Morning wood stories

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The birds were chirping in the backyard, the sun was shining through the curtains, the house was silent. This was when I woke up. My wife and I had been at it late into the night and both of us were tired. We had fucked like thrice during the night and she was exhausted and was still in a deep slumber when I got up.

Morning wood stories

It was one of the few times when we had the house to ourselves. We celebrated this occasion with a good bottle of merlot and by walking naked around home. We ate the dinner naked, watched a late night movie while playing with each other. Finally neither of us could hold our desires and we had sex in the kitchen, the bathroom and on top of the dining table.

But those are different stories altogether So I woke up and saw my wife peacefully sleeping next to me. She was wearing a sheer red negligee with red bra and black panties underneath. In the light of the sun, the negligee became almost transparent I locked my eyes on the amazingly fit body of my wife.

Let me tell you something about my wife She is a brunette, 5'7 with grey green eyes. She keeps her hair long almost waist length. She had a cream wheat complexion and with a slight tan she looks like a Brazilian diva. She has 36D size boob that are perfect rounds and perky. She got a great ass tight ass too. I cannot but admire her whenever she walks in front of Morning wood stories in her lingerie or tight jeans and a t-shirt that was 4 sizes too small for her.

In short she is one great woman, both inside and out. So my eyes moved all over her backside since she was facing away from me. I could see the perfect ass in the invitingly black panties and the straps of her bra. Her hair was a mess but I found that erotic too.

Soon I began to feel the effect of it taking place in my shorts. I was getting aroused Morning wood stories by the mere sight of her bare back. I starting rubbing my crotch and that just intensified the arousal. Soon I had a raging hard-on. I was horny as hell.

Morning wood stories

I began to masturbate right there next to my wife thinking of last night and all the pleasure we had. I have always fantasized about fucking my wife while she was asleep.

Morning wood stories

Call it a fetish or what but I found the sight of a gorgeous woman sleeping extremely arousing. A plan began to form in my mind, a daring one, but that just made it more erotic. I slowly started pulling down the blanket. Inch by inch I tugged it down.

I finally had the blanket past her legs. She changed position and was now sleeping on her back. I could now see her ample breast almost bursting out of her bras.

Morning wood stories

The smooth black covered mound of her panties has never looked more inviting. I licked my lips and eyed my wife with pure lust. I slowly began to pull up the negligee. Her cream brown legs were slim and long. She could have been a damn model with them. I became bolder and started pulling up faster. I had pulled it above her waist exposing her panties. I ran a finger down her lips and she moaned a little. That turned me on more. I pulled the dress slowly above her bra.

Her boobs were just bursting in those things. I rubbed her tits through the bra. I pulled down her bra and exposed her amazing tits.

Morning wood stories

The cold morning air immediately perked up her nipples and they stood like tiny pillars on a hill. I squeezed the boobs a bit, testing the effect on my wife. She was still asleep. Emboldened I rubbed them harder and squeezed them. I took the nipples between the fingers and pinched them. She moaned a bit. I was getting hornier by the minute. I knew I needed the warmth of my wife's pussy to satisfy myself. I played with her tits till she her moans became more frequent. Soon I could see the patch of stain forming on her panties My wife was getting wet in her sleep!!! I moved my hand all over hand face, neck, tits, and midriff and circled down to the panties.

By this time the stain had got bigger and could smell her juices flowing. I rubbed the pussy through the panties. She squirmed a little. I wanted it and I would get it. I pulled down her panties a bit but it was difficult. I Morning wood stories up to the bathroom and got a pair of scissors and cut the panties right across her pussy. The cold steel must have shocked her because she jumped a bit. She changed positions after that. She was now facing away from me again. I admired her ass and grabbed them. I felt her up with my hands and lightly slapped it. She moaned. I needed to be inside her.

I grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up. Her shaved pussy was now oozing juices and the sheets were wet. I dropped down my shorts and the 7" cock sprang like a spring. It was throbbing and already getting blue at the head.

I positioned myself so that her legs were near my chest and I slowly entered her. God that felt do nice. The warmth and the tightness were so inviting. I was now standing over her and entering her sideways. I could she her boobs hanging down and grabbed one of them. I slowly started to fuck her. Her moaning was getting regular now. The fucking Morning wood stories the rubbing were making her react automatically.

She started moaning louder and nodding her head. I began thrusting faster. Soon my whole cock was inside her well fucked pussy. Soon my balls were slapping against her crotch and I was fucking her hard and fast and deeper. She was moaning continuously now but her eyes were still closed. I played with her boobs and slapped her ass cheeks.

Morning wood stories

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