Master x slave reader lemon

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Originally posted by qunmin. So I decided to post it on here. It might be a bit cringy. Demon San taps his fingers against his desk, a scowl draping across his features. He had summoned you minutes ago but there was no word.

Master x slave reader lemon

Seems she is too busy to answer my call. San starts to grow impatient the longer it took for you to come to him. After a few minutes, Hyunli had appeared in the doorway with you trailing behind. San turns his attention onto you, a not so pleased look gazing upon you.

You swallow the lump in your throat, knowing you were in some serious trouble for not coming sooner. You called for me? He snaps his fingers. He tilts his head, looking down at you. Is there a reason? You were lusting over him? You shook your head wildly, eyes wide. My eyes are for you only. He places his fingers under your chin, raising your head up to look at him. Just in case. Whom you truly serve for eternity. He retracts and you look into his eyes, noticing the once chocolate eyes have turned a deep red, his Demon side coming out.

He picks you up by Master x slave reader lemon throat, causing you to claw at his hands instinctively and throws you onto the bed. You gaze at his delicious, god-like body, licking your lips. You fall into a hypnotic trance, a dazed looked on your face. The Demon raises an amused brow at your expression before snapping his fingers. I said strip, human.

You snap out of your daze, quickly stripping yourself of the sheer gown that your Master makes you wear. He waves a finger at you, aling you to move closer to him. You crawl on your hands and knees across the bed, facing San. His eyes glide over your body, admiring his pet. He then turns his finger in a circle, telling you to turn around so your back faced him.

Reluctantly, you turn around and sit on your legs, whimpering slightly at the visual loss of your Master. San grips the back of your neck harshly, digging his fingers into your skin and his lips by your ear. You know h-how much I love it. San chuckles, knowing all too well what the sight of his body does to you. You spread your knees apart at the command of your Master. He chuckles lowly in your ear, amused by your sounds emanating from your lips. You instinctively reach to stop him but he grabs both of your wrists with one hand, pinning them behind you, in between your body and his.

Master x slave reader lemon

You know you deserve this for ignoring my summons, specially because you were talking to another male. You will earn a slap for every minute you made me wait for you and an additional 5 for causing Hyunli to be punished. A total of If you forget to count or forget to thank me, we will start over.

Master x slave reader lemon

Is that understood? You nod your Master x slave reader lemon in agreement, eager to begin your punishment. He gently caresses the inside of your thigh before smacking it hard and quick. You shriek but quickly reply per your commands. With each smack it got harder, but despite the pain in your thigh, you are able to complete all 15 perfectly.

By now, your arousal has grown, your wetness dripping onto the bed. His hand comes up, brushing against your clit, a moan escaping your lips from the friction he had caused. The Demon behind you chuckles. San suddenly pushes your body forward, your head being pushed into the mattress and your ass in the air.

You feel him run a finger up your folds before suddenly feeling something harder, something bigger. He teases you, pushing no more than the head of his length inside. You whimper, shaking your ass back and forth. I am yours to play with, yours to do as you wish. A smirk spre across his face before he plunges his length inside of you. You let out a shriek at the feel of him stretching you out, a mixture of pain and pleasure rippling through your body. San pulls you up by your wrists til your back is up against his front. He snakes his hand up between your breasts and closes it around your throat.

His other hand wraps around your waist, securing you against him. You feel him start slowly thrusting inside of you, letting out little whimpers. A smirk spre across his face before picking up the pace. Soon, your letting out full blown moans as he pounds into you from behind. His grip on your neck tightens, the arousing feeling causing the coil in your stomach to tighten. I want you to let Mingi know that you belong to me, that no one else can make you feel this way. He lets go of your neck, once again letting your moans be heard.

No one can make me feel this way, not even Lord Mingi! His hand once again wraps around your neck in an iron grip. And you will serve me and my every desire for eternity. Remember that. The hand gripping your waist moves down to rub your clit. He smirks when he hears you mewl his name, feeling your walls tighten around his god-like cock.

Master x slave reader lemon

Your body shutters as your orgasm hits you hard. San rides out your orgasm, not letting up until he feels his own. As he continues to thrust into you, he feels his own orgasm hit him and shoots hot cum deep inside of you. San crawls up to the top of the bed, leaning himself against the headboard. He grabs your hand and pulls you with him, putting his arms around you. You snuggle up to his bare body as he strokes your hair lovingly. You nuzzle into his chest, your face blushing, happy to have pleased him. You look up at your Master.

San chuckles. He would protect her with his life. And she knows that. You know how much I adore you.

Master x slave reader lemon

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