Naturist sex stories

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My parents were Naturist sex stories, or naturists, depending on who you talk to. From the time I was born they were bringing me to the Nudist Camp several towns away. So as I got older it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I had my friends, we swam, played baseball, basketball, hide-n-seek, whatever. But when I was eighteen it was different. That was when I met my future wife. She was a year younger and as I did seven years earlier I got a hard on.

But Naturist sex stories next Summer when she was eighteen we started to spend lots of time alone together. There was lots of kissing, petting, fondling and groping that Summer. The next Summer we were oral sex fiends. But the next Summer she told me she was on the pill and we started fucking. I was twenty-one and going into my last year of College. It seems one of the last fucks we had that Summer got her pregnant. I got the call from her months later when she was late and went to see her doctor.

I was excited. Nadine was born in May so by the time we married my wife showed no s of ever having been pregnant so most of the guests knew nothing. Good thing, because being naked in front of each other so much was very arousing, we wanted each other more. It was unusual for another couple to come across us fucking or my wife sucking my cock.

And it did happen at the Nudist Camp, we did come across others getting it on ourselves and was completely allowed. But we were careful not to fuck in front of Nadine. She was too young to see her parents going at it, too young to see anyone go at it, but if she saw anyone fucking or sucking and started asking us questions we preferred it not be us our daughter caught in the act. Fortunately we never had to have The Talk to Nadine, either she never saw anything or she just never told us.

The worse sinners as far as she was concerned were the nudists. My wife claimed it was wrong to walk around naked in front of each other [Hey, Adam and Eve did it, remember? She said nudism was a perversion that would lead to other perversions between parents and their children. She took it so far as to serve me divorce papers. I was furious. How dare that witch try to take my daughter away from me?!?

Who did she think she was? She definitely was no saint herself! Now up to that point I never considered my practicing nudism a secret. So I decided to give in to the witch, ing the divorce papers and relinquishing full custody of my own daughter to her. After that she quickly disappeared. Of course people talked.

Because the divorce was public people assumed my wife ran off with another man, taking my daughter. Let them think that, fine with me. My wife and my daughter were gone, leaving two holes in my life, but things were mostly intact.

Naturist sex stories

I just acted like nothing was wrong, like everything was the same, and I went on with my life. And slowly any pain of loss disappeared. And it did get easier. But the words made all the difference. It was my little girl.

Naturist sex stories

Has it really been that long?!? I could hear the smile in her voice. I could hear the ache in her voice, the sadness. Of course I lived in the same house I did before my ex left me. I had debated selling the house, friends encouraged me to do so, as did my parents. But eventually I nixed the thought.

I knew my daughter knew exactly where the house was, even if she spent the last fourteen years who knew where. When Nadine did show up, it was quicker than I expected.

Naturist sex stories

So she transferred to a local College for her Senior year. I marveled at how grown up my daughter now was, from the moment I opened the front door after she had rung the bell. At eight, she had been tiny, curveless and hairless. Except on top of her head of course. But now tiny was not a word that was fitting for my daughter. The dark locks were now gone. My hair is yellow blonde itself. It was obvious that my daughter was pretty top heavy now too, the way those major mams became crushed against me as Nadine.

I missed my grandparents. And I missed the Nudist Camp. It was like a second home to me. My life became a living Hell, without and the complete change in how mom had raised me before then. I was glad when I turned twenty-one, looking forward to making up for lost time with you, dad. If you look this great dressed, I can Naturist sex stories imagine how the young man will react when they see you undressed. And I have fourteen lost years to make up for. Opening the sliding doors, we stepped out into the shade of the deck overhead I had built.

The backyard was an array of gardens, fountains and miniature waterfalls. There was even a greenhouse out of sight among the foliage where I grew exotic plants.

Naturist sex stories

The deck was massive in proportions, running the full length of the house. Part of the deck was open so I and any guests can work on their tans. The other part was enclosed from the elements, so as to not damage the expensive furniture within. A solid wall divided the two halves of the deck. A part of the wall slides inward, a hidden door, to allow you to gain access to Naturist sex stories. My daughter chose one and sat down on the edge, sighing as she sank into the material.

I left the enclosed part of the deck, passed through the open part and went back down the stairs and inside. I put the pitcher and two glasses on a metal tray and took them back outside and back up to the deck. When I finally emerged back into the enclosed part of the deck I was in for another surprise, the first already being the return of my long, lost daughter.

Naturist sex stories

When I met Naturist sex stories mother all those years ago, I knew right away she was the one. The erection was the dead giveaway. But my daughter surpassed her mother in pure beauty. But it was her breasts that truly drew me in. The huge breasts I felt press into me as we hugged earlier. It was obvious she took after my own mother.

Her areolae were round medium in size, a medium brown with a hint of red in them. Her thighs were firm and slim, almost coltish, and between them her womanhood was unshaven, covered by a sea of dark, dark curls. I looked up from her body to her face. Nadine looked very pleased, and the look on her face made me fall in love with her in a way I never fell in love with her mother.

All kinds of stuff. I know mom saw me staring at your…equipment very often. It was because you had the biggest out of all the men there. And I was so proud because you were my daddy. I put down the tray of iced tea and began to undress. The wall that divided the two halves of the deck may have been solid, but the two walls overlooking the backyard were all tempered glass.

The whole world could see us naked. I came to her. At the same time she leaned forward and began to take my cock into her mouth.

Naturist sex stories

Slowly Nadine took my length further and further into her warm mouth. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. Nadine started to bob her head up and down. Slowly she increased her pace.

Naturist sex stories

Moaning around my cock, my daughter sucked it faster and faster as she massaged my balls gently.

Naturist sex stories

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