Mother spanking son stories

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Three weeks ago Karen spanked her thirteen year old son Tyler for the first time. Bare bottom. Over the knee. He cried his eyes out. She loved it, everything about it. He had just been overpowered, stripped and smacked on a very private part of his anatomy by his own mother, but what embarrassed him the most was that he knew he deserved it.

He talked back. He swore. He used calculated disobedience to aggravate his mother and younger sisters. He was impatient to have the privileges and lifestyle of an older teenager but still wanted the lack of responsibility and childish freedom of a younger boy. Three weeks after the spanking Tyler wrote it off as a freak incident. But little did Tyler know that he was going to spanked again. He was going to be spanked tonight.

Mother spanking son stories

By his Mom. On his bare fanny. Tyler, come here please pumpkin. Karen had recently started calling Tyler by his old cute childish nicknames. His father was out picking up his little sisters from their dance practice. Karen had chosen her moment carefully. Tyler was wearing loose cotton sweat pants which hugged his adorable impossibly round bottom when he bent over or walked. Karen had bought him a pair for exactly that reason. Karen shut the door and squared up to her son. She was only a couple of inches taller than Tyler but her authority and presence made Tyler look and feel very small indeed.

What happened last night Tyler, can Mother spanking son stories remember? When we went to the fireworks display in the park what did I tell you not to do? Tyler remembered going to the park. He and his sisters all had sparklers. His Mom warned him not to jump around a couple of times of times but Tyler ended up burning a little girl very slightly on her hand.

It had hurt her but there was barely any mark on her skin at all. Tyler nervously stammered out the words. It had been years since his mother had told him off. His could feel his heart starting to pound in his chest. His mouth was dry. Karen just stood there. She was calling the shots. She was the ring master of the show. She cemented her authority over him so simply and effectively by staring at him. Karen remained silent. Still Karen gazed in silent anger at her son. Tyler was beginning to to feel very naughty indeed. Who needed to be managed. Tyler felt his face grow burningly hot as the blood rushed to his face.

His heart thumped faster and faster. Karen felt strong. She felt like a cat toying with a mouse. OK pumpkin. You need to learn to listen. Do you understand me young man? Understand me? In his embarrassment at being scolded in this childish and humiliating fashion and the fear which consumed his mind Tyler had lost the ability to speak full words yet alone sentences and was reduced to a sort of high pitched whining. Karen paused.

Mother spanking son stories

She had timed it perfectly. Now was the time to use the word which would break Tyler. It would pop any sense of pride or ego he had left like a pin popping a balloon. She was going to do it. She was going to make him say the word.

She was going to force him to say the word. The shame broke Tyler completely. He began to sob. The pent up emotion burst through out into the open like water shaming through a dam. Tyler sobbed uncontrollably. Karen felt on top of the world. She felt dizzy. She had made him say it. She had reduced her thirteen year old son from a cool haughty teen to a blubbering and snotty. Tyler looked like a three year old who had just shit his pants.

He was going to be spanked. On his bare behind. In one fluid motion Karen sat down and drew her son across her lap. Face down bottom up over an escape-proof skirted lap. She could feel the warmth of his soft tummy against her thighs. She could feel his fast choked breaths as they fought again sobs. There is no need to rush this, she thought to herself. I am in charge. I set the pace. Karen would delay the ever so embarrassing baring-of-the-bottom ritual as long as she could.

Your bare Mother spanking son stories. Now repeat that back to me. Such an embarrassing, child word, better suited to very small children. Even saying the word embarrassed Tyler and filled Karen with such exquisite pleasure.

Mother spanking son stories

It was adorable. It was as if the rest of his body had begun to develop into a young teen but his hiney was caught in a time warp, still as soft and smooth and pudgy as it was when he was a toddler. It was as if by just looking at his exposed backside Karen was exercising her dominance over him. And you know she wants you to grow up to be a good boy, a boy Mommy can be proud of. This is why thing have to change. What underwear was Tyler wearing today?

Light blue boxer shorts. Karen had bought them at Wallmart last year. They were a little small for Tyler. Karen noticed some faint skidmarks and smiled. Tyler, your panties are little dirty, you need to pay attention and take care when you go to the bathroom pumpkin. He felt his right buttock stretch and part. His mother was looking at his asshole.

Mother spanking son stories

He acted like a baby. He was being treated like a baby. He deserved this. A small winking pink flower.

Mother spanking son stories

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Son Spanked by Mother