Penis gag stories

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It asked for slim attractive females with supple bodies and an open minded attitude. Sue was only five feet Penis gag stories inch tall and weighed forty nine kilograms, so she thought that she fitted the bill as far as her body went and she was, she considered, very attractive. All in all, she was gorgeous with her short blonde hair and hourglass figure, so she picked up the phone and dialled the.

A woman answered and Sue said she wanted to apply for the advertised job. This is a modelling position and will be required to do all kinds of things that may seem unusual to you. Sue said that she was willing to do as they asked and so an appointment was set up for that afternoon at three pm. The woman told Sue that she need not Penis gag stories up for the interview, as she would be required to wear some of their clothing.

Sue agreed and it was all arranged. At the appointed time, Sue arrived wearing skin tight leggings and a slim top that was like a mini dress. She had on black ankle boots with quite high heels to give her a little more height. She thought that models were usually tall so she needed all she could get. The office looked very respectable, but Sue was shocked when she entered and saw the woman she had talked to on the phone. She was very tall, at least six feet, with long auburn hair that went down to her narrow waist, but what was surprising, was her clothes.

She wore an extremely tight dress that Penis gag stories shiny and very short. It had long sleeves that hugged her slender arms perfectly. Sue guessed it was made of rubber as it shone so much. The woman also had on a pair of extremely high heeled shoes that strapped around her ankles and the straps looked very tight. Sue wonder how she could walk in them. The woman said her name Elvira and Sue could well believe it as she looked a little like the movie star with the same name.

Sue read through the document and raised her eyebrows a few times. If she ed it, she would be giving Elvira total control of her and as the document stated, Elvira could do absolutely anything to her. Sue thought about leaving, but she needed the money and besides, what could Elvira do to her that would be all that bad? So Sue picked up the pen and ed her name to the document. Elvira picked it up, looked it over and then put it in the filing cabinet. She told Sue to stand up and when she came close, she towered over Sue. Take your boots off.

While you are at it, take off the leggings too, oh, and your panties. Sue was surprised that she was asked to remove her panties, but she had ed the paper and she had to do everything Elvira said, so she removed them along with the other things. Elvira then handed her a pair of black stockings and told her to put them on. Sue felt a little better with the stockings on, even though she was naked under her top. Then she was handed a pair of ankle boots that were unbelievable.

They had six inch platform soles and the heels must have been ten inches high. Sue sat down and put them on, doing up the laces tight as instructed, then Elvira told her to stand up. She doubted if she could, but struggled to her feet and found that she could stand in them quite easily.

Penis gag stories

Walking might be a different story though. Sue moaned as the touch drove her wild with excitement. She thrust her hips as the hand and fingers slipped inside her and began to fuck her. Sue breathed heavily, feeling frustrated and being brought so close and then to be denied her pleasure. Sue did as ordered and soon she was naked except for the ridiculously high heels and stockings.

Elvira wrapped the corset around her and fastened the metal clips at the front. Sue wondered what she meant by silenced, but she soon found out when Elvira produced a large rubber ball gag and ordered her to open her mouth wide. Sue obeyed and Elvira rammed the massive ball between her teeth and began strapping it in. Once the straps were fastened, Sue knew she could not get this ball out no matter how hard she tried, so she tried to relax. As Elvira went behind her and commenced the lacing up, Sue started to regret ing the paper, but it was too late now, she had to do whatever this Amazon wanted to do to her.

As the laces tightened, Sue started to struggle for breath as the garment tightened around her and she could feel her waist being reduced to microscopic proportions. Once Elvira had finished, she pushed Sue in front of a long mirror. Sue was amazed at her figure, Her waist was tiny and her hips flared magnificently, but her tits had never looked so good as the corset pushed them into perfect orbs.

She tried to say how great she looked, but the gag prevented any talking. In fact, the sleeves were actually one sleeve and positioned at the back of the dress. Elvira helped her step into it and as it was pulled up, Sue saw that is went all the way down to her ankles and was hugging her legs so that she Penis gag stories to keep them close together. As the dress was pulled higher, Sue was ordered to put her arms behind her back and the sleeve was pulled over them.

Elvira pulled the dress all the way up and the high neckline had a stiff leather collar built into it. Sue felt quite comfortable as she became used to the tight corset and mouth filling gag, but then Elvira began lacing up the dress. The lacing continued right up to her neck and Sue began to feel like an Egyptian mummy. Looking in the mirror, Sue thought she looked like one too, only encased in black leather instead of white bandages. Sue shrugged her shoulders, but found that she could hardly move, so tight was Penis gag stories.

She examined her situation and decide that she could put up with this for a little while, she pd while Elvira took pictures. Although why she should want pictures of Sue like this was beyond her. Elvira started at her feet and tied rope under the arches and around her feet, pulling it so tight that Sue almost fell over. Next her ankles were tied just as tight and then the roping continued up her legs until it reached the top of them. Then Elvira did exactly the same to her arms and soon the too were encased in super tight ropes.

Penis gag stories

Elvira then did her upper body and Sue was amazed how much rope was tied around her and how tight it all was. Although, it seemed that was what Elvira wanted, as she grabbed Sue and laid her on the floor. Elvira picked up a remote control and pressed a button. Sue was dragged along the floor and soon her head left the ground and she was hanging upside down. Sue writhed around, but she knew it was futile as she had been tied so well.

She had absolutely no chance of escaping her bonds. Elvira came close to her and unlocked the back strap of the ball gag. Elvira began to kiss Sue again and because the ball was so far into her mouth, their lips touched easily. Sue tried to enjoy the kiss, but the super tight bonds made it difficult. Then Elvira pushed another button on the remote and vibrations started coming from the dress in the area of her clit.

She shuddered violently as the wave washed over her. So intense was her orgasm, that she begin to feel that she could enjoy bondage after all. She grabbed a large roll of some sort of bandage and approached Sue again. The next morning came slowly and Sue was feeling very light headed from being upside down all night. All her senses had been taken away Penis gag stories her and she knew nothing except the incredible bondage she had been placed in. The first she knew of anything was when the bandages were being removed.

Penis gag stories

Eventually she could see again and then the wax was taken out of her ears and she could hear again, but the ball gag remained in place. She was lowered to the floor and Elvira picked her up and carried her through a door. She was taken out through another door into a large yard that was surrounded by a high wall.

There was a car there and Sue was put into the boot and the lid slammed shut. It seemed to Sue that they had been driving for a long time, but also she felt that had been going in circles, probably to confuse her. At last she was taken from the car and into another building. She was placed on her feet in the Penis gag stories of a large room and left alone, but not alone, around the room there were many other girls, all unbelievably bound and gagged and in very strict positions. There were s in front of each girl, explaining exactly the bondage she was in and how long she had been in this position.

It even told of the vicious gagging that each girl was suffering. Sue knew that this was the talked of collection and also knew that she was to become a part of it. Now lets get you ready for display. Sue attempted to speak, but the gag was unrelenting and she was completely silenced.

Sue was carried to a platform and stood on it. The ropes around her feet and ankles were taken off and replaced by some leather lined chrome steel cuffs. The cuffs were then attached to rings set in the platform, by short chains that Penis gag stories padlocked at each end. Now her arms were released for both ropes and leather sleeve, but she was too weak to do anything with them.

Her wrists were touching and then her elbows were pushed into other cuffs that held them together as well. More cuffs went around her forearms and all the cuffs were padlocked. Sue was grateful that the cuffs had leather linings so they would have hurt much more than they did.

It was also welded to the pole and Sue was forced back as the steel band closed around her tiny waist. Elvira did some adjustments on the belt and it tightened more and more, then she locked the mechanism with yet another strong padlock. Sue was one with the pole and she could only move her head, her body and limbs were totally immovable.

Firstly your feeding tubes and other things. Another woman came in, carrying a medical box. Then a needle was injected into her arm in a place where it was hidden from view. They told her that the tubes would take care of all her needs and the woman left.

Now Elvira stood before Sue.

Penis gag stories

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