her pull-up to watch some television in absolute comfort, when she saw the door lock turn. Frozen, she watched as her mother came in the living room in full view of the couch Jamie was sitting on. Jamie was frozen, but could feel the sweat beading down her back. Suddenly, and for the first time, she was filled with shame and horror. She just knew that her mother would come home and disown her for being such a freak under her own roof, but she would have to wait at least three hours before her parents came home, and that those three hours would be filled with anxiety and dread.

Teen girls diaper stories went back upstairs after calming down for a minute, and took the diaper off. She knew that if she was still wearing it, it would only make it worse. Her mother had to understand, right? It was at this point she realized that she was Teen girls diaper stories on her bed with tears streaming down her face.

Her crying turned into a fit, and her fit soon turned to sleep. As she woke up, she realized that her mom was sitting on the end of her bed gently waking her up. Now, what was that? Jamie sat up and stared down at her feet. Her mother had bested her. Grandma has been buying them for me because I like them, and they make me feel good, and I like them.

Her mother clutched her tight, and held her as Jamie started sobbing again. Her mother had just asked her if she wanted to keep wearing diapers, without any sarcasm or condescension in her voice. Jamie blinked hard, looking her mother in the face. Either way, if you want to wear diapers, you can change yourself, and do chores around the house to pay for it. Jamie started crying again, but rather than stressed out, desperate crying, she was crying because her mom was being the angel that she needed her to be at this moment.

That was 6 years ago. Now, Jamie was a senior in high school, and was wearing diapers virtually every day. Over the years, it snowballed into Jamie wearing virtually every day. Now, as always, she was heading off to school padded, although she had no idea that today would be such an eventful day for her. All the girls from gym class filed in and started undressing, but today they all crowded around the new girl.

Jamie was in a stall, changing out of her gym clothes, which were a Swallow Valley High t-shirt, shorts, and the regular underwear she wears for gym class. She was changing back into a diaper, jeans, and a Slipknot t-shirt. After years of wearing diapers publicly and even at school, Jamie had gotten used to putting on diapers in tight spaces like changing stalls. She got dressed and walked out, and while walking out of the locker room and past the hoard of girls, the center of the group and new girl on campus, Erika, took a double take on Jamie.

Jamie looked down and realized that her shirt was caught in the back of her diaper, and the M4 and stripes could easily be seen by anyone in the locker room. Shit, Jamie thought to herself. She normally tries so hard to not be a spectacle for everyone, and any other day she would have made sure to not have her diaper poking out.

Erika looked around waiting for a response from the other girls, but strangely to her, there was really no response from the group now staring at Jamie. Not a stunned silence kind of response either, just a total lack of response. Anyway, like you were saying? It was always weird when Jamie had to deal with people finding out she wore diapers.

Teen girls diaper stories

When she started wearing, she was not particularly interested Teen girls diaper stories wearing to school. As the time passed though, and she got more and more used to wearing diapers on the regular, she got more daring. Her mother on the other hand found out, and told her that if she was going to wear at school she would have to tell her teachers at least.

Her mother did offer to help by providing some needed daytime protection as an excuse. At first, there was some teasing. But with the help of some good friends, and teachers that made sure to tell the other students that Jamie was sick, and that Jamie had to wear diapers to help her be normal. It was only when a new student came in that she really had to explain it, and over time the other students just started explaining it, just like how if you wore a Redskins shirt you could get extra lunch because the lunch ladies were huge Redskins fans.

As Jamie settled into her seat for Calculus, she heard the Teen girls diaper stories coming down the hall and stop in front of her class. In walked Erika, who had Calculus without Pat, and had to leave her at the door. Erika was the typical preppy girl. She was a little taller than average, with skinny legs, a tiny waist, blonde hair, and big, green eyes.

Jamie played drums in a punk band after school, loved fast cars and attended car meets every weekend, and had a collection of vinyl records, not shoes. She went through a lot of the same phases that other girls her age went though. She even went through her horse phase, but as she hit puberty, she picked up drumsticks while other girls started dating.

Jamie was even a band nerd, she was a member of concert band and marching band. As all these thoughts ran through her head, Erika sat down in the empty seat beside Jamie. She could absolutely hold her pee. What do you do if you go on a date, or you go swimming in a pool? Jamie looked Erika up and down. Although she was short and chubby, she wore a full face of makeup and had her hair dyed.

Paired with her Metal t-shirts she wore, she was normally intimidating enough to ward off these kinds of questions. She noticed something strange about them though. Rather than being degrading or insulting, it was almost like she was genuinely curious about her bathroom habits.

It caught Jamie off-guard, and she actually ended up answering her questions. Jamie had her notebook sitting on her desk, with her customary two pencils wrapped in medical tape to act as drum sticks in class arrangement. Are your pencils wrapped in medical tape? That might be important. I can remember that. After this little joke, the teacher started class. About five minutes in, Jamie started to feel the need to pee, but she also noticed that Erika was watching her like a hawk, almost waiting for her to pee in her diaper. After half an hour of holding it, and with half an hour left in class, Jamie let loose in her diaper.

She just leaned back and wet herself. Even her friends noticed she was looking around oddly. He was tall and skinny with short, straight hair. He wore black skinny jeans and the same kinds of metal shirts that Jamie wore. Today, for him, it was a Metallica shirt. She wet her diaper again after lunch, but her M4 could handily take two wettings. Jamie had just poked her head in the car door. She turned around and saw the reason for her scream standing behind her. Everyone loves it at the car meets. Jamie stood there in astonishment. You seem to be very interesting actually!

Jamie looked down at Erika, who was putting her seatbelt on and adjusting her seat. You play the drums, right?

Teen girls diaper stories

It was strange. Jamie was finding it hard to say no to Erika. Not bad.

Teen girls diaper stories

Not bad at all. It's an interesting take on the standard girl who wears diapers to school formula.

Teen girls diaper stories

Instead focusing on some bully who torments her you instead make it about Jamie making a new friend because of the diapers. I will say if you plan on continuing this, which I hope you do, I think you need a source of conflict. You can't have a good story without conflict.

Teen girls diaper stories

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