Nude vacation story

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You will make bad choices in the moments of extreme emotions. But the bad choices you make will change your life for better or worse. I thought I would write about my story and see how many people would feel the same way I do. I was a very sexually active Nude vacation story when I was in collage maybe I could write stories about it later. Being born and brought up in an indian family in south africa, there were lot of restrictions until I turned The frustration was at its peek because everyone was controlling and deciding all the aspect of my life.

Once I became an adult, I decided to enjoy my life at its fullest. I have no regrets and thoroughly enjoyed every encounters I have had in the past. All these encounters paved the way to find the love of my life. Sam changed his namewe met 6 years back and we are happily married for 5 years now. I will write about how we met some other day.

He knows what my sexual needs are and try to accommodate all my needs. But there are moments where you make bad choices but still turn out to be a life changing moment. Sam is a very successful sales man in the pharmaceutical industry and I am working as a style specialist. It never affected our life because we somehow try to make up for the lost times. One year into our marriage, he got promoted and his responsibilities grew with it.

We decide to go for a vacation before he accepted the new position. We were always fascinated by the nude resort idea, so decided to go to one. We had a great time in the first two days of vacation. We went to parties and enjoyed meeting other couples. We really enjoyed being in the sun and free. But everything changed from the third day. His boss called and Nude vacation story he needs to talk to one of their main clients. He was mostly on the phone that day while I wandered around the resort and beach. The very next day he woke me up from the sleep and told me that the clients are coming there to meet him.

He told me that he will finish the meeting and come back soon. While he went for the meeting I was checking what all services at the resort. I dialed the s and after a short delay someone picked up.

Nude vacation story

Do you have any preference? Do you need anything else from us mam? But later decided to let it go and prepared my mind to get a good rub. After 30 mins I heard the knock on the door and opened. I saw a tall latino guy initially I thought he was italian standing and smiling with some kind of board with wheels and a box. Jacob pushed the board inside and kept it in the middle of the room, then he turned and asked me.

Do you have any preference where you want to keep the massage table? Could you please tell me about it? He will be back at night only. So tell me what to do now? Do you want me to shower? Jacob laughed and took some bath gel and walked into the bathroom. I felt like my stomach was going upside down. But then I decided to let go off my inhibitions and enjoy 3 hours.

I took off my clothes, wrapped a towel around and walked into the bathroom. I saw that jacob was already naked and he is putting water into the tub. I finally started Nude vacation story his body. He had a really nice penisit was so thick and long. I was so tempted to touch and feel it. Also he had a very good atheltic body.

I unwrapped the towel and kept it on the rack. Then walked upto him naked without any shame or regret. Jacob smiled and switched on the shower. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me gently towards the flowing water.

It felt nice once the water starts hitting on my body. I could see jacob also getting wet by the droplets bouncing off my body. Maybe cause he was keeping a distance to make me comfortable. He poured some bath gel and starts applying gently on my back and then he started rubbing my back firmly. It felt amazing as he massaged my back and neck with his firm hands.

Jacob smiled and gently turned me around. He poured some more gel on his hands and starts applying from my collar bone. He slowly moved his hands on my boobs and massaged gently. He moved down and rubbed around my pusssy and kneeled down to massage my thighs and legs. He started to wash off all the bubbles, with a smile and directed me to sit in the tub. I obliged as he said. As I lowered my self into the tub, the feel of hot water touching my body sent a tingling feeling. Jacob pulled one of my leg out off the water and starts massaging my feet. I rolled my head backward with pleasure.

Jacob smiled and kept massaging. He massaged both feet and head before asking me to move out off the tub. He put a towel around me and starts drying my hair with another towel. I stood there naked without uttering a like I was his toy. He looked at me with a smile once he was done making me and him dry. I nodded and grabbed his hand and walked to the balcony without wrapping any towel around.

As I was about to lie down on the table, he asked. Jacob pulled a mat out off the box and rolled it on the floor. He pointed me to lie down as he starts putting oil on his hand. He starts putting oil all over Nude vacation story back and then starts putting oil on himself.

Nude vacation story

Then he climbed on top and starts rubbing and grinding me with his body and semi erect penis. His penis was running over my ass cheeks and I could feel his penis was getting hard.

Nude vacation story

After a while he turned me around and put more oil on my front. As he continuined rubbing his hot body over me. I could feel my pussy was really wet because of his erect penis was grinding on my pussy walls. He held his penis and kept simulating my clitoris. I realized that it reached a point where it crossed all the limitsso decided to let it go bit further. I grabbed jacobs head from back and started kissing him passionatlely.

He also reciprocated with the same level of passion. Our tongues were exploring each other as jacob kept grinding on my pussy. I pulled him closer and could feel his firm chest on my boobs. I came hard as I crossed my legs around his waist. He grabbed my boobscircled my nipples with his tongue and starts sucking on it. My nipples were completely erect and I came one more time in few mins. Jacob stopped for a while and asked me. Do you want me to lick your pussy? Me: moaning. Jacob moved near mouth and placed his cock on my lips.

I started licking his cock without any hesitation, and swallowed his tasty pre cum. And also felt very naughty for sucking Nude vacation story guys cock while my husband was only few mins away.

Nude vacation story

I put his cock deep in my mouth and started sucking fast. I could hear jacob moaning as I increased the speed and rubbed his balls. Rub my clit jacob. I want you to shoot your cum all over me. Cover me with your cum jacob.

Nude vacation story

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