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Just as Tumblr has the right to set its own rules, we have a right to exercise a more important duty, for ourselves and Submissive stories tumblr who come after us. A duty to respond not only to Tumblr, but to the country and moreover, the world, from alienating a legal and ethical community. Naked bodies are not porn. Thus, forcing the company to find alternate ways to continue offering its services on a reduced budget, which can be difficult and unpleasant.

I am of the opinion that since we are being inconvenienced and effectively kicked out, and shamed out of our longstanding digital platform, it would only be fair in return, to ensure our absence is demonstrated and displayed accurately. We need a display of solidarity, if you will. Let us show them otherwise. Thank you for this opportunity to share my story, and myself with you over these many yearsthere will be one final post on this blog, with the details of where this blog can be found after December 17th, Respectfully, -ASM.

To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten. We all seek the same: One who engages our minds, arouses our passions, and touches our souls…. Follow for more fantasies-of-a-dominant. Ignore the Insta-Dom. Getting dates or getting laid is not his problem; he can find women on kink sites, at work, or in the grocery store. He knows women, and women are drawn to him. Many women, kink or vanilla, prefer a man who is take-charge both in the bedroom and in life.

Submissive stories tumblr

The good news is desperation is easy to spot. If he has had some bad luck in his past, it will be fleeting, for he will strive relentlessly to place his universe back into the order mandatory to his existence. If your suitor languishes in poverty, unemployment for years, or hates his job, most likely his dominance is merely a cover-up to appease his lack of success.

He will see you as a puzzle, and desire to make sense of that puzzle. The dominant guy loves challenge and that in essence is why so Submissive stories tumblr submissives find disillusion in the vanilla world; most men do not seek challenge in sensuality, they fear it.

Submissive women are the most challenging of lovers for they have great fantasy. Their fantasies often require a man to move far outside normal gestures requiring both skill and creativity. How you think about a myriad of criterion will be of great interest to him. Most men have their hands full with straight-up vanilla sex. The dominant man has either mastered or has no interest in such elementary play, at least not all the time.

Submissive stories tumblr

Making a woman orgasm many times has left him bereft of sport, so he now seeks a woman who will challenge him on other levels. The dominant guy is going to have a good understanding of the female anatomy, and will persist in finding the keys to your body and mind. He will have done his Submissive stories tumblr and already experimented in real-time on many lovers. He will be a bit of the Don Juan, if not Don himself; not a womaniser per se, but certainly sexually advanced. A whisper, a word, a look, a swagger, and a touch are the essence of his talent.

Confidence is his weapon of choice, not bragging about his dungeon. Those who tout their toys too highly might well be lacking in other departments. Above all things he will wish to be good for you. He attempts to choose wisely but may at first make many mistakes in his choices as he finds his way. The dominant guy knows he is not All Knowing, for he is human.

A guy who believes he never makes mistakes or does not admit to them with good cheer is most likely not dominant. The dominant guy is straightforward, will wish to be plain about his true desires and needs, and if he is attached, will be forthcoming with that information. He made his choice and is going for it. A Dom who feels swallowing golden showers to be right up your alley may well know telling you straight out might have you running for cover.

The real dominant guy wants no part of someone for whom he cannot be good.

Submissive stories tumblr

A man who attempts to get with a woman he cannot handle or vice versa is desperate. He will be skilled at drawing you in, opening you up, making you feel at ease or on edge depending on his tastes. His efforts will seem effortless; even aloof at times.

Submissive stories tumblr

He will grow on you. Capture you. Enlighten you and make things seem clear that may have been once blurry. You will feel better about yourself when communicating with him even if your desire is to live in debasement! Only an impostor will try to tear you down in order to raise himself to higher ground. The dominate gets off by watching you soar, not fall.

In essence, taking on a submissive is both invigorating and empowering yet also a humbling experience. He may err constantly, Submissive stories tumblr if he is new. Yet he will always, always strive to be better, and though longs and seeks challenge, he will avoid that which he knows he cannot handle, or will in some near future be unable to handle. A submissive is a truckload of challenge ask their ex-vanilla loversand so the dominant man needs you like he needs air.

He wants your worship not simply for worship sake but because he has gone beyond the call of the norm, ventured into the realm of risk, and passing across the dangerous abyss where footing is treacherous, hopefully breaks into the sunshine of success offering you something glorious. THAT alone is why he seeks your worship; because he has earned it and deserves it. If a man does not seek risk and challenge in his life, if he wishes worship without venturing his ego, if he does not persist continually toward excellence in handling a woman as he does in many things, he is not a dominant man.

I agree with much, if not all, of it.

Submissive stories tumblr

Whether a Dom or a sub, everyone should read this piece. Content Ban: A Call to Action. We all seek the same: One who engages our minds, arouses our passions, and touches our souls… Souls Matter. Remember this. To be submissive is not to be weak. It is to be strong. Strong enough to trust you completely.

Strong enough to gift herself to you. Strong enough to allow you to lead. Treat that with the utmost respect. This is damn fine writing, and spot on.

Submissive stories tumblr

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Submissive stories tumblr

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