Polyamory sex stories

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From three romantic partners and amazing sexual encounters, I explored more of my sexuality, mentality, and emotions. In this everchanging society of sexualities and titles, the world can become a very confusing place.

Polyamory sex stories

It took me years to finally accept my desire for women, but I still struggle with my attraction level for the women I find myself attracted to. I still desire intimate connections with women, but not in the same way I do with men. As long as he looks good and has a nice penis, I can be sexual with men. However, when it comes to women, physical attraction is just the tip of the iceberg.

Polyamory sex stories

A few years ago, I had my first intimate encounter with a woman during a threesome with her male partner. Because of them, I was instantly spoiled. After them, I tried and failed miserably to re-encounter a couple of their magnitude, attractiveness, and desire to please but was disappointed.

It seems that no matter how many times I say it, many men seem to think that my bisexuality is for their pleasure. It is not. I have no desire to be intimate with a bi-curious woman. I could be with a woman who is not Polyamory sex stories, but I prefer a woman that enjoys pussy as much as I do. In addition to that, I want a woman that I can vibe with outside of the bedroom.

Because sex is always better when there is a genuine connection. A woman that I can talk to and build a bond with is what I desire, not just a chick I can fuck. For much of my adult life, dating Polyamory sex stories a complicated dance routine. The act of dating was fine, but once I found myself in a relationship, I struggled for my identity. Make no mistake, I love d being with my partner sand I revel in the private moments we share.

However, the issue always came when I had to juggle we time for me time. I love being by myself. I love going for long walks while listening to a podcast. I love laying in bed, legs crossed, tossing and turning under my covers without a care in my dreams. I love sitting at home watching TV or in front of my laptop writing without any distractions. I love making last-minute decisions to go out and grab a drink or dinner. But my happiness, peace of mind, and satisfaction will always be my highest priority. I will consider the feelings of my partner sbut if they affect me in a less than desirable way, I make the best decision for myself to dismiss them.

Growing up monogamous and living my solo-poly truth is a constant juggling act to stay true to myself, but I think I make it work. I have always been temperamental when it comes to sex. Over the past year, my desire for sex has been a dysfunctional rollercoaster, in constant need of repair. With the pandemic, my career, stress about my book, my current living situation, how that impacts everything, and a future that is extremely unclear and forever changing, my sex drive has been Polyamory sex stories and out of focus. But asexuality is not a choice.

Keep in mind, being a quasi-asexual and bisexual woman with multiple partners can be a lot to juggle from time to time. I know! Hence why living and being polyamorous fits me. Being and living poly allows both my partners and me to get the best parts of each other and be fulfilled without sacrificing the relationship. Because of that, my partners have the free-ethical ability to fill their buckets of desire whenever I am not in the mood or head-space to do it, and vice versa.

One may love steak, but everyone once in a while, you want chicken. When I look back and evaluate what has made living poly so unique, one word comes to mind, change. This pandemic threw a flaming monkey wrench into my dating life and plans. I had hoped to build upon the connections I already had.

I had hoped to finish my book in the summer and promote it across the country. However, with the city shut down I live in NYC and minimal opportunities for inclement weather date-nights, dating expectations became limited and scattered.

And, since the city shut down, the organizations responsible for construction shut down as well, and my ability to move hit a brick wall. Sex-positive people never stay without sex for too long, and over the summer, I reconnected with a partner from my past when he asked me to accompany him in a swap. I had to explain to him, that was a rule I had when I was monogamous.

Polyamory sex stories

This was my first time really acknowledging that my rules when dating poly had shifted. I am spoiled. I was spoiled then, and I am still spoiled now. I want what I want. When I was dating monogamously, because my partner was the only one, the last-minute adjustments of dating a man with kids were always an issue.

Polyamory sex stories

Knowing that I had maneuvered my entire day or week to be available for him to cancel or change plans if he had to pick up his kids or whatever, I would get pissed. Being poly and having multiple partners and relationships and my relationship with myself, I never exhaust my options. Being polyamorous, having multiple partners and relationships including the one with myself now allows me to have financially fair relationships as well. Because my primary love languages are gifts and acts of service, I like and want shit!

Dates, flowers, candies, trips, and etc. I never wanted or expected so much from a partner that it put a strain on him. However, with the Polyamory sex stories realization, being poly has made space for relationships I may have otherwise turned away. Having multiple partners to date on occasion allows my date bucket to remain full, without the strain. Living poly has also allowed me to re-prioritize and consider myself a fantastic date.

Polyamory sex stories

I was forced to find happiness in being alone. But now, that happiness is genuine and very welcome. Those long hours of being alone allow me time to decompress, zone out, and refocus my energy and goals. I get up, make my way to a restaurant, read a book or listen to a podcast, and go for a nice long walk all by myself.

When I decided to start my blog, my purpose was to create a shared emotional outlet. When I began divulging my sexual exploits, I strapped on my seatbelt and got ready for the ride. When I made public my herpes status, I braced for impact. I stopped caring about what others thought, Polyamory sex stories I focused on telling my story. I told my story for myself and those who needed to hear something different, something new and inspiring. We know that the road ahead is long, and we continue to rush against the tide.

Polyamory sex stories

I take pride in what I do, and I maintain a positive outlook, even in the face of nay-sayers. However, last week, I found myself having to check a bitch! The word bitch is used as a noun to describe a person, Polyamory sex stories place, or a thing. And by my definition, these people were complete and utter bitches.

These groups exist as a safe space for both new and veterans of the lifestyle to meet and engage with like-minded individuals. The groups are regularly a sex-positive space that exists without shame. So, imagine my surprise when a group member decided to screenshot comments from a post, repost them on theirand use it to further perpetuate an already existing negative and inaccurate stigma.

For what it was worth, the group people actually attacked him for trying to shame me; kudos to them. But I wanted to know what his goal was? I took the opportunity to inform him that many people who find themselves STI positive especially when it came to herpes were anything but promiscuous. There are many ways a person can get an STI without being promiscuous.

Polyamory sex stories

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