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As such, it is very, very incestuous. If you don't like stories involving incest there is no way you should read this one. You will just be appalled if not disgusted, and you would be much better off reading something you would actually enjoy. Otherwise, enjoy!

To best understand the principles of The Program it would be useful to have read "Naked at College. The Andersons were a rather unique family. They were quite open-minded, liberal, and forward thinkers. Anderson were well educated, both having graduated from Abberville College with honors.

Anderson went on to law school and was now a very successful lawyer, quickly becoming an associate partner of Wagner, Cronenberg, Tenyari, and Orblover, a rather successful and well-regarded firm specializing in divorce, mortgage, and estate law. And, being a lawyer, Mr. Anderson was a man who knew his rights. Alex and Donna Anderson, however, were very concerned about their children.

Well, they weren't really children any more. Mary was 18 and Jeff was They were both now themselves college students. Jeff was attending Templeton, whereas Mary was attending Abberville, just like her parents. Alex and Donna were quite pleased with that, but their concern was that Jeff and Mary weren't excelling in their studies as the two of them had done when they were themselves at Abberville.

Neither of their kids appeared to have the discipline, the motivation, to truly succeed in life. They couldn't live forever off the success, the income, the savings, that Mr. Anderson had struggled to accumulate through his own hard work. They needed to learn that someday they would be on their own and would have Naked at home stories fend for themselves, yet their grades in college were worse than their grades had been in high school.

If not for Mr. Anderson's connections, and perhaps Mrs. Anderson's charm during the admissions interviews, Mary and Jeff might not have even been admitted. Yet, here they were, squandering and frittering away an opportunity that would be coveted by so many other young adults. They were at a loss for what to do, until one day when Mary, home for summer vacation after having completed her first year at Abberville, told them about a new pedagogical technique implemented this past year, called The Program see "Naked at College".

Anderson was very intrigued by this apparent innovation in the training, education, and development of today's youth, and he asked Mary to obtain some pamphlets and texts on the method. Mary was not too happy to hear about that. She had only told her father about it because it was such a strange and provocative event. She hadn't imagined that he would actually be interested in it.

She had assume that he would just be shocked, if not appalled. But she did as her father had instructed. She wasn't the most hard working daughter but she was never openly defiant or disobedient. Anderson learned that the primary purpose of The Program was to help develop personal growth, adjustment, and self-esteem. However, as he and more material, particularly the original papers of Mr.

Peters from Templeton College, he discovered that some variation of this approach could also be used to develop better self-discipline, motivation, and dedication. Yes, they would have to try this at home. After all, discipline does begin at home. Naked at home stories discussed it with his wife, Donna. She was surprisingly excited about the idea, although perhaps Alex should not have been so surprised.

Donna had always been the more liberal, the more open-minded, the more free thinker, of the two. She always liked to try new things, even daring things. It had in fact been Donna's idea to The Enthusiasts Club, and that had turned out pretty good, for the both of them. Mary and Jeff were shocked, to say the least.

They exclaimed, almost in unison, "Naked?

Their appalled astonishment was perhaps understandable, but that last comment, from Jeff, was precisely the problem. Children should not say such things to their parents, even when they are young adults. It's just so disrespectful! Anderson replied, trying to settle the storm down.

Anderson had decided that Jeff would be the first to participate. Anderson added, "And, Jeff, we, your parents, are not nuts. We are just concerned, as any parents would be. Anderson added, "The two of you have so much potential to accomplish so much in life. We just wish the best for you and we want to do everything within our power to make your dreams come true. Anderson replied matter-of-factly.

You're both at least eighteen. You don't have to do what we say anymore. That did, though, make Mary a little nervous. She really liked going to college. She didn't like studying, that's for sure, but she sure liked the independence of college, meeting new people, the parties, and all of it was for free. It was like having a four-year vacation.

And, she had just started! Jeff might be willing to toss it aside, as he was almost done. He's already had his fun. But, Mary needn't worry, at least not about Jeff. Anderson added, "I suspect that we would have to reconsider your Naked at home stories stipend.

It was essentially an allowance, but stipend seemed like a better term for someone who was twenty years old. Of course, we will be very happy to help you pack. Jeff knew that his father had him there. He really did need the stipend. Plus, he wasn't about to get a job, at least not until after he graduated and, frankly, at this point he had no idea what that job might be. With considerable reluctance and reation, he responded, "Well, alright then. Anderson agreed, trying to suppress a smile. She could not help feeling a bit apprehensive about this, having her son be naked in the house.

Of course, though, she had seen both of her children naked many, many times before. But that had been quite a long time ago. It would naturally be quite a bit different now that they were all grown up. Still, she would have to admit that she was a bit curious about Jeff, now that he was a young man. That was in part why she was quite happy to have him go first, although she might not have been Naked at home stories conscious of how interested and curious she was. Anderson exclaimed. As I said, we've decided, the missus and I, that Jeff would start it off.

If you wouldn't mind, Jeff, you can remove your clothes and lay them, nicely folded, on the sideboard. Why don't you in fact stand over there, at the entranceway to the dining room and remove them there, right by the sideboard. That way the whole family can have a pretty good view. Jeff at first just shook his head. This was so unbelievable, so ridiculous, so screwed up on so many levels. He had heard, of course, of The Program at Abberville and in fact had thought of visiting his sister there, on a Monday, when they usually held a demonstration.

He had even imagined the pleasure it would be to see his little sister be a participant. More than once he had suggested that she perhaps volunteer to be a participant, but she just gave him a look, and not a particularly friendly look. He had Naked at home stories imagined that someday he would become a participant.

It was at least within the privacy of their home, thank goodness for that. That was some consolation. Actually, that was quite a bit of consolation. It would be far, far worse to have to do something like this in front of all of his friends, in front of strangers, and in front of the faculty at college. He couldn't imagine ever having to do that. But this was still in front of his mother and, worse yet, Mary! How ironic it was.

Naked at home stories

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Naked At Home Stories