Moms feet stories

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Moms feet stories

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I have never had any trouble smelling girls feet after about age 11, because I realize that people don't consider the foot as a sex object, so chicks really don't pick up on the fact that you are getting off by sniffing their feet. I would tell them that if they could pin me for 10 seconds, that I would smell their feet for 5 minutes. I pretended to put up a fight, but of course, I let them pin me down, which in turn would lead to them them laughing histerically while they sat on my stomach with both of their feet planted on my face.

That is where Heaven started. Example 2- Girlfriends - Every girlfriend I have been with, they come to Moms feet stories quite quickly, of my foot fetish.

Moms feet stories

I admit, to some of them I simply say "I like kissing womens feet", rather than "Sniffing". I said that to some of them so they wouldn't take me as some wierdo, since kissing and sucking toes is pretty common in relationships.

Either way, it always resulted in me sniffing the hell out of their feet and getting off on it. The last girlfriend even snapped her fingers and told me to lay on my back while she watched TV and ate her meal with my face under both her feet. Now here is the Mom story. I have always wanted to smell my Moms feet. I have no idea why the hell I have wanted to, or what sparked it, but I just always have. I in no WAY find any of my siblings sexually attractive, and in no way would ever think about touching them in any sort of sexual manner.

It disgusts me thinking about it, because they are family. Sniffing Moms feet though, different issue. About 7 months ago, my Mom flew down to my place because we were going to attend a funeral. I had just got up from sleeping, and went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Mom was already in the kitchen, on the phone talking to one of her friends. She had shorts and a T-shirt on, bare feet, one leg crossed over the other. She was drinking coffee and talking about whatever, giggling Moms feet stories going on with her friend on the phone. While I was making the foot, all of the sudden I got devised this crazy plan inside my head.

I was just looking at her feet seriously Moms feet stories about how heavenly it would be, to just stop what I was doing and lay under her feet while she was on the phone. My heart raced thinking about it, as it usually does when I think of smelling her feet. I swear to God I was thinking to myself ""Why the hell don't I just do it"". Why don't I just lay under her feet and grab and pull her feet to cover my nose The time wasn't right, and I needed more time to think about the consequences, or what kind of excuse could be made for that. I mean cmon, what the hell can you tell your MOM if you did something like that, right?

She soon got off the phone, and walked toward the bathroom to start fixing her hair, and doing her daily wakeup routine. I literally pranced back and forth thinking to myself ""I need to do this. I need to smell her feet. Life is so fukin short. If I do, and she freaks out, life will go on and she hopefully will forget.

If I don't, I may never get another chance and I will always fukin think about what it would be like, for the rest of my life"" My heart rushed just thinking about it, just getting the balls to just go through with it.

Moms feet stories

I literally almost blacked out thinking about consequences, and thinking of what she would think of me if I went through with it. All I ever got out of it was getting up the courage to smell her high heels after work, but anyone can do that.

Mom was still in the bathroom, door open, just doing her hair. I walked by the bathroom, looked at her feet, and then thought about it again Heart racing as I walked back to my room. Mom came from the bathroom, sat on my bed still drinking her coffee, while I was showing her the different neck ties I was planning on wearing. I slowly close the door, and say "Ok.

Moms feet stories

I have this wierd fetish, I have no idea how the hell I got it, or who the hell inspired it, but it drives me crazy. I have to tell you because I haven't told anyone and I really need to let it out. You have to promise me you won't tell the family or anyone about it.

Moms feet stories

Again, I have NO idea on earth how I came to like it. I have smelled my girlfriends feet before, and it is just something that haunts me day in and out and its just something I need" Mom said "Well, there used Moms feet stories be a co-worker at my old job, and I let him kind of get off on my feet on different occasions.

Can I real quick, like 10 seconds" She drank her coffee and said "ok". I did. I swear to God people. I grabbed her left foot, and placed it on my face and started smelling it like there was nothing else in life. I looked at the bottom of her foot, and then brought it back to my face. I just could NOT believe it was fuking happening. I looked up at her and noticed she was not looking down at me, but just looking straight ahead drinking her coffee.

So I grab her other foot, and place it on my face as well. I now have both her feet on my face sniffing, Moms feet stories holding her ankles there with my left hand. I was in my own Heaven My heart was racing, and I was finally sniffing my Moms feet, and she was fully aware of it.

I was sniffing so hard, so loud. It was all of those feelings as a boy growing up, wondering what it would be like to smell my Moms feet. All of those feelings, everything. And then. I swear to you people. While my left hand was holding onto her ankles, forcing her feet on my face, I slowly placed my right arm down to my boxer pant bottoms, and pulled out my dick.

VERY slowly, in seconds, I came as if it were my first time cumming. The feeling was better than any sex I have had with any girlfriend. I had my Moms feet planted on my face while jacking off to the smell of her feet, all while she was sipping her coffee. Just as I was cumming, she pulled her feet away and said "ok. I am uncomfortable. I don't think your fetish is bad, alot of people have it.

At the risk of sounding disrespectful, why'd you repost this? You posted this same story almost five years ago. Hmmm, maybe he thought we wouldn't notice Some people think we are not smart enough to remember or know when a story was reposted or fake. Lol k. Tapatalk promotion. Back to top. OK. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.

Moms feet stories

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Mom Feet Stories