Sex stories arena

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Dirk entered the arena staging ground with those familiar butterflies fluttering in his stomach.

Sex stories arena

One more time, one more battle in here, one more man dying at his feet, and he would win his freedom. Win or lose, this would be his final day of slavery, and he could return to the North, to his uncle who had sold him at 16 into bondage here in the corrupt Empire. He would find Leif again, his best friend, first though. If he still lived under the could his uncle would have placed on him, the friend of a traitor to the chief Sex stories arena his tribe. The Empire hadn't just tossed him into the arena to live or die, but he had received a years' training that had strengthened his already big muscles into a fighter's body that bore few scars.

The northern sword and shield were, as always, his favorite fighting tools. He would have to wonder about his opponent, unless Vitus was talkative. Vitus looked over at him and grinned. Plenty of men have died at your feet. Why should you care who the poor fool is? It was after 6 PM, and they had sneaked in to steal their furtive moments of pleasure. When they were done, they would sneak out, act like their straight friends and stay hard until they were able to do it again.

Sex stories arena

The only light was from the sunset outside that entered from the high windows Sex stories arena. He ed up for the class, but only on the condition that I was there to make sure everything was OK. Since I needed a dive partner, I agreed. The first night of class was the usual theory and explanations of how to use the diving gear.

The only thing that kept me awake as well as holding my attention was the instructor. There should be a law preventing a blond hunk teaching this sort of class. The wrestling team had been state champions for the past four years, and because I didn't know anyone, I ed the team as soon as I got to the school.

As I found out, it would be an experience that would change my life. And tonight it was my turn to have "anything" done for me. He had paid once for the use of Dirk's body, to hold that blond god in his arms, to press his manhood into Dirk's ass and there spread his seed.

Dirk had been a boring lay, though, Vitus sighed, lying there as though he would not enjoy, just endure. Even Vitus' lips on Dirk's cock hadn't brought the slightest hardening.

Sex stories arena

Vitus would not pay the price again for a gladiator slave, but did not regret it, and felt a fondness for this slave that he had once held. I don't know his name, but he's a fighter from the provincial arenas. He's one of your countrymen, about your age and height, and will fight with the same weapons as yourself. He, too, will earn his freedom if he wins this day. Dirk nodded. He planned to kill a chief, if a countryman must die to permit this, it was a small price. Dirk thought it over, shrugged.

Sex stories arena

Vitus deserved something for his information. Warning of an opponent was of great help, and a slave had nothing but his body to offer. He leaned over Sex stories arena down to the man about to pull the ropes to open the barrier, and gave Vitus a kiss, not quickly, but almost intimately.

Dirk grinned. One way or the other. I am in a better mood than when I'm whipped to a bed and told to perform. Good luck, barbarian. As Dirk walked out into the arena, he reflected at how Vitus had, despite five years' acquaintance, never bothered to learn his name. He could see his countryman pacing towards him, wearing, like him, merely a brief loincloth. How the crowds of this corrupt country loved to see a man's body, how they loved to hold men like himself.

Sex and violence were mixed together in their minds. He got closer, and frowned. The man was indeed a countryman, and one of his tribe. His tattoo on one cheek bore witness to that. In the color of the man's shoulder- length hair, dirty-blond, in the eyes and face, there was something of Leif as he'd last seen him.

Dear, gentle Leif They nearly ran to embrace each other, but the crowd's roar reminded them. They fell into circling each other warily. Leif cast his down as well.

Sex stories arena

Dirk laughed as Leif's body bore him down. Leif always jumped into battle like this when they wrestled, and always it was his downfall. Dirk had a greater strength in his arms than Leif, which is all it took to catch the body as it plummeted onto him, lift him partially up, and cast him aside onto the ground, following with his own body. They clutched with a fierceness born of many fights. If the crowd enjoyed their change of battle, then perhaps it would please them enough to set them free.

And Leif was atop him, their loincloths dangling from their side, twisted partially around on them, covering nothing. Dirk felt Leif's cock press against his buttocks. The Emperor seemed to enjoy this, they realized. He was laughing and shouting Sex stories arena them. Stick it in him. Dirk felt Leif's cock harden against him, and Leif moved oh-so-slightly to try to maneuver it into his bowels. But that meant that Leif no longer had him pinned. Dirk heaved and Leif went tumbling to the side. They scrambled to their feet, circled again.

Dirk yanked his loincloth off, to stand nude before Leif. Leif mimicked him, and two naked men were circling in the arena.

Sex stories arena

But laughter meant a lowering of guard, a relaxation of the muscles. And Dirk charged into him before he could recover his concentration. Over onto Leif's back, they both fell to the ground, Dirk pounced to get astride his friend, felt Leif's erection stab his buttocks. Trying to get leverage, he thrashed with his legs, but only scooted Dirk forward onto him, and Dirk was now astride Leif's chest. Dirk reached for Leif's arms, caught them one at a time by the wrists, pinned him back.

Sex stories arena

He scooted back, thrust Sex stories arena, and his cock was now perched at Leif's lips. But in saying "bite", he opened his mouth too far. Dirk thrust forward, and his cock scraped Leif's teeth, but made it into the warm mouth. Dirk pushed until his entire seven-inch length was nestled inside his friend's mouth, choking him, making him unable to bite. Be my woman, and I shall pay you once we have our freedom.

Leif seemed to realize the truth of this, and relaxed his struggle. Dirk kept his hands pinned unless his friend should change his mind, but used his leg muscles to push his cock in and out of his pinioned friend. Leif gagged, slurped on Dirk's cock with an experience that startled Dirk. In his culture, sex between men was punishable by death. When would Leif? But he remembered Vitus and his gold pieces that bought his body that night.

Sex stories arena

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