Tall girl growth spurt stories

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Caroline Watson has twice had the non-malignant growths removed through her nostrils. And Caroline Watson revealed how she has twice had the non-malignant growths removed through her nostrils. The civil servant explained that she suddenly gained weight as a nine-year-old child and went from being average height and petite to 5ft 8in and bloated. Too self-conscious to make new friends when she moved schools aged eight, because her appearance made her feel too socially awkward, she was also lonely and miserable.

Taken to the doctors several times by her mum, Lisa Watson, 54, now a schoolteacher, the advice was always that she should eat less. But, when she turned 12, a school nurse agreed with her family that Caroline was unwell — prompting doctors to take her concerns seriously and refer her to hospital, where she was scanned and a tumour was detected, growing on the pituitary gland on the base of her brain. The small, bean-shaped gland plays a major role in controlling numerous bodily functions, according to the NHS, including growth, fertility and blood pressure — all of which were being affected by her tumour.

After the diagnosis, specialists first prescribed medication to reduce her levels of growth hormone, while they waited to see if the tumour changed. But, at a second scan four months later, it had grown so, in Octoberat the age of 14, she had surgery to remove it.

Minimally invasive, the surgeon worked through her nostrils, using a tiny endoscope camera and light to remove it with long instruments. Tall girl growth spurt stories surgeon only has about one centimetre to work in, before hitting the main carotid arteries on both sides, while the optic nerve is above. Sadly, she did sneeze and her skull indeed reopened, causing her to suffer a cerebrospinal fluid CSF leak. Radiotherapy, which can be used to zap any Tall girl growth spurt stories which has not been removed, was also ruled out, as it can cause infertility and, because she was pubescent, this could put paid to any chance of her having children.

Spending the rest of her teens trying to convince herself that she did not care what people thought about her appearance, Caroline forged some strong friendships at her secondary school which she has kept to this day. But, she suffered some dark times in her later teens when, leaving home to study for a degree in law and criminology, she had to drop out after the first year because of her mental health.

Finding a job working for a local Housing Association, Caroline moved into a flat-share with friends and life started looking up. Summoning immense courage, Caroline talked to Jack and gave him the option of leaving their relationship, but he told her he was going nowhere. And on August 9,she had more endoscopic surgery, removing a second tumour through her right nostril.

While she experienced bleeding during the procedure and was hospitalised again with viral meningitis — an infection of the protective membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord — surgeons managed to remove the whole tumour. She still suffers with debilitating headaches which have baffled doctors, and has been told the tumour may have affected her fertility and could mean she needs help to get pregnant.

Tall girl growth spurt stories

As her experience started so young, Caroline is now an enthusiastic campaigner for the charity Brain Tumour Research, working to raise awareness that brain tumours can affect anyone at any age. I also tell fellow sufferers, never to give up on themselves. I went through some very dark patches, but I came out the other side. Only 12 per cent of brain tumour patients survive beyond five years of their diagnosis, whereas more than 70 per cent of breast cancer and more than 40 per cent of leukaemia patients survive beyond five years.

This is not acceptable and we will continue to push for change until this injustice has been resolved. By PA reporters.

Tall girl growth spurt stories

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Tall girl growth spurt stories

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Tall girl growth spurt stories

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Tall girl growth spurt stories

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Woman bullied for her size at school discovers her extraordinary growth spurt was caused by a tumour