Slime girl x male reader

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I had a lovely anon requesting a re-write of my slime boy x female reader nsfw story with a male reader instead. I hope you like it. You dumped your bag in the hallway and grunted, knuckling the small of your back. The house was quiet, which was odd, because Chalce was normally there to greet you when you came back from work. In fact it had been his pearlescent colouring, like a geode of white chalcedony, that had given him his name.

A series of whines ending in a gasp told you all you needed to know. Pushing your bedroom door open, you saw Chalce lying on top of the sheets, writhing, with his body slowly melting. He was trying his hardest to keep the dildo in place in his ass, but his fingers kept melting and reforming, making it impossible to keep it in one place. He reached for you then with his free hand, but it trembled and fell back down to the bed as a shapeless mass before he could touch your chest. The moment he saw your cock, half-hard already, his body began to rise up towards you.

You knelt with your knees on either side of his body and felt his coolness reaching up your thighs.

Slime girl x male reader

He may not have been able to hold a cohesive form for long, but he could still move himself a bit. You ran your hands across his belly as it quivered and shook. You applied a little more pressure, and your fingers sank into the cool surface of his strange body.

Slime girl x male reader

He groaned, and you loved the way he moved beneath you, with you, around you. He loved it too; loved it when you moved him around like that, picked the melting parts up and drew them back into his body. You rolled your hips, your cock running smoothly over his body, feeling it shift beneath you and shape itself to you as you moved over him. He reached his hand up for your neck, his fingers barely discernible.

He began to pant, his mouth opening and then filling with his own body as it caved in on himself. You liked the way he sounded when it was hard for him. You knew he was in no danger, but he gave a rippling shiver and forced his body back under control for another few seconds. This time, his body rose up a little and your cock pressed into him, smearing the bead of pre-come at your tip against him and adding to the slick feeling that you loved so much. It was a soft, teasing sound, half lost as his form slipped.

Just hold it together long enough to fill me up, alright? His slime only ever stuck to himself, never to the sheets or to you, and as it crawled up your inner thighs you felt yourself tighten in response. He was already curving around your balls, caressing them, moulding himself around them, and then he began to slip himself inside you. Just toying with your entrance, he played with you, pushing against the ring of tight muscle at first, and then nudging his way inside. He began to fill you and then retreat, gently to begin with, and then as your cock hardened and continued to bead with pre-come, he brought more of his body up to wrap around your cock properly as well.

You fell forwards onto your shaking forearms, your weight sinking into his body a Slime girl x male reader way. He was Slime girl x male reader of slime, but he was still solid enough that you could lie on him. His core was warm, but his extremities were cool, and the difference was enough to make you gasp. You moved your cock in and out of him, loving the way he gripped you, fluttering against you. Concentrating everything on that one area meant that the rest of him was beginning to sag, disappearing and taking on the shape of the folds of sheets beneath him.

You reached your hand out and pressed your fingers into one long branch of his body that you assumed was his arm and hand when he was fully coalesced. The feel of him between your fingers like this was so intensely erotic for both of you that you could feel his own cock forming properly now, the solid tip rubbing against that ring of muscle, hard and slippery as he began to slicken.

He was close. You reached one hand down behind you for the toy, and brought it as best you could beneath you and pressed it into his body. As the vibrations hit his gelatinous body, you felt them in your own cock. They rippled through his whole body and he cried out, a choked, bubbling noise now that he could barely hold himself together at all. He clenched and spasmed around your cock, the heat of his core just touching the head of your cock, and then you felt him slip inside you once more.

You groaned with pleasure as he slowly — torturously — began to slide fully inside you. He was concentrating so hard, the rest of him melting into almost formless, shimmering pearlescence, but that cock was hard and slippery, and he filled you as much as you could take. You could tell he was half a heartbeat away from emptying himself inside you.

You sped up your rhythm, hoping to come with him, and as he caressed your balls with his cool body, he hit that spot deep inside you that made you see sparks. The toy was still sending shimmering vibrations throughout his whole body. White heat ripped through your body and your hips snapped against his soft body one more time as you came hard, filling him with your come. You opened your eyes just in time to watch your own cock emptying inside him, just visible through his incredible body.

The sight of it was like nothing else as he wrung every drop from you.

Slime girl x male reader

At the same time, Chalce gave one last trembling push and spilled himself inside you. His come was thick and hot, his cock throbbing deep inside you, only adding to your own waves of pleasure. It was almost too much. Over and over, Chalce pulsed and shook in a series of rhythmic waves, his cock nudging repeatedly at the bundle of nerves inside you, until he began to slow.

Gently he slipped from you a while later, a great gush of his come following soon afterwards, and you rolled onto the bed beside him. He just lay there, twitching sporadically, his body pressed up against yours. He rose like a slowly cresting wave, and enveloped your right leg — it was the closest he could manage to a hug in his present state.

Slime girl x male reader

You were a bit stunned yourself still, but you smiled and turned your head to kiss the part of his body that was closest. Masterlist can be found here. You toed your shoes off, and went still as you heard a rumbling moan from upstairs. He looked up at you, his eyes the same colour as the rest of him, and moaned desperately. His body heaved and you heard the toy buzz a little louder as it fell away to the bed. He shook his head and whined. He nodded and smiled before that too disappeared into the rest of his body. You rocked back onto him even more.

Slime girl x male reader Slime girl x male reader

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