One piece sex stories

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Will you clean up the kitchen tonight? The Doctor shrivelled his nose up.

One piece sex stories

It was the new thing. Each of the crew would take it in turns cleaning up the kitchen. He glared around the room before sighing, breaking into love-mode. Deep in conversation with Nami. Robin looked up at the cook and he cringed before she stood up.

One piece sex stories

Robin gave him her sexiest smile as she entered the surgery, she straddled him and ground seductively against him. She could feel him responding beneath her and he leaned up to kiss her, but Robin pulled back. Chopper obediently got up and went to the kitchen. Robin followed, watching him while he worked. He looked so cute washing dishes in his shorts.

Robin trailed a finger down to her sex. She bit her lip before following Nami to the bedroom. The sounds I sometimes hear are…well…loud to say the least. Are you jealous? Nami rolled her eyes. If I wanted. Robin made her way to her goody drawer, rummaging around inside. Chopper is quite a bit more bigger than those three combined. Nami shuffled awkwardly. Robin attached the latex cock to her crotch and admired herself in the mirror.

Nami tried not to keep her eye on the woman. Robin wrapped her fist around the shiny black cock and posed, propping her leg up on the chair. Damn, she looked powerful. Authority and strength radiated from her body. Then her thoughts turned to her lover diligently washing dishes in the kitchen. Robin snuck up behind him and reached into his pants, firmly grasping his flaccid huge cock. Chopper jumped with a girly scream.

Robin said nothing, continuing to stroke his cock, until it grew stiff against her hand. He tried to turn around, but Robin pulled his cock up and away, making him stand on his tip-toes leaning over the counter. Anyone could see you like this. Use it as my new dildo. Her free hand travelled down to his ass, massaging his cheeks possessively. Robin the drawer and pulled out a small knife. Chopper immediately froze as soon as he saw it. Robin cut at his shorts with the knife. Well, hacked at them. Robin yanked them down his legs.

They were trembling with his fear. She pd he was fine behind locked doors. But in an open space like this he was more than a little antsy. Her kiss turned stronger until Robin was sucking at his neck, tasting the sweet candy flavoured fur. She nipped the skin beneath with One piece sex stories teeth and tightened her fingers on his nipple. Reach over there and get that bottle of cooking oil. Come One piece sex stories. Hurry up, before you make me angry! Robin stroked him as he reached for the bottle of oil.

Go on. Now, pour some of it into your hand. Keep going, pour a whole handful. Now, give me your hand. She placed his hand over his cock. He jumped when he discovered her surprise and tried to pull away, but Robin held him fast.

Washing dishes in your naughty shorts? Showing your body off slut? Did you think you could get away with that? Robin was enjoying her new role.

One piece sex stories

So powerful. As she placed the head of the rubber cock against his ass, Robin felt the moisture gushing from her sex like a fountain. Chopper groaned when she pushed forward. The cheeks of his ass clenched tightly, but it was no use, Robin only pressed harder until the head slipped in. Robin pushed his arm up further. Do you think you can tease me like this and then toss me away?

Besides, I know what a slut like you wants. Come on, just relax.

One piece sex stories

It will only hurt if you try to fight it. Robin could feel the resistance fading with every stroke. Was it her imagination or was he pushing back against her?

One piece sex stories

Robin slammed into him harder. Her thighs were slapping loudly as they collided with his on every stroke. He was hers now and both knew it. She was getting ready to cum, but she still wanted more. Pick your leg up and put it on the counter. Robin smirked. Robin slowly pulled out, marvelling as his reddened pucker opened and closed before her eyes. Tell me what you want.

Do you want to be the fucker or do you want to be the fuckee? Chopper tried to avoid the question but Robin wanted him to say it. To tell her what she wanted to hear. Robin looked at him there with his eyes closed, his body in such a vulnerable position on the counter, and slid into him with long hard stroke knowing he was hers.

Robin grabbed him by his thick fur, pulling him back into her. Tell me bitch!

One piece sex stories

Tell everyone what a slut you are. His leg knocked a cup on the floor. Robin grabbed his swollen cock and pumped it. You better scream for me whore. Scream out loud! Robin jerked his cock as he spurted, covering the counter with his copious discharge. After he came down from his climax, Robin gently pulled out of him. She clutched his panting body close to hers and kisses his back. It tasted of salty sweat and cotton candy. Usopp did the same and then Franky followed suit. Smells like somebody had some fun in here. Banging his hand on the table.

Sanji just cursed. Take it my dirty whore! Chopper screamed as cum leaked from his huge cock onto the floor. Of course. Until then you will have to obey me constantly. One Piece Hentia.

One piece sex stories

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One piece sex stories

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