Spin the bottle sex stories

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New Year's Eve was always something I looked forward to with mixed feelings, as I felt obligated to be social while everyone else got increasingly drunk. Neither the former, nor the latter appealed to me very much, and so I had turned the end of the year into something relaxed and quiet for me and my loved ones, ever since I was living alone. Novella and myself had a nice evening, watching a little bit of TV and she enjoyed a few glasses of wine while I ravaged the orange Spin the bottle sex stories.

Among all the relaxation, however, I noticed that something was bothering her. I raised my eyebrow and sipped on my glass of orange juice. I was the only author she was close friends with, and since reading was her great passion — well, aside from sex, so make that ONE of her great passions — she gobbled up every bit of news she could about my profession.

I snorted laughing. That's not a huge literary achievement. She sighed. We're among us, so you can't earn any sympathy points for that. Novella took a large gulp of wine, rolling it around on her tongue. I took a deep breath. If it's your turn, you'll do as Spin the bottle sex stories tell you.

She sipped the glass and looked deep into my eyes. Her red lips turned into a naughty smile. Novella knew too well what direction this was taking, and she was loving it. She spun, and smiled smugly when the neck pointed clearly in my direction. I leaned back in my chair and played absently with my locks. I'd of course would love nothing more than to earn my money just with my writing, but that's still a long way to go. I mean, I've been doing this professionally for about a year now.

That's a time frame in which no job offers great strides. Of course, I've been writing for much longer, but writing and publishing are two different things altogether. So, I'm pleased. I looked at her smiling while she looked back expectantly. She deserved a more in-depth answer after all.

Meaning: Every week a piece of horrible advice for talentless authors — that was pretty easy, because I had them written already, and set it up so every Friday one of them got posted automatically. Also, a new title every Sunday.

That worked too, even better than expected. In late February it was even two stories per week, one in English and one in German, after I started translating all of my work. She nodded and seemed at least halfway happy with the answer. I grabbed the bottle and spun it with verve, until it pointed at me again. That was still missing, after all. I shrugged. From then on out, the sales only increased a little bit, because it increased the reach, and made me a little more independent of Amazon. By now, about a third to half of my sales are outside of Amazon.

Sales have increased overall, though there was a summer slump which recovered towards the end of the year again. I didn't make any major strides, but some small progress.

Spin the bottle sex stories

I nodded. For a test, I've written a few incest stories, which weren't all that successful, and didn't give me as much either.

Spin the bottle sex stories

So I'll probably stick to things that turn me on myself. I spun again and this time managed to get the bottle neck to point a little bit more to her than to me. Novella grinned. I pursed my lips. I only write few things that don't turn me on, after all.

But I thought the 'Younger Mistress, Older Slave'-Series was the hottest, which has been well received by the readers, too. That Mely has a few wicked ideas in her repertoire. Cloister Black was pretty hot as well, because I could just throw away all inhibitions with that. Archer's Lane and the other romances, or half-romances, that I started, like 'her eyes have eyes' and 'Ultraviolet' were exciting on an entirely different level, though. They were emotionally very, very satisfying, and I never felt something like I did at the end of Archer's Lane, for example.

I definitely want more of that. She nodded. Smiling, she put a finger on her lips and took off her shoes, putting her naked feet onto the table and wiggling her toes. I nodded and she spun, which brought me in play again. She grinned. Audiobooks, illustrations, games, and so on. I put up my feet as well and sighed, kicking off my shoes to play with my toes against hers.

We didn't get to the audiobooks, there just wasn't enough Spin the bottle sex stories. The illustrations — they're actually pretty cool. I've had a few done, which I really liked overall, some more, some less, but it's generally a cool addition. I just got into trouble when I published those along with the stories. Then it got labelled as 'pornography' and I had to cross my heart and promise that I'll never never ever again do anything so uncouth as this ever again, since it's obviously okay to write fuck stories, but not okay any more to have those same stories illustrated.

The world is a strange place. They were pretty pissed. In the end, I've found a replacement for everything and can continue as before, just without pictures. So everything still needs to happen in your imagination. I've sent them out to my fans on the newsletter and such, but they'll remain hidden from most of the readers. I'm still working with a few illustrators off and on, just for the fun of it. Maybe there'll be a better solution. Otherwise, the adventure books and stuff like that, I've been working on those, but don't have a result that I can show off yet. They simply need incredibly more work than a normal story, and are easily four to five times as long, and complicated to write.

As usual, I've got a lot of ideas, but none of them ready.

Spin the bottle sex stories

I spun and came up again. Novella clapped her hands. I smiled. I puffed. She shrugged and took another drink of wine. So you might be right. But I don't have anything even remotely similar to tell about me. It's a thing on Reddit, and pretty fun to participate and read the AMA's of other people. Anyway, I did one in German at the beginning of the year, and an English one in August, when I had been self-publishing for a year. They were quite interesting, especially for me to see what the people are interested in — and where the differences between German- and English-speaking groups were.

I pursed my lips, but then nodded. Well, it seemed to me as if the Germans were more interested in the writing aspect, and the Anglo-Saxons more in the business aspect. That's not exclusive, in both AMA's were questions about both points, but more in Spin the bottle sex stories one, and less in the other.

Otherwise, the people seemed to be a bit too interested in technical things, like which tools I'm using, and less in the skill of writing itself. But the tools are just as good as the ones using them, aren't they? She nodded, and for a moment I felt really smart to make a point about that, until I decided that the point was more of a truism after all. I shrugged and spun the bottle again, which pointed almost perfectly between Novella's breasts when it came to a halt. The dark-haired librarian smiled seductively and got up coyly, swung her wide hips a little while pulling up her dress slowly, inch by inch, up.

Spin the bottle sex stories

At first, her white, soft thighs began to show, soon followed by the curly black triangle on her crotch, which captured my attention. When I tore my eyes from her pussy again, she had already pulled the dress all the way up over her long, heavy breasts and just slipped it over her head, before throwing it aside, putting her hands on her hips and looking provocatively at me while standing there naked. I licked my lips with satisfaction and nodded aprovingly.

She smiled reluctantly. I sighed deeply and thought about this for a long time. This was something I hadn't contemplated. I don't usually read my own stories again after I have published them, except maybe when I'm translating them or want to write a sequel.

Otherwise, they play out in my memory, which doesn't have much to do with reality. For example, the Martina series and the fisting collection are still being widely read, even though they've been published for more than a year. So I'm wondering if those older stories have something the new ones lack.

But when I take a look at them, my writing back then seems to be much less refined and raw than it is today. She nodded and ran her fingers through her hair, while I looked at her adoringly. She was very beautiful, all naked and natural, and somehow content with it.

Spin the bottle sex stories

In the past, you used to mix up the tenses, for example. You only get to the grammar and writing when you've already got the book on your shelf, so to say. Before that, a lot of other decisions have to happen, which may make a title more or less popular.

The covers, for example. Or the title. With a collection about fisting, you get exactly what it says on the cover. Or with a book about 'my lesbian slave', that'll be about lesbian bdsm stuff. With series like Archer's Lane, on the other hand, you don't know right away what's in it. Or, dunno — No Man's Island, that's another one of those. That might explain why 'Younger Mistress, Older Slave' is doing so well, that series has a clear message as well.

And some of the series did well right away, Spin the bottle sex stories, like 'Sucking Honey', which I only started recently on a whim. So, what do I know? Everything else is daft. I spun the bottle decisively to not dwell too much on my helplessness, but bad luck: I came up once more.

Novella leaned across the table and looked deep into my eyes, while her breasts sat on the table top. So: How's that working for you? I looked back into her eyes and noticed myself getting hot. Sitting on a table with Novella, who was always willingly at my service, woke the most exciting ideas in me, and her being naked didn't make it any better. But it had now become more than an interview and turned into a game about power and control, and I wouldn't let myself get taken over that easily. I leaned back relaxed and took a deep breath, spreading my legs almost accidentally and running a finger across my crotch.

Spin the bottle sex stories

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