Panty humiliation stories

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It was with considerable disappointment that I returned from the cinema, having been stood up by my husband. After all, I was eighteen and a very attractive girl, married but still living in my parents house. There were times when I hated men! When I got home, I was surprised to see the light on in my bedroom, because I knew that only my young husband was in the house.

What was he up to? I stealthily opened the front door and quietly climbed the stairs. I peeped into my room. What a sight. My hubby was standing in front of the mirror wearing one of my silk summer dresses. Now I could revenge myself against males in general and my husband in particular! He whirled round, absolutely shocked, and blushed to the roots of his hair. Wait till my father Panty humiliation stories mother hear about this.

Now he was completely in my power. I was going to enjoy this. He knew he had to obey.

Panty humiliation stories

He reached down and grasped the hem of the dress and pulled it up. Underneath, he was wearing his underpants. Shall we find a nice pair of pretty girls panties for you? I went over to my drawer and opened it. I took out several pairs of my panties and began to hold up each pair. These are rather pretty, aren't they? He almost cringed with shame. Now, let's get those horrid boy underpants off.

He walked Panty humiliation stories, holding the front of his dress up like a can-can girl. Slowly, I pulled his underpants down, exposing his prick and balls, deliberately looking at them to increase his humiliation. When he had stepped out of his underpants, I picked up my pink panties and held them against him, so that the silky nylon was in contact with his genitals.

I gently slid them against his prick. It began to stiffen. Slowly I pulled them up, talking all the time.

Panty humiliation stories

To think I'm slipping women's panties up his legs, my very own pink silky knickers. What a sissy he must be, 'cause only sissies wear girls panties. I slid them to the top of his thighs and held them there.

Panty humiliation stories

Please pull my pretty pink panties up. I slowly slipped the panties over his prick and snapped the elastic round his waist. He was wearing my knickers. The silky pink nylon clung to his semi-erect penis, which Panty humiliation stories out the front of the panties. I stood behind him and made him look in the mirror at himself. Do they feel nice? I slipped my hands around his waist and began to run my fingers over the bulging nylon.

His clitty became fully erect. I'm wearing pink knickers too. Would you like to see my knickers? If so, kneel down in front of me. He knelt down on his knees, facing me, still holding his dress up. I stood so that my crotch was about three inches from his face, my legs parted, thrusting against my skirt, looking down at my pantied partner as if he were my slave. Slowly I pulled my skirt up, right up to my waist. Any boy who wears knickers is like a girl. Only girly-boys wear girls panties. You are wearing girls panties, so what are you? Blushing scarlet, he replied, "I am wearing girls knickers.

I am a girly-boy. I want to wear your panties all the time. Make me try on all your panties. Take me to a lingerie shop and buy frilly panties for me. Make me put on tap pants like old ladies wear, or granny panties like your mother wears.

Panty humiliation stories fact, dress me in a pair of mummy's knickers tonight. I hurried through to my parents bedroom, rummaged through mothers drawer, and found a pair of her knickers. They were yellow nylon french panties, made of extra silky material. I went back to my bedroom, where my husband was standing. I advanced on him, holding Momma's panties out invitingly. Step into them.

Panty humiliation stories

He slipped his feet through the leg-holes of the panties. Panty humiliation stories, slowly, I pulled my mother's knickers up my husband legs, up over his knees, up over his thighs, up over his clitty. There was something very obscene about the sight of his prick bulging inside those panties.

I wanted to make him come in her panties. I made him lie on the bed. I straddled his head and lowered my crotch onto his mouth. He began to lick and suck me through my panties. I leaned forward and began to caress his clitty through mummy's knickers. He began to moan. Please don't! I wanted to thank you for the insight into TransGendered Persons. As a Psych student Panty humiliation stories a thesis on Gender Issues In Counseling your information helped to clarify and reify my own position with regard to gender identification psychology.

I could barely control myself in my panties while reading this pleasurable experience. My only regret is my panties were not pink even though that is my favorite color. Perhaps I will put some pink panties on and reread it. This sissy loves this s. One day she had bought some new panties and had thrown three old ones in the trash which sissy found and sissy had to try them on. OMG what a feeling, sissies little clitty was as hard as a rock and boom sissy squirted oh my it felt wonderful.

Thank You. Memories through such wonderful stories. I too love the feel of sexy soft panties. I love it when I go shopping with my SO and we pick out matching panties to wear to bed together. It is also a turn on when I wear a matching bra to bed also. I enjoy these stories… thankyou. This sissy loves panties.

Mistress pulls them up sissys legs until they touch the underside of sissys clitty. I walked in, leant against the wall and said mockingly, "My, don't we look pretty today. I'll do anything, but please don't tell. Answer me! Looking totally embarrassed, he obeyed. Now he was completely mine.

The End. Todd I wanted to thank you for the insight into TransGendered Persons. Notify of.

Panty humiliation stories

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Panty humiliation stories

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