Sea mountain resort stories

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It is not Sea mountain resort stories Desert Hot Springs? It is certainly not what I want to see as our future. Sea mountain resort stories emphasis should remain on building upon our world-renown traditional hot mineral water spas. Allow is to clear up some real misconceptions and Sea Mountain Hotel. At no time does our hotel legally d as a nude resort call itself a sex spa. The Hotel is a Nude Hotel and spa resort. The clientele are from all walks of life, class and income and does have guests with alternative lifestyles.

A great many of our guests are from the Lesbian community and they were quite taken by the assault, and we have many letters from around the world of support. The awarded Sea Mountain Inn is first and foremost a hotel. We have never used the term sex spa or sex club. The hotel is for members only -it is for couples and not for the public in any way as it is also a private association and club.

The Sea Mountain Inn does market to alternative lifestyles and is the only lesbian friendly and lifestyles hotel. The KESQ news report made several inaccurate suggestions. The Sea Mountain Inn is a lifestyles friendly hotel for couples and females over the age of The Sea Mountain Hotel is not unlike other gay hotels which operate and do not tolerate discrimination. The property of the Sea Mountain Hotel has been there for 30 years ,which is before 90 percent of the homes were built in the area and the prior use was a lifestyles nude hotel.

The Sea Mountain Hotel has an intense concern for our neighborhood and city. In fact the owners have bought a home on Palm Drive. And we can show many couples from around the world have bought homes in this city to be close to their favorite resort. The hotel is not open to the general public at any time.

There are dance poles in most Las Vegas clubs and casinos and there are pole dance lessons throughout the California region and our Valley. The Sea Mountain Hotel amenity basket includes condoms and lubricant, as a product placement from Trigg Labs corporation. The Sea Mountain does not sell or give away these items to spa guests and there is no area where there are buckets of these products for use by guests.

Many hotels in the USA do have these in rooms including 5 star resorts such as Shutters and Montage and 4 Seasons properties and they sell them too.

Sea mountain resort stories

The Sea Mountain Hotel does not sell any alcohol at any time and no one can pay any money extra for alcoholic beverages. There are many places on our web sites and letters to guests and membership forms which state this policy. The Sea Mountain has a lounge, it is not a bar and some may refer to it as a play area which is not unusual in any way.

The Sea Mountain has a Nude Resort with the city. And every upscale boutique hotel has lounges for laughter and social behavior. The Sea Mountain does have quieter areas that are more private in our gardens, however each of these areas are open to view from all areas of the resort and there are no private or locked areas that are not hotel rooms.

There are no private rooms or lounges that have locked doors and are not visible from other guests.

Sea mountain resort stories

The Sea Mountain Inn does not allow more than one couple in the private hotel rooms. Guests can be evicted from the property and their membership revoked for having any overnight guests in their hotel room, which is stated on our membership agreement. The report interviewed DHS residents who had no idea the hotel existed which should show that the hotel is discrete in its dealings with our residents and it was odd they would interview what may or may not be legal residents who have no idea of the hotel.

Sea mountain resort stories

There would be a massive outcry if there were such problems. We are very concerned about the city and the residents. The Sea Mountain Hotel has had no violations except for parking issues that the hotel has been seeking resolution with and those issues are to be resolved with the city in a matter of days.

The County health department has inspections that deal with pools and any health issues and come unannounced for their inspections of which SMI Hotel shows perfect compliance.

Sea mountain resort stories

The Sea Mountain has had complaint of noise always from one home in 4 years and if asked for the music to be lowered the Sea Mountain Hotel always will comply and has met with this difficult couple on many occasions to seek resolution to this issue too. SMI hotel seeks to blend with the city and does not want to be a noise problem nor make our city of Desert Hot Springs a pariah for slander. The Sea Mountain Hotel has now had 7 guests purchase homes in DHS because of the proximity to the hotel and we shown thousands of upscale individuals a positive side of Desert Hot Springs and they spend money in all areas of DHS and assist in this economy.

They shop at all the local stores and eat at the resturants in our city, and also stay at local hotels to be close to SMI when we are sold out of our rooms. The Sea Mountain hotel has a zero tolerance for any drugs on the premises or intoxicated members of our Sea mountain resort stories. All members have ed membership agreements which state many of the above issues. You may of course call for a phone interview if you have further issues.

The posts on KESQ seem to be quite in the favor of our hotel. We do hope you can see another side to one of the greatest hotels in our Coachella Valley. You must be logged in to post a comment. Published June 2, PM.

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Sea mountain resort stories Sea mountain resort stories

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