Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories

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When I was 17 I got drunk at a party and came home and told my mother that I was in love with her and wanted to make babies with her. She told me I would grow out it soon enough, but till I did to be sure and return her panties to the wash when I was done.

She is a great Mom. It was about 2 Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories later they had come home from a Christmas party rather early and mom was going on about how everybody at the party wanted to fuck her. She looked drunk and out of it but it was early for her to be this drunk. I do know that the women I knew as mom was gone that night and dad made no attempt to keep Mrs. Everybody Wants To Fuck Me quiet. For the first time I heard my mom cussing like a whore begging to be fucked harder.

I went to bed that night and jacked off 3 times listening to dad pound her. I later found out she had been prescribed Xanax. Fast forward 13 years, mom is 52 years old and dad is 57 and I am My mom is a short women 5 ft. She is not beautiful but very much the mom next door type of hot. Her and dad are active and work full time jobs, her as a teacher at a pre-school and dad is a ship builder.

I am single, civil engineer, 6ft 2in, lbs in great shape, dark tan light brown hair and moms eyes. It was August 17th when mom called me and said the pops died in a car wreck while he was going to lunch. She said she was at the hospital so I told my boss and rushed to be by her side. It was rough for her, she had been with him 32 years and now on her own for the first time ever.

After the funeral and insurance paper work was completed, she did not have a lot left money wise to work with and the car insurance was going to take at least a year to receive a settlement for d death. My parents have a large home in coastal South Carolina, 3 acers of land, dock to the intercostal waterway and a square foot house, that is still under mortgage.

Mom did not want to lose the house, she was back to work and started babysitting nights and weekends to try and make ends meet. Although I spent as much time helping mom as I could I still had a job and my own home to take care of. She had no time to do anything but work so things were starting to look run down and she could make the payments but not the cost for upkeep.

Mom finally broke down in tears one Sunday while I was there. She was underwater, she spent so much trying to keep the house she had maxed out her credit cards and was a month or better behind on all her bills. I had some savings and my own home so I could help out but not for long. She squeezed me tighter and I felt her body relax as I held her. The next day I pulled my savings out and got her caught up with all her bills and put my home on the market. We live close and going home was the right thing to do.

I had mom quit babysitting so she had time to care for the house and some time for herself. She was grateful and we spent a lot of time together sitting and talking. She declined and we spent time talking and watching the boats go by. She was so grateful that I had become the man of the house and felt like life was starting a new normal for her where it was me and not dad she depends on. She proceeded to thank me and give me a hug. The hug seemed more intimate lasting long then any hugs I remembered, without even thinking about it I was rubbing her ass.

For the first time she acknowledged what was said that night. It gave me hope that I may have a chance. From there forward she became a little more affectionate but only in a motherly way. She started wearing panties that were silk and lace instead of cotton but the same sort of cut, just sexier in general.

We would cook together and spend weekends doing house and yard chores, she was almost like a wife without any of the benefits. One evening after dinner I told her I was walking out to the dock to get high, have some beer and watch the sunset. She grabs her flip flops and tells me to bring enough for her and gets her phone and he down the dock.

We have a fridge full of beer on the dock so there is nothing for me to grab anything but the cigarette pack with the t, I wonder if she knew what she was saying or if she was talking about beer. I catch up with her right as she beginning of the covered area where we have a swing and a wicker couch and chairs, there is also a sink fridge and fish sink on the side opposite of the floating dock gang plank. I grab 2 beers and sit next to her on the swing, the tide is high, the water and marsh grass seemed to melt together under the orange glow Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories als sun down is near, open both beers and hand her one.

She takes a long pull of her beer and comments about it tasting like grapefruit at the end, I tell her it is just kind of light and easy to drink and from a local brewery. The view was better than any sunset ever!

Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories

She came back with a new beer and sat closer to me on the swing. So there I was, Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories cold beer, smoking one fire as fuck t, and watching the sunset with my mom that I want to fuck. Life is good. Mom did exactly as I told her, handed it back, blew out the smoke and took a swallow of her beer as I handed it back to her. She finished it with me and wanted another beer so I got it this time, when I sat back down she scooted next me a pulled my arm around her.

The sun was starting its final approach to gone, mom seemed to be snuggling tight to me and stoned me decided I should try my luck. I started rubbing her shoulder and arm while pulling her closer, she seemed content, ever so slowly I inched closer to her breast and soon I was rubbing side boob. She asked if I wanted another beer so I said sure.

When she bent over this time her shirt had come untucked and the light from the fridge gave the perfect view of the bottom of her tits ant the tips of her nipples! There was no bra to be seen. She sat back down and pulled my arm back to where it was and started laughing for no reason. I saw my chance and put my hand directly on her chest. Her hand came up and held my hand where it was. Once I start pinching it between my thumb and fore finger she stops laughing and starts stroking the back of my hand. She says in a soft whisper that it feels good, but no farther, so I continued pinching her nipple.

It got hard, it was fat and long, like a marker top but softer. We sit like this for 7 or 8 minutes and enjoyed what was happing. I kissed the top of her head and when she looked up our eyes met and I leaned in to kiss her. She got the deer in the headlights look turned her head and got up. She looks out at the water and says she is stoned and drunk. We hugged and I go for another beer and ask if she wants one? According to her she remembers nothing after her forth drink but pops said she had a great time.

Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories

I asked if she still has them, she giggles and say she does in the cabinet in the kitchen, she still takes them when she needs to but no drinking with them. Did she just give me permission to drug and have sex with her? My heart beat sped up and my dick started getting hard again. It was all I could do not to run to the house and start making her a drink with some extra help in it. A week had gone by so on Friday night I asked mom if she wanted a do to Mexican night.

We can have taco, nachos, margaritas and shots of patron! Mom was all for the idea and offered to go shopping for everything we needed. When she left I went straight to the cabinet next to the sink and started looking at the pill bottles.

Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories

The first bottle in the middle of the second row of bottles I found them, Xanax the long yellow ones that look like a school bus. It said to take half twice a day as needed and where it said that alcohol would intensify the effects of this drug was highlighted in yellow. I ground up two of them and put them in my pocket.

My dick was almost hard since she left. I was going to do it, I was going to drug my mom and have sex with her. If I did this correct I could get her good and buzzed and give her enough Xanax that she would lose her inhibitions and memory but not go unconscious so she could be an active participant. I hope this works and I can do it again. When she returned I started making margaritas while she stated the food.

Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories

I put a little of the powder in her glass and filled it with a double shot of Patron. We did a shot and I made more margaritas. We snacked on dinner and did three more shots when she says she wanted more margaritas. I could tell she was really relaxed at this point. She was feeling no pain when I asked her to dance, she was a little unsteady on her feet but held me close. I was openly feeling her ass when I started kissing her neck, she moved her hair so I had better access.

I ask if she wants to sit and lead her to the couch where she falls into it and her head starts to roll back leaving her neck and ear exposed again. As fucked up as she is she lets me kiss her mouth and opens when she feels my tongue start to probe her lips, soon she is kissing me back.

I start kissing my way down her chest and opening her top as I go. She tells me with a drunken slur that I am taking advantage of her and it not nice! I kiss her nipple through her bra and ask if I should stop? We are making out like high school kids on prom night. I reach for the button on her shorts, when she grabs my hand!

I began kissing her while trying to push her shorts down when she tells me we have to stop. She starts trying to pull her shorts up, cover her chest and fight me off at the same time. I have had enough! I grab her arm pin it behind her back with my free had I grab her hair and yank backwards.

Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories

She is to drunk and drugged to resist much. When I tell her to take off my pants she does and since I am not wearing underwear 8 inches of hard dick slaps her across her face, leaving a trail of pre cum. She was all over it, gagging just a little when she throated me, it was then that she started moaning and feeling the vibrations from her voice box put me over the top.

When I started spurting she pull it out of her throat and jacked my cum all over her face and tits. She was a mess shirt and bra hanging off one arm, her shorts and panties were down but not far, she had tears from when she gagged on me and slobber from the epic blow job running down her neck and chest. I had saved getting off for a week so when I blew, I really hosed her down, cum was in her hair dripping onto her face and from there it was running down her neck to her tits that had received a direct blast.

She was wobbly kneeling in front of me still stroking my cock that stayed hard. Mom tried to get up but ended up on her ass. She pulled her shirt and bra off and wiped her face with them and even licking it off her fingers. I help her stand and she asked me for something to drink, so I give her a glass of water with the Xanax I had left in it, she downed it one quick chug.

She then tells me to get her to bed before she falls down. I took a wet rag and wiped some more cum from her head lift her face by her chin and started kissing her again while holding her up. I grab her waist turn her towards her bedroom, she is out of it but seems to be doing whatever I tell her. When we get to her room the bed is made and the table lamps are on. As I get ready to put her on the bed she says she has to pee.

Take advantage of drunk passed out mom stories

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