Nudist lifestyle stories

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A group dedicated to writers and readers of nudist fiction. Members are encouraged to post their stories as new discussion topics. Comments on the stories are welcome as replies to the topic. Encourage your fellow nudist writers to post their stories here! A Nudist Is Made A testament to my intense desire to be nude as much as possible and experience the nudist lifestyle I've been a pretty fanatical nudist for most of my life. The desire to be nude any chance I can get is pretty strong.

Nudist lifestyle stories

I love everything about the nudist lifestyle and believe it to be a totally natural and healthy activity to engage in. My philosophy is pretty much any time there is an opportunity Nudist lifestyle stories take off my clothes I do so. I decided to write down all the events that have occurred during my nudist life so that I can refer back to it and enjoy all the wonderful things I've experienced along my path to my love of nudism.

The first time I remember being introduced to nudism was when I was probably about 7 or 8 and I had a set of encyclopedias. 7 contained information about the ancient Greeks, and mythology. There were 2 separate sections, one about the Olympic games and the other about Perseus who slayed the Gorgon. Both contained pics which showed total nudity. So much that the binding of the book started getting weak and falling off. It was quite noticeable in comparison to the other books of the encyclopedia set.

Nudist lifestyle stories

I think the exposure to that information solidified my burning desire to experience nudity throughout the rest of my life. I heard about something called a nudist colony a term frowned upon these days but back then it was normal.

Nudist lifestyle stories

The idea of a nudist colony fascinated me at this stage of life. To think there were people who somehow lived a lot of their life in the nude was very appealing to me and again, the resolve to pursue that sort if thing in the future was there for me. The next thing I remember was wanting to actually be nude. I'm thinking I was probably about 12 or 13 and I was too embarrassed to come out to my parents I was an only child and say I was a nudist.

So I would wait until they would go out for whatever reason, and then I would immediately take my clothes off. If it was winter, I would have to stay inside but if it was warm enough I could venture outdoors. The layout of the house on the property was such that I could walk around in the backyard and not be seen by any neighbors.

This was due to the many Nudist lifestyle stories having enough foliage to mask the sight of me. I remember the absolutely fantastic feeling I got from Nudist lifestyle stories nude, especially when I went outside. Having to put my clothes back on was always a disappointment since I would have loved to be able to stay that way for much longer.

I also had to keep a keen eye out for one of my parents arriving back home so I could quickly get dressed so as not to be discovered or caught. Sometimes I would get daring and walk nude on the side of the house where I was visible from the street.

I would keep my ears open for an approaching vehicle and quickly dash around to the back. But stretching my perimeter like that gave me a real charge. The best time was at night since it was quite dark.

Nudist lifestyle stories

I would take walks around the entire house while nude. Strolling along at a slow pace, totally enjoying the feeling of not wearing clothes outside in public. This stage of my nudism exploration became very familiar, waiting until the car pulled out of the driveway, taking my clothes off, then keeping an ear out for when the car came back into the driveway and getting dressed in time for them to enter and not see a nudist.

Over and over. Another thing that occurred during this period was making the decision to sleep nude. I was a bit nervous about doing this at first as I again did not want to be discovered. So I always had a pajama bottom close by the bed so I could quickly throw it on if I had to. But once I started sleeping naked it was extremely difficult to sleep with anything on. I guess this happens to people who go this way. During the times when I had to wear something to bed, I would find myself unconsciously removing my clothes beneath the covers.

When I woke up I would be nude and have to get dressed slyly under the covers as if it hadn't happened. About this time I remember going to Fire Island for a Rotary outing with my parents. We ended up playing softball on the beach. It so happened that there were 2 girls a bit away from us who were lying on the beach naked. It wasn't that close so as to offend anyone but I certainly took notice. When it was time for them to depart their towel they put something on so as not to walk naked. Quite fascinating to me and increased my resolve to further my pursuit of social nudism Another event that occurred was when my parents rented a house at Davis Park for a month.

I was about I soon discovered there was a girl living there who had to be about 6, who was allowed to be nude wherever she went. Whenever I would run into this girl she was totally nude, in town as if it was perfectly normal to be nude in a textile area. It just blew my mind to see this going on, I still think about to this day. It was an amazing thing for me to witness, she had a beautiful all over tan and it looked so terribly natural to me. Her body looked fantastic without clothes to cover it. Not from a sexual perspective but from a pure natural standpoint without anything masking it.

It was to me so completely natural. That was quite a positive concept. I certainly wished it could have been me walking all over Davis Park in the nude but seeing as how I was a bit older than her I did not think there was any way for me to do that. Again though, more fuel for my fire Nudist lifestyle stories explore my nudist tendencies. Fast forward a few years, and I am over at Davis Park beach. I decide to take a walk to the west on the beach. I kept walking and when I got close to where the houses ended I started seeing a bigger group of people in the distance.

I suddenly realized what I may be looking at. Could it possibly be? It was a nude beach. What an exciting discovery. I wanted in the worst way to participate but since I was there with other folks I didn't see any way to do that. But I had found something I longed for: A place to go where I could be among others who thought how I did about nudity. I needed to get back there and participate fully with fellow nudists. I got a job working at Watch Hill for the summer and knew that only about a mile and a half down the beach was someplace I intensely desired to be.

So one day during my lunch break I ran down there. As soon as I got to the nude zone I took off my clothes. I was at last nude with other people who were also nude and nobody was judging me and pointing at me to put my clothes back on. This was the watershed moment in my pursuit for nudism. I ultimately had to go back to work but I vowed to get back there as much as possible. At this time I had met my first girlfriend. I told her I was Nudist lifestyle stories nudist and wanted to take her to the nude beach.

She naturally thought it was not something she'd be interested in but agreed to go along. We went there and at first she stayed dressed. Eventually she saw that it was safe and decided to remove her clothes. She said she enjoyed it. Funny story my friend Darryl was walking past I think he had been looking for me so I saw him and waved him over. We were both nude but it Nudist lifestyle stories the nudist beach so we had the right to be. He did well chatting with us and we got over being discovered like that.

After we broke up I continued to go the nude beach at Davis Park, and I also discovered there was a nude beach at Smiths Point.

Nudist lifestyle stories

This had the advantage of being able to drive to it instead of having to take a ferry. In the meantime I had met another girl who I also told that I was a nudist. She said she would try it out so we went to Davis Park with the boat and walked over to the nude beach. At first we stayed on the textile side but very close to the nude side and she got used to it.

She eventually removed her top. From there we walked over to the nude side. I of course took my clothes off. Shortly after that she took off her bottoms. We had many dates on that nude beach and enjoyed a pretty decent nudist relationship. She enjoyed herself on that nude beach. Another event that occurred in my nudist experiences was a time I had been over at Point Of Woods Fire Island for Nudist lifestyle stories sailing competition. I knew there had to be a nude section of beach toward the east since the town ended and it was national seashore.

So I walked over there. Sure enough, there were nudists enjoying the beach without clothes so I quickly removed my clothes.

Nudist lifestyle stories

Upon wandering down the beach a bit, there was a gathering of nudists like me watching something. It turned out to be two totally nude couples next to each other who were both fucking each other pretty hard, both with the man on top thrusting away. It was a pretty intense thing to witness. Normally it is frowned upon to have sexual activity in a nudist setting but that day it just seemed right this was the 70s.

I still have that picture of them going at it and me casually watching them while completely nude myself, in my head. After we broke up I had another quick relationship with a girl who had once gone to Nudist lifestyle stories nude beach so she had no problem going with me. That didn't last long though. When I was visiting Florida with my mom, I got to visit my first and only nudist resort: Sunsport Gardens.

What a great day that was. I met some fantastic nudists, played nude tennis and nude volleyball. Need to get back there some day, or maybe a local nudist resort. Then I met another girl who I quickly told I was a nudist also. She also said she would check it out.

We went to Smiths Point nude beach. She ended up enjoying the freedom of social nudity and we had many nude dates there. I also did some nude driving with her I had already discovered the joy of driving nude. We had actually made reservations at Club Orient for our honeymoon a nudist resort in the Caribbean but ended up breaking up prior to that.

Nudist lifestyle stories

At this time I was living in Great Neck. I was pretty much always nude in the apartment but couldn't get to the nude beach as much as I would have liked to.

Nudist lifestyle stories

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