Ponygirl sex stories

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Ponygirl sex stories

Ponygirls 38 stories listed Collection of stories dealing with ponygirls and pony play. To Read 52 stories listed. Recommended 3 stories listed. Good Stories 14 stories listed. Humiliation 11 stories listed. Torture 3 stories listed.

Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. Will she get a pony for her birthday, or will she become one? Comment: Sandra Ottershaw Ponygirl : by A. Broword Synopsis: On a small idyllic Cornish island Sandra or Ponygirl waits patiently for the speedboat to arrive not knowing her life is to be changed for ever Comment: Bred By My Secretary : by Jackpot Synopsis: A lawyer hires a temp who has a hidden agenda.

Comment: Curiosity captured the cheerleader : by Sarah Ponygirl sex stories Synopsis: Working on a horse farm, sometimes a girl gets wrapped up in her work and becomes a ponygirl. Comment: Ponyfarm : by Aibo Synopsis: The egocentric Master push his poor slaves to the limit, and past breaking point, in his pursuit of his twisted sexual needs.

Ponygirl sex stories

At the stables, she s an increasing group, including Claire herself, who live as human equines. Her amazing speed and racing abilities are discovered, she becomes a great rading Ponygirl.

Ponygirl sex stories

They are Ponygirl sex stories girls but somehow their captors always seem to get the upper hand. This time they determined to outwit their so-called Masters. Like the story, Rabbit Island, this is a leisurely-paced tale of female bondage, punishment, fulfillment and wicked games, non-consensual but generally light and sexy in tone. The story is being posted as I write it, so any reviews and feedback good or bad are welcomed. Comment: Jen, a Pony-Girl story. Broword Synopsis: Jennifer Fforbes a executive PA and an enthusiastic amateur pony-girl is tricked into becoming a full time Pony.

Comment: A day at the races : by A. Applebaum Synopsis: A pleasant afternoon out in the country where ponies frolic, gambol and race. Along the way we learn about their drivers, their histories and what happens after the races are over. Comment: Where Ponygirls come from : by Pervfect Synopsis: The tale of a young girl named Summer, and her life growing up in a town devoted to raising the best ponygirls. More updates to come, this is my first story ever, was inspired by captv8td. Comment: Wrong Assumptions : by Nominalista Synopsis: An undercover agent investigates a secretive ponygirl riding club.

He suspects that the girls are kept there against their will and plans a police action to free them. In order to act, he needs a witness, but his stratagem does not yeld the testimony he needs. He is then forced into a surprising lifestyle change and he is made to understand that freedom and slavery have a very different meaning for ponies.

Comment: Clare : by Excalibur Synopsis: Clare agreed to a little modification, the worst decision she ever made. Comment: The Reluctant Pony : by Rilawild. Unfortunately to get the invitation she has to pretend to be interested in ing the club as a member. We follow her as she finds the shocking truth of what a ponygirl really is and discovers what it means to Ponygirl sex stories member. What will she put up with to keep her secret intact and will she know to stop before it is too late? Comment: The rise of the ponygirl transportation system in the world : by Sarah Owens Synopsis: How the gas shortage can be solved using female and male prisoners and making them into ponygirls.

They were the best of the best in the school, when it came to being proper show ponies.

Ponygirl sex stories

But not everything at Ponygirl University was as it seemed. Soon, the new freshman class would learn just what life was like at the University. Blindfolded and cuffed, she is used by a man who unties her be-ribboned pussy with his teeth, whips her, and attaches her to his appendage for the night Comment: The Pony Store : by Mabel White Synopsis: Jazzy finds herself trussed up and waiting for something to happen.

Ponygirl sex stories

How did she get in this long line of naked women! The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where technology is nearly dead and germ warfare has killed off all beasts of burden. Comment: The Pony Girl : by Alex Bragi Synopsis: The story of a young woman's journey to becoming a pony girl, and the man who tames and trains her. Comment: To Read 52 stories listed Recommended 3 stories listed Good Stories 14 stories listed Humiliation 11 stories listed Torture 3 stories listed.

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