Reverse cuckold stories

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for Free! Reverse Cuckold: Part 1 "She was an unselfish wife" 41 Votes Score 4. Published 8 years ago. Hello all. I have been contemplating about writing this story for about two months. I spoke to the man it involved recently, he's a good customer at our massage parlor. He said that it was okay to write it. I am going to change his name, and his wife's name to mainly protect their identities.

This past summer, I had mentioned to one of my customers that I was working as an escort. His name was Jim, he's a very attractive man in his early thirties. He has been a VIP customer of ours for years, and has quite a bit of money. After finishing up a massage on him one day, he had asked for the of the escort service.

Reverse cuckold stories

He told me Reverse cuckold stories he may call me. As a rule, I normally don't like to fuck married men, even for money, but I gave him the anyways. About a month later, I received a call from a woman identifying herself as his wife Lynn. My first thought was that she had found out that I was giving him massages and was going Reverse cuckold stories bitch me out. Just as I was ready to hang up, she told me that she had a proposition for me. She said that she wanted to pay me to fuck her husband while she watched. She explained that it was his birthday, and that this was going to be his gift.

I thought nothing of it, figuring maybe they're swingers, so I accepted. She the told me that this was not going to be a threesome, just her husband and myself. When she gave me her address, I was shocked. To begin with, it was over an hours drive away. It was also a very affluent community, known for big houses and wealthy people.

I knew that Jim owned a couple of businesses, but never knew what type of businesses they were. I don't try to ask my clients about their personal or financial lives. When I heard his address, it dawned on me that he was doing quite well. I needed to look nice, yet sexy. I put on a short blue cotton skirt with a revealing white tank top.

I didn't wear a bra but did wear panties and a pair of black boots with heals. I won't reveal how much, but I was offered quite a bit of money to do this. Normally, I wouldn't drive this far to see a client, especially when there are girls from the agency who live in the area. The night of our date, it was raining, so my drive there was longer than normal. Fortunately, the street that they live on is right near the highway.

I pulled down this street, past one huge colonial style house after another. This is what is known as "Old Yankee Money". Most of these homes were built in early 's, some even earlier than that. When I arrived at Jim's house, I was amazed.

Reverse cuckold stories

It was a large white colonial with black shutters. There were large, white pillars at front porch, and a separate three car garage at the end of the drive. Two large chimneys were on the roof, and a small, separate barn was next to the house. The grounds were impeccably landscaped.

I walked down a long stone walkway and up on to a large porch. When I rang the bell, I heard deep, loud barking. When Jim opened the door and let me in, I was greeted by a chocolate Labrador retriever. She was beautiful, and very friendly.

Her name was Sandy and she took to me right away. My jaw dropped when I entered the living room, it was huge. It had a large fireplace and beautiful furniture. Jim asked me to sit, offered me a glass of wine, and said that Lynn would be out in a minute. I played with Sandy for a bit, when I heard a female voice from behind me.

When I turned Reverse cuckold stories, my heart fell. I saw this gorgeous young woman in a wheel chair. She had long black hair and a beautiful face. She had a deep, dark tan She was wearing just a bath robe, but I could tell that she had a body. The top was open a bit and I could see the inside curves of two large, firm tits.

She put her hand out and greeted me. She told me that she was twenty nine years old. Her and Jim were married four years ago. A few months after their wedding, they were involved in a bad automobile accident in which they were both seriously injured. Jim recovered fully but she received a spinal injury. She was paralyzed from the knees down, and has limited movement of her hips and upper legs. She does have feeling below her waist to her knees, but none below that.

I felt so bad for her as she Reverse cuckold stories me this story. She was such a beautiful young woman, and to have this happen to her made me sad. She saw the look on my face and told me not to be sad. She said that she loved life. Her and Jim traveled a lot and loved each other very much. She also told me, that they still have sex. She said that Jim picks her up and puts her on the bed. They usually do it in the missionary position.

She can open her legs and move her hips. Sometimes the do it with her laying on her stomach with her legs closed. Doggy style hurts her back, so they don't do that. She can have orgasms, especially clitoral. At first, he was afraid to fuck her hard for fear it may hurt her, she stated that it doesn't. I was surprised at how personal she was getting. Then she got into why I was there. They've done this before, with other women. She's always been voyeuristic and loves to watch. She also wants him to be able to let loose, with a woman that he can do anything with.

At first, he was against it, feeling as though he was cheating on her. She told him no, she's in same room and actually enjoys watching. We talked for another thirty minutes or so, about my kids, her life growing up.

Reverse cuckold stories

She was a princess, growing up in a rich family. Daddy's little girl who got what she ever she wanted. The accident changed her, for Reverse cuckold stories better. Now she appreciates the little things in life and learned to be unselfish. She was a very pleasant person to talk with, and very funny. During this entire conversation, I noticed that Jim wasn't around.

He was upstairs, in his office. Suddenly, she looked at me and said, "Ready? Let's go have some fun. It goes right to her bedroom. It Reverse cuckold stories amazing, it had a large king size brass bed with fluffy pillows. All of the furniture was colonial, there was a large brick fireplace in her bedroom. There were two large glass doors that opened up to an outside deck, over looking a meadow.

It was gorgeous. When we got there, she offered me payment, I felt so bad that I told her that it wasn't necessary. She insisted that I accept it. She asked me to get undressed and get comfortable, as I did, she removed her bathrobe. She sat in the wheel chair wearing just a small pair of pink panties. I was right about her body. She had an hour glass figure and large, firm tits that were almost perfectly round. I felt very self-conscious just looking at her. As I stared at her beauty, she put both of her hands under her tits and pushed them upward.

Chuckling, she replied "They better be, they cost enough. Honestly, I never would have guessed that they were fake. She told me that she got them before she was married, and it was best decision she ever made. They looked great. He came in wearing track pants and a t-shirt. I laid on the bed, Lynn was sitting next to it. She summoned him over to her wheel chair. He walked over and she pulled his pants down. Obviously, Jim and I had seen each other naked, and I had given him both hand jobs and blow jobs. His cock was large, but not huge, it was thick too. Lynn put it in her mouth and began sucking it.

She was doing it well, power sucking him. After a few moments, she grabbed it, put it between her tits and closed them around it. Lynn's nipples stood straight out too, as he tit fucked his young wife right in front of me. It was so hot to watch. I got off the bed and got on my knees in front of Jim and started stroking him. Lynn was sitting next to me, she gently grabbed my head a brought it toward her. I stroked Jim's cock as Lynn and I engaged in a passionate kiss, After a few seconds, she gently brought my head down to her chest.

Her tits were firm, her nipples felt like marbles in my mouth. I had sucked a woman's tits before, more than once, but this was so erotic.

Reverse cuckold stories

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