Story wife fucks her boss

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My wife and I have been married for almost fifteen years. Our family is great, but our sex life is relatively lackluster.

Earlier this year my wife, Michelle, revealed to me that she fulfilled her sexual fantasies by writing them down and submitting them to Literotica. I was pretty shocked and explained that her boss, Ted, had discovered this 'dirty little secret' and was threatening to expose her writings to HR. She explained that many of her 'stories' included real people from her office, many of them her male subordinates.

I was immediately curious and insisted she let me read her erotic stories. It took me all afternoon to finish reading the stories and I really didn't know how I should feel about them. Part of me was pissed off, but another part of me was aroused. I had no idea my wife was so sexual.

Her fantasies included stories of reluctance in which she would get caught in some compromising situation and be forced to violate her vows of monogamy. It was never her fault, but in the end she was always seduced and gave into the advances of her pursuer. Her favorite pursuer was Mike, a 26 year old bond trader who she had Story wife fucks her boss just after he graduated from Harvard. Another thing that both bothered me and strangely turned me on was her fascination with penis size.

Story wife fucks her boss

I am relatively average in size for my body, but each of her pursuers all seemed to have penises twice as long and twice as big around as me. In her stories she would detail how intercourse with me was never as satisfying as sex with a man with a huge penis. At the end of the day I wondered if these were just stories or had she actually had sex with one or more of these men. After a long conversation with her she swore that she had always been faithful to me. She asked if I was upset, but I wasn't sure.

I was upset that her boss was threatening her career. We needed her salary and couldn't afford to have her lose her job in some sex scandal. Michelle told me she was meeting her boss outside of the office that evening to discuss the situation.

Story wife fucks her boss

I offered to her, but she insisted that she handle it herself. She looked fairly disheveled when she walked through the door just after eleven. She was pretty upset and told me she wanted to take a shower before we talked. I followed her to our bedroom and finally the bathroom as she began scrubbing off the aftereffects of an obviously upsetting evening. She was in the shower forever and when she finally appeared in her bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her head she sat down on the edge of the bed and began to sob.

She told me she loved me and I began to worry as I asked her what happened. Michelle began by explaining that they had met in a hotel bar at first, but soon after they went to Ted's room to discuss the situation. Ted was insistent and finally he agreed that they wouldn't have to have intercourse and instead have flesh on flesh contact that would result in mutual orgasm -- something called a cameltoe slide. Ted pulled the idea directly from one of Michelle's stories where she agreed to sit on top of her subordinate's lubricated penis with her bare vagina and slide back and forth until they both had an orgasm.

The act had the advantage of NOT being intercourse which would somehow safeguard Michelle's marriage vows. I asked a million questions. I asked if she was naked. She was. I asked Story wife fucks her boss she came. She did. I asked if Mike came. He did. I asked if he was bigger than me. He was.

Story wife fucks her boss

I asked if she enjoyed it. I asked if she had kissed him. She was reluctant to answer. She told me he had kissed her. I asked if she had intercourse. She adamantly denied they had. I found the questions and her answers had aroused me. I was rock hard. Finally I asked her if she wanted to have sex with me. She didn't want to have sex. She just wanted to go to bed. I insisted and we began having sex. I was very aroused and I could tell I wasn't going to last long.

As I pounded my, evidently, little penis inside of her vagina I began asking her if she was thinking of me when she slid her wet pussy over her boss's fat cock.

Story wife fucks her boss

She didn't respond. Then I asked her if she was thinking of her boss's fat cock as I fucked her. Her eyes popped open and looked completely guilty. I took her non-response as a yes and continued my questioning. I pulled my cock out of her and began sliding it through the lips of her vagina and asked her if she had thought about what it would feel like if Mike had forced his penis inside of her tight little pussy. She arched her back and moaned aloud as I continued to give her a cameltoe slide of her own.

I told her to pretend I was Mike and beg me not to slide my huge penis inside of her wet pussy. She obliged this request and each time I slid the tip of my penis against the opening of her vagina she would beg me not to fuck her. I was about to explode at this point so I rested the tip of my penis against her fuck hole and told her to beg. I am not exactly sure what I meant, but Michelle assumed I meant that she should beg me to fuck her.

Surprised, I asked what about her husband. She screamed, just fuck me. With that I slammed my penis inside of her and began ejaculating immediately. We had just consummated our most exciting sexual experience together and it was immediately following her first act of infidelity. We both lay in bed thinking about what had just happened and how we both felt about it. The reality of what she and her boss had done was flooding my brain. Was Story wife fucks her boss okay with it? Was it cheating? What if she wanted to do it again?

What if she didn't but he forced her? What if neither one of them wanted to do it again? The questions kept pouring in, but answers were in short supply. The next morning we talked about her boss and she told me their agreement was that it was a one time thing. I asked her if she was sure, but she was adamant. She promised that if he tried to pressure her again she would go to HR herself and blow the whistle on him herself.

Things seemed normal for the next couple of weeks. I am not sure why, but I decided to check to see if my wife had posted any further stories on Literotica and to my surprise their was a new one. She had written about her encounter with her boss and subsequent encounter with me. She was angry about her boss, but she admitted enjoying their encounter. She was surprised by my reaction and wasn't sure if she liked how much I seemed to get off on the fact she had almost been raped by her boss.

Her next story really bothered me.

Story wife fucks her boss

Evidently her boss had not kept their one-time thing agreement nor had she kept her word to turn him into HR if he didn't stop. While they hadn't made it back into bed with one another Mike had continued the pressure.

Inappropriate touching and comments were part of each day for Michelle now. She was both angry and aroused her writing revealed. Mike had read the story too and used the information against her. Mike had told her he wanted to give her the same reverse cameltoe slide I had given her and he wanted to see if she could resist letting him fuck her. In her writing she admitted that the idea turned her on and that she wondered if she would be able to resist letting him fuck her again.

The last line of the story revealed that she had agreed to meet him again on Friday just after work. It was Friday afternoon and I found myself angry and aroused. I reached for my phone and called Michelle. I told her I had read her story and asked her if she really was going to meet him after work.

Story wife fucks her boss

She told me she was. She asked what I thought. The question caught me off guard. I immediately flipped it on her suggesting that I thought she was going to report him if he kept on pressuring her. She didn't take the bait, instead she asked me if I trusted her to tell him to stop. I wasn't sure, but I told her that I trusted her. She then asked me to confirm that I wanted her to let him slide his cock against her vagina as long as she didn't let him slide it inside of her.

I tried to explain that isn't what I said, but she kept up the pressure asking if the idea turned me on. I could tell Mike walked in the room because her voice changed and she called me by name and let me know she was going to be meeting with her boss this evening, but that she should be back around ten or eleven.

In the background I could hear Mike chuckle and say hello.

Story wife fucks her boss

Michelle quickly hung up the phone as she scolded him and the line was dead. That night I fell asleep around midnight and didn't hear Michelle come to bed. The next morning she was lying next to me as I waited for her to awake. I just stared at her until her eyes opened. I was pissed. I sarcastically asked her if she had a good time. Michelle is far better at this than I am and she flipped everything around. I was the one who let her get involved with her boss in the first place. I didn't do anything to stop him, to protect her. Even afterward I was more interested in my own orgasm than I was in comforting her.

Despite the fact that I knew her boss was continuing his illegal behavior I didn't lift a finger to help her. I felt sick to my stomach. She was right. Michelle reached between my legs and asked why I wasn't aroused. She was teasing me. Whispering in my ear she asked if I wanted to her to tell me what happened. I nodded yes.

Story wife fucks her boss

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My Wife Fucked Her Boss While On A Business Trip