Superheroine erotic stories

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The Organisation was a dark secret known only to an elite few, and it had been created with one goal in mind. To abduct, seduce, corrupt and indoctrinate super-powered females, so that they became the ultimate sexual creatures, insatiable whores who craved sex and depravity.

There was a vast untapped market for such creatures, and the Organisation planned to The beginning of a series of stories based around a once proud super heroine turned slut.

Superheroine erotic stories

I hope you all enjoy : Also I apologize if there are mistakes. I am using trying out an auto spell fix program that sometimes likes to work and sometimes doesn't so IDK what will happen XD "That little bitch has be Sharpe easily picked out her words from the sounds of 'Battlestar Galactica', 'Doctor Who', 'Lost', and the new Radiohead CD, but luckily for WildRose's hearing, the voice filter in Sharpe's mike would edit out the miscellaneous chatter.

Superheroine erotic stories

She started looking up FBI files on at-large supervillains with r A beautiful and athletic woman is alone at the top of a building. She is dressed in a superhero uniform. The superhero uniform is black leather and very tight. The woman is blonde and has a black mask. The woman's name is Nightshade and is a famous superhero. The woman is voluptuous and very tempting though it is thirty-eight years. She has big tits with big THE red cell phone was ringing. She had picked up that phone for a very specific reason and only one man in all Capital City had that.

Immediately recognizing the ringtone, the beautiful young woman practically sprang from the shower! Barely even taking the time to wrap a towel about her dripping, naked body she snatched the red phone from its spot on The super-heroine was wearing the trademark flame-red mask that would Superheroine erotic stories her identity and the extra-long cape that matched.

Today she had chosen to cover her shaved pussy with the smallest white g-string she had, the matching bikini that Gathered together here today are some of the most beautiful super heroines in the worlds around today. These beauties are all competing in the first contest ever of its type. In this contest the heroines will compete in a variety of competitions such as, but not limited to EVEN sooner than she expected, Victory heard footsteps in the hallways coming towards her.

Superheroine erotic stories

Her mind began to spin wondering how she would live down this humiliation. Would this be the end of her crime fighting days? She had come this far with an endorsement from the mayor of Capital City himself, without which she'd likely have been branded a common vigilant Unfortunately Victory didn't have a chance to come up with a distraction or anything else resembling an escape plan. Even as her head was clearing, the heroine had been so involved in getting dressed thereby restoring her confidence that she was nearly oblivious to anything else.

As such she allowed one of her captors to sneak up behind her.

Superheroine erotic stories

The high-tech heroine and leader of the Libido League of superheroes had finally tracked down her quarry in a public park. For weeks, Platinum Panther had been working tirelessly to tra SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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Superheroine erotic stories Superheroine erotic stories

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Super Heroine Brainwashing Stories