Naughty sister in law stories

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Naughty sister in law stories

I work Naughty sister in law stories an agriculture business and my sister in law works there too. Candy is divorced and has 1 grown son who is in college now. My wife and I have 2 young. Candy is 45 and is in pretty good but not great shape but she has huge tits and what I can only guess are either huge nipples because she always has a nipple stand or she is very alert a lot of the time. On our latest trip for work we were sent to Australia for 3 weeks to test out a new piece of harvest equipment. I had actually worked in Australia after graduating university on the same farm the harvester was going to almost 18 years ago as part of the ag exchange program.

The farm was about 2. So that meant lots of driving and 6 am departures every morning. Luckily after day 1 the owner of the farm, John, heard where we were staying and offered one of his guest houses for us to use so we would be on site for the duration of our trip. We both gladly excepted and although we had to go back to get all our luggage from the hotel and cancel our rooms it meant a lot more sleep.

The weather was as expected, HOT. The harvest was going smoothly and the new equipment worked well other than a few glitches. Often at night John invited us over for beers and late supper. After about 5 days we needed to do laundry. He had a washer but no dryer, they just used a clothes line.

Naughty sister in law stories

Candy stayed back to work on her laptop and have a shower. It was just after when I got back with the laundry and I was hanging it out to dry. Full moon and of course HOT as hell still. I could hear Candy in the shower and I guess she assumed I was still gone.

Naughty sister in law stories

I always shower in the mornings and just dress quickly in the enclosure. She stepped out with the towel wrapped around her and then let it drop to dry her legs and hair. I got a pretty good glimpse of her big tits despite only having the moon and a small outside light on the outer edge of the house. Had to to look with the help of my iPhone. Soon I was done and Candy had changed into her sleep shorts and tank top for bed.

She went to bed and I to the couch. I figured she was asleep so I pulled my pants down to maybe release some pressure. I was slowly stroking myself and getting a good rhythm going when I saw Candy watching me from the end of the couch. There were no curtains in the living room and between the yard lights and the moon you could see pretty well what I was doing. She then stepped over to the armchair and sat down. I put my right leg on the ground so I could spread my legs a little more and went back to a gentle stroke.

I kept one eye on Candy to try and judge her reactions as best I could to see if she was ready to freak out or not. She slowly slouched in the chair until she was on the edge. What she did next caused me to stop mid stroke when she reached her own hand into the front of her shorts. It was pretty obvious she was worked up and was trying to give herself some pressure relief too. I continued my own wank as I watched her hand slowly move around in her shorts. This went on for about 10 minutes as I never went full bore jerk mode as I was Naughty sister in law stories to delay my orgasm in hopes she would cum too.

Candy started to breath heavily and quietly moan and when she lifted her hips off the couch and sped her hand movements I knew what was nearing. I started to masturbate fast and furious and the ropes of cum flew up onto my chest and hands. Once I finished cumming I looked at her with a smile and she smiled back. The next morning Candy acted like nothing had happened which I was happy with.

We went about our day and when we got back to the guest house I went to grab last nights laundry off the line and she was getting ready for her usual shower. I headed for the shower and grabbed a couple towels from the basket we were borrowing. Went to place towels on the hook and then realized the hooks were around the corner into the shower entrance. Now the dilemma- Do I do what she asked and see her showering, toss them on the ground where she toweled off last night or call out and ask her again what she wants? Option 3 seemed the most gentleman like!

Guess not! I stepped around the corner, she was turned slightly which gave a side profile view of her washing the shampoo out of her hair. I tried to be nonchalant by having a good but quick peek and get the towels hung up without being too much of a pervert. I was hanging up the 2nd towel when she asked if I had a facecloth? Want me to grab it?

I walked back around to the basket and fished around to grab it. I walked back in and she was standing under the shower stream waiting and then she turned to hold out her hand. I handed her the cloth as I stared at her tits. She took it from my nervous hand and grabbed the liquid soap and began to make some suds. This red dirt sticks everywhere! Candy turned and I began soaping her upper back first and then I wandered lower until Naughty sister in law stories was soaping the top of her butt cheeks.

What is going on here? I put my clean clothes away and changed into my pj pants and threw my dirty clothes into the basket.

Naughty sister in law stories

Candy walked in with one of her notorious nipple stands poking through her tank top and also threw her dirty clothes into the basket. We both grabbed a water bottle and sat down on the couch to work on the laptop. The whole time I was hard and could barely concentrate on filling out our reports as I kept eyeing Candy up.

She could tell I was in la la land cause she had to keep repeating herself when she asked me for an answer or comment for the report.

Naughty sister in law stories

Once she finished she headed for bed and we said good night. I lay there again stroking myself with my mind completely on Candy in the shower. This time I just kept stroking as if this was routine now for our evenings. Once again we both came and she went back to bed. Our mutual masturbation meeting happened again the following night and once again she came back out the night after as well.

This time however, she pulled her shorts down completely and was spread eagle on the chair. She was using her fingers on one hand to attack her clit and the other to spread her lips for better access. I was barely stroking anymore but mostly just gripping my hard cock as I was so focused on watching her pleasure herself. I now sat up and went to the other end of the couch and sat on the armrest which was much closer to her chair so I could see better from my higher vantage point.

With my ass on the edge of the armrest I continued to Jack off to this magnificent sight of my sister in law fingering her pussy and playing with her tits just 2 feet from me. I have no idea how far I shot but I have to think some landed on Candy or it was my orgasm that spurred hers as she started to feverishly rub herself and moan hard. Once she calmed down to a slow rub on her pussy and tits I pulled my own pants back up and then so did she.

I collapsed onto the couch exhausted and watched her get up with her tits still free from her top and head for her room. The next morning it was raining which is quite uncommon for Australia as moisture seemed to be non existent. I went to go use the phone to call my wife in the Main house. It was awkward talking to her after last nights session with her sister but I kept it short and sweet. The rain had quit and left the ground a bit tacky but the sun was coming out.

I have to say that John was super hospitable with us as he offered his old Jeep style Range Rover to use to sight see his farm and area instead of the rental we had. I asked Candy if she wanted to go for a big tour of the farm and maybe head to the ocean.

Like most women she was excited to see the ocean so she said yes. We both got changed and packed some snacks and water. Candy wore some jeans shorts and a tank top with her bathing suit underneath. It was a dark emerald green color based on the straps that were visible.

We were in Queensland and probably 2 hours from the ocean so we headed west through his farm. Having been there almost 10 days now and having worked here for 6 months years ago I was starting to remember all the cool spots to check out. John had a huge farm and some of it went right to the ocean.

We arrived around and had to walk through a trail to get to the beach. Once we got to the beach Candy was flabbergasted. She had never been before except to New York in the winter. Once we got our supplies in order I announced I was going in. I stripped off my shirt and ran in like a kid as I was already wearing my board trunks.

Modest full bottom with a top that had a strap going over each shoulder. She looked pretty good in it especially at her age. I swam and jumped into the waves for around minutes. Candy was Naughty sister in law stories on the sand working on her tan by the looks of it. I made my way back to the beach and walked up to her. She seemed to agree as she stood up and headed out there with me. We swam and dove into the waves and enjoyed the warm water.

With all the force from the waves Candy was constantly readjusting her top as her breasts were on the verge of spilling out each time a wave hit. I was tired and decided to lay down on my towel as did Candy. We rested in the hot sun for a while and she inquired about my ag exchange trip from years ago and I told her how my girlfriend and I used to come here to skinny dip on my days off. She whistled Naughty sister in law stories asked if I was a nudist? I laughed and said not really because it was our only option when we first came here as neither us had suits.

I was getting hot again so I said I was going back into the ocean and Candy said she would me once again. As I expected she again was having issues containing her breasts in the waves. After all our sessions at night I no longer felt uneasy around her so I headed back to shore, stripped off my trunks and headed back towards her. She took my cue and did the same. I somewhat suspected she might leave her bottoms on but she tossed those up onto the dry sand with her top. She was quite a sight to see as she walked back into the ocean with her tits bouncing with each step and the water splashing onto her body even though her tummy jiggled a little.

It was the first time I got to see her body in daylight and I was more than excited about it.

Naughty sister in law stories

We swam some more and it was a good thing she took her top off cause the waves seemed to be getting bigger as they were starting to knock me and her over a fair bit. One wave looked pretty big coming at us and I was getting ready to dive into it head first just like on baywatch and Candy was ready too.

Naughty sister in law stories

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Naughty Sister in Law