Spanked husbands stories

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Why do I need or want this? I'm really not sure Could it be that? Of course they do, but it is not always as clear as "if this, then that For example, I know that if I eat less, I will lose weight, look better, be healthier, and live longer. But because these are all long term effects, it can be very hard to stay on a diet since I don't see immediate. But for me to achieve my long term goals, I need short-term consequences to effect long-term change. It can be a relief to have all decisions out of my hands, even if only for a time. It could be any, all, or none of these reasons.

Spanked husbands stories

I'm not sure, but it doesn't really matter, because I do know that I crave "real" discipline, punishment, and control, that which most people would rather avoid. This need for control and discipline is a perpetual enigma which forever lives in the never-never land between fantasy and reality. My fantasy and reality are far apart and in direct conflict:. In reality, I rebel against any boundaries. In reality, I try to avoid negative consequences. In reality, I fear punishment.

Spanked husbands stories

In reality, I love to be in control. In reality, I am strong and powerful. I am incredibly fortunate because I have someone who loves me enough to understand and fulfill my unusual needs and desires. It is complicated by the fact that my fantasy needs it to be "real," but at the same time, we have a great relationship and equal partnership, so our reality needs it to be Spanked husbands stories. We are loving, we are in love, and everything we do is inspired by love. Even the very firmness, strictness, harshness and at times almost meanness that she unleashes as part of this fantasy ultimately flow from our love for each other.

It is very ironic that this fantasy which is based on power and control both of which have absolutely no place in love makes us ever closer to each other and more in love. So here I am waiting, remembering the last time and anticipating the next, not knowing when it will be; It could be tomorrow, next week, or next month. I crave it because the whole experience is unbelievably exciting, and not knowing when it will next happen only adds to the excitement.

As more time passes from the last punishment, the desire grows and I want it to happen again. But in order for it to have meaning, it has to be for real infractions and she has to have emotions to vent. Because I love her and only want to make her happy, I will never try to hurt her feelings, so infractions are not intentional, but rather things that I do without thinking or that result from my bad habits.

Also, because she is kind and understanding, she might not choose to punish me even when I deserve it. However, living together inevitably ensures that infractions will happen from time to time, and at least at some of these times, she will be in the mood Spanked husbands stories use my fantasy to make her feelings clear. When she decides to punish me, I am immediately overcome by powerful emotions as my fantasy collides with the reality of my impending punishment. My heart races and I feel a surge of adrenaline bordering on fear. I may think it is unfair or undeserved and try to defend my actions or plead my innocence, but ultimately, it was me who asked for this, who gave her this authority, and who said that her word is final, so I give in to the inevitable.

As soon as the punishment actually starts, everything becomes very real very quickly, and the fantasy is forgotten for a time, totally replaced by reality. I am initially surprised by how it is more painful than I remembered from before, since I tend to forget the pain and remember only the experience kind of like having a baby. At first, I try to fight the punishment and just endure until the end.

I am more focused on being strong than thinking about why I am being punished. As the punishment continues, I start to feel like I can't take any more, and that it will never end. But of course it doesn't end yet, since at that point true punishment is just beginning. The pain, embarrassment, guilt and emotion keep building as the punishment progresses and they overpower all my defenses one by one, until in the end I surrender to and even embrace the punishment, knowing that I deserve it and need it.

At that point, I relax and just absorb the lesson being taught. Finally the punishment can end.

Spanked husbands stories

However real the punishment might have been, as soon as it is over, the conflict between reality and fantasy begins once again. Over the following days, the punishment with all of the feelings of fear, excitement, pain, and embarrassment is ever-present in my mind. As I sit down, or perhaps as I walk, I feel the effects of the punishment.

The times I am not consciously aware of it, I am unconsciously replaying the punishment, what was said, what Spanked husbands stories to change, etc. But as I remember what happened, I am seeing the reality of what happened through the lens of fantasy. Yes it was painful, embarrassing, etc. Again, THIS is why it works at least for me. As we walk over this bridge between fantasy and reality, it all at once fulfills my strongest fantasies, changes me, and strengthens our love. I hear and understand much better than if she just used verbal communication.

Spanked husbands stories

Because of the sudden harshness and seriousness, and because it plays to my deepest fantasy, the issue is given maximum attention, but in a positive way, rather than negative. Rather than just try to evade the issue and make it go away, I actually listen. Since relationships are entirely dependent on communication, this is incredibly powerful and makes our relationship bulletproof.

Over the days that follow, the whole scene and all the emotions of it is on constant replay through my mind, and I see the situation more clearly from her viewpoint. As my mindset changes, it changes my behavior. In life, I am strong and always stand up for her, provide for her, and protect her. But for a time, I am completely vulnerable to Spanked husbands stories.

This vulnerability enables intimacy which creates a bond that others will never feel. Sure, if she was just cold and distant, it would make a point, but I would be angry with her and would feel defensive and might pull away. Instead, she has made my fantasy reality, exactly at the time she might not feel much like doing me favors. Because she is using my own fantasy to communicate her own feelings, I fully hear what she says, I see things from a different perspective, I feel closer to her than ever, and it makes me want to meet her every need because of our deep love for each other.

Spanked husbands stories

This strengthens our relationship and empowers me to make changes that allow our lives to be better, happier, and less stressful as I become who I want to be and we achieve our dreams. My wife and I have been married 37 years and during that time we have changed from me spanking just her playfully, to her spanking me more often nowadays. But I still remember as if it was yesterday when our playfull spankings turned into the bottom-burner of all time as far as I was concerned.

I was over her lap getting my bottom nicely slapped to a pink hue, when I asked her if she wouldn't mind being a bit firmer with me and use her wooden hairbrush until I asked her to stop as I fancied a good sound spanking for a change. She said ok but she wasn't happy with it as she didn't want to hurt me. I said for her to let me up and I would Spanked husbands stories us some refreshment whilst she went online to a site called Disciplinary Wives Club that I had found a few weeks earlier and read some of the acounts there.

To cut a long story short, she spent 2 hours on it and my backside was well back in it's white state. Well I still don't like the idea but if that's what you want to try out then let's do it. So she's now sitting on the chair with the hairbrush in front of her on the table. She calls me over and pats her lap, over I go and she starts in by handspanking me all the time chiding me for talking her into doing this and also not telling her sooner in our married life so she would have had time to adjust.

All the time she kept up the spanking and the slaps were getting a bit harder and faster, until about a spanks she stops. From now on when I have you in position and firmly held, your spanking will be done with the hairbrush for a very very long while and as you requested Spanked husbands stories will also be hard, in fact I am not stopping until your bottom is bruised and you have been reduced to a snottynosed sniviling bad little boy that you THINK you want.

With that she leg and arm-locked me in postion and set about with gusto tanning my bottom with that brush and telling me all the reasons she could think of in agreement with me and a few of her own why I needed this spanking. Well it went on and on and on, and i started crying begging howling still she spanked faster and harder, and after about with that brush I was well reduced to the stage she wanted me.

She's never gone that far since, although I have had some that have left me bawling, but she did say some weeks later that for some reason she felt empowered by something she could,n understand to give me just what I asked for. It was causing friction in our relationship, which made life unpleasant for both of us.

And I think therein lies the difference. That's not to say they're all like Spanked husbands stories, but that's what I see as the difference between that world and what we do. And like I said there's obviously a slight bleeding over from one to the other where those sorts of things are incorporated into DD, but the overall goals remain different. My wife was fed up with my attitude, my procrastinating on projects both at work and at home that cut into personal time, and just some immature behaviors. Nothing seemed to be working, and I felt horrible that I was making her mad and disappointed.

Just talking about things wasn't having any effect and before we knew it I was slipping again. Things took a turn when I stumbled on and suggested starting a DD regimen, which she liked and embraced.

Spanked husbands stories

We've incorporated different kinds of punishments now as many seem to do in addition to spanking. There's a level of humiliation to it of course I would argue there always is if you're going across your wife's lap, which I'm sure you'd agree withbut the femdom elements there aren't because I get off on it. Her overall goal is improvement of things that I do. I'm not begging for a spanking every night. When I started slipping on a few things we added a denial of pleasure for me, which I hate, but if you've ever been teased for an hour only to not be allowed to climax, you adjust your behavior pretty quickly, lol.

And its worked for us. There's less fighting, she's happier with my behavior, and I'm happier that things that I do don't annoy the hell out of her anymore. This obviously cannot work for everyone, but it's been Spanked husbands stories for us and has been mutually beneficial, as I hope it has been for your relationship and others. The gal I married was raised by her Mom, her dad long gone and her mom ran a tight ship. I knew she spanked, was told that dating her daughter had rules and best obey them or two choices, stop seeing her or submit to house rules.

Well it was not the Mom but the daughter, and on particular date I got to carried away and Spanked husbands stories decided to give me a spanking, thankful she was not good at it and I just faked it. A week or so later I broke one of her Mom's rules and sure enough she did not bulge in her rules.

I soon was standing before her, her daughter present and watching. The scolding was bad enough, but when she pulled my pants down I looked straight ahead. I went over her lap quickly and then to my shock she pulled my underpants down and off. This is how a spanking is given young man and sure enough I received a spanking like no others. She then told me her daughter had informed her of the spanking she gave, well I was soon pleading and promising to be good.

She pulled me to my feet and I was more concern about rubbing the pain from my bottom than being exposed. We will be back shortly she said to her daughter and with a firm grip on my arm I was taken to the bedroom.

Spanked husbands stories

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