Seducing my mom story

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It all started with me looking at her sexy panties in her underwear drawer of her dresser. As I gazed upon the sheer lace material of her panties, I became very aroused. I started masturbating into her panties, stroking my hard cock for several minutes until I would cum into the soft cotton crotches. At first I unloaded small amounts of cum but as I grew up, my ejaculations grew too. I was rewarded several times as I found them and brought them to my nose.

My lust for my mother continued to grow. Some may think it was weird but I occasionally tried on her panties, feeling the soft sexy material against my hard throbbing shaft sent me quickly over the edge. I would cum so hard as my excitement was so intense, knowing that my cock was touching something that also was touching her pussy, knowing I was doing something so wrong, so taboo, so incestuous. When I was twelve, my father was killed by a drunk driver in a car crash. Mom loved dad so much that she was crushed. She never dates as she says she could never have a love as good as she did with Seducing my mom story father.

She would joke that I was the only man in her life now. Little did she know, that was my plan exactly as I desired to have her all for myself. One day I was looking through her sexy underwear drawer again and I found a long pink seven inch vibrator stuffed way in the back. I turned it on and caressed my cock with it while I wore a pair of her sexy underwear.

It took only seconds as I soon blew one of the most intense lo of my young teenage life. I was seventeen when I found her vibrator. I then realized that my mother needed to pleasure herself like any other woman. At that time, I decided I wanted to actually make love to my mother. No more just fantasizing about her and masturbating into her panties.

My desires had become so strong that I needed to feel my throbbing cock inside the warmth of her wet pussy. I was going to seduce her if it took years to get her to make love to me. My mind was tormented as I came up with plan after plan on ways to make love to my mother. Or maybe I should walk in on her while changing or in the shower with my hard cock in hand. God, all too direct. What if she turned me away? No, I had to seduce her to the point where she had to have me, get her so sexually aroused she would make love to her own son, yes so aroused she would even commit incest. Let me describe my sexy Italian mother to you.

Her name is Denise and she is 39 years old, stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around pounds. Her hair is jet black, shoulder length and wavy. Her eyes Seducing my mom story very dark as well as her dark olive skin. She tans very easy so she always has a dark complexion, especially in the summer months. Her skin is very smooth and she works out nearly every day so her body is as tight as any twenty year old.

Seducing my mom story

Mom has this plain but very sexy look, kind of like Sandra Bullock. I may have a biased opinion, but I find her the sexiest woman on earth.

Seducing my mom story

I love watching her sexy butt as she walks in front of me. Her butt gives me a raging hard-on in seconds. Next to her sexy ass, her breasts run a very close second place for her sexiest attributes. Her breasts look very large in comparison to her relatively small petite frame, very full and naturally rounded. Our house is an older house with large keyholes in all the doors. You can get down on your knees and look right into the bathroom or her bedroom. I masturbated several times while watching mom taking a shower or getting undressed for bed. One time I was peeping through her bedroom door keyhole while she was undressing.

As I watched her Seducing my mom story her jeans down her sexy legs, exposing her perfect tight butt wrapped inside a pair of white lace boy short panties. Her ass was simply exquisite, perfectly shaped white globes of butt flesh with sexy dark tan lines. She pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing a sexy matching white laced bra.

I watched intently as she walked over to her dresser drawer and pulled out her pink vibrator. My cock was huge as I stroked my cock through my shorts as she walked to her bed. Seducing my mom story sat down on her bed and I heard the vibrator turn on. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting her gorgeous breasts spill out. I gasped with excitement as her tits were so sweet. Her nipples were very dark and swollen, standing out erect, all puffy and aroused.

Quickly I pulled off my shorts, now naked from the waist down with my hard cock firmly in my right hand. As I stroked my rock solid eight inch cock, I watched my mother lay back on her bed, cup her breasts with her left hand as she began pulling at her swollen nipples. Her right hand gripped the vibrator as she began running it up and down between her legs, I assume over her panty covered pussy.

She moaned in such a sexy tone as the vibrator passed over her erect clit the first time. Arching her sexy back, I could see as she slid the pink phallus under the elastic band of her panties and down over her wet pussy lips. She ran it up and down her pussy as she whimpered softly. My view was very limited but I could only imagine what she was doing. In minutes she was moaning loudly as she lifted her hips up, pinched her hard nipple and began to shudder all over as she had a very intense orgasm. In time with her orgasm, I shot a huge load of cum into my shorts and then scurried off to my room.

After seeing that, it was time. My plan of seduction was to begin the very next day.

Seducing my mom story

I knew mom needed a real cock, a hard young thick cock to fill her insides. My first plan was to let her know how hot and sexy she was, to make her feel so sexy and good about herself.

Seducing my mom story

I started the next morning as mom was making breakfast. It was summer so she was wearing a pair of tight fitting white shorts and a sexy yellow tank top. I thought you tried a new shampoo or something. I like it though, you look very sexy. She just smiled and continued making my pancakes. She was beaming afterwards though as my compliments definitely made her feel good. We ate together and made small talk but my plan was working as she was so sweet to me. After giving her sexy compliments all day, night finally arrived, time for plan B to start.

Mom was downstairs watching TV so I decided to give her a little show. I would continue with the sexy compliments but add a new twist, exposing some of my skin to her. Now I guess I should describe myself, I stand about six feet tall, athletically built, dark hair, dark tan with steel blue eyes. I just chose to save myself for my mother. Tonight was a very warm night so I put on a pair of my worn out black gym shorts with the sides tore up about an inch from the waist band with no underwear.

Almost like a pair of shorts Tarzan would wear. I was naked except for these short shorts which exposed my tanned chest muscles and tight abs. I was so excited that my cock was semi-hard as I walked down the steps toward the living room. Mom was sitting there wearing a loose t-shirt and her sexy little night shorts which revealed most of her sexy tanned legs. I could tell she was not wearing a bra as I passed by her as her nipples were pressing out slightly. I sat down on the couch Seducing my mom story to mom who was sitting in the recliner.

Mom looked at my attire and I could see she was checking me out, trying hard not to get caught doing so. I sat on the couch with my legs up facing mom. With my legs up on the couch facing mom and as the sexy scene got hotter, my cock slowly started to come into view. Soon a good three inches of my thick shaft was sticking out the side of my shorts.

She was starting to get aroused as I noticed she was having trouble sitting still. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her right hand softly caressing her pussy. She was moving her fingers so slowly and so little that I could barely tell what she was doing. Her nipples gave her away though as they became very swollen and erect, pushing out hard against the thin fabric of her t-shirt. I asked without looking at her. My huge purple cock head was throbbing just for her view.

Pre-cum oozed from my Seducing my mom story as mom rubbed her pussy harder and a little more noticeably. My face was looking towards the TV but I was watching mom out of the corner of my eye. Suddenly she stood up and excused herself. See yah in the morning Davey. I knew she was very aroused and got a good view of my hard cock.

Seducing my mom story

It was probably the first real hard cock she had seen in years. Yes, she was quite flustered as she scurried up the stairs. I dropped to my knees and moved to the keyhole, my eyes adjusting to the light inside as I gazed upon my mom. She was thrashing her pussy madly as she lay on her bed. Yes, plan B was working perfectly. Tomorrow, plan C was to begin.

Seducing my mom story

I was saving up everything for mom. My thoughts went back to the sight from the night before, mom fingering her pussy vigorously after she got a good view of my cock. As I walked down the stairs, I heard mom in the kitchen. Mom was wearing only a white tank top and a pair of sexy blue short shorts that clung tightly to her gorgeous sexy ass. My cock was stone hard as I gazed upon her beauty.

Seducing my mom story

She was washing the dishes as I moved in behind her. My cock was rock solid inside my shorts as I approached her. Plan C was about to begin. As I did this, I softly pressed my swollen cock into her soft ass as I reached over her, opened the cupboard and got a glass out for some orange juice. Mom felt my hard cock and pressed her ass back into me ever so slightly. It was so fucking hot and arousing for both of us. There was a definite sexual charge in the air that morning.

Seducing my mom story

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