Mandingo sex stories

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There were many societal changes taking place in that post-emancipation period, including consensual interracial sexual interactions between African-Americans and white people, as the blacks adapted to their new freedoms. Many of the black people continued working on the plantations as paid employees, and some of them also farmed their own parcels of land.

Aspects of those interactions that are of particular interest to me involve the s concerning the legendary sexual prowess of Mandingo men. The term Mandingo originated in the twentieth century, as a derivation of the name for the Mandinka ethnic groups who came to the United States from West Africa. They are known to be tall, lean, muscular, and the popular belief was that those men have exceptionally large cocks and great sexual prowess.

There are many examples in the literature of the time concerning the white wives and daughters of plantation owners who sought out Mandingo men for sex. Or, they might have been getting even with their husbands for fucking the black women. The thing that arouses me the most about those stories is that some Mandingo men were breeding those white women and giving them mixed-race babies. Condoms were commercially available by the late s, but those white women liked being fucked bareback and taking Negro cum in their cunts, even with the risk of being impregnated.

That might sound fucked up, but I like knowing that my Mandingo ancestors were doing their part to dilute the white race. My name is Ron, and at the time of this story I was forty-five years old and living with my wife, Maddy, on our sprawling horse farm outside of Memphis, Tennessee.

We are African-Americans, and from researching my genealogy, I know that I am a pure-blooded descendant of the Mandinka people. I quite frankly have all the Mandingo characteristics of being very dark-skinned, six feet and three inches tall, muscular, and well-hung, with a very thick cock that is nine inches long when soft, and over twelve inches long on hard. I am also fortunate to be uncircumcised, even though the custom in West Africa is for both the boys and girls to be circumcised. And that brings me to the context for this story. I belong to an exclusive country club, where black men had only been admitted for the five years or so.

I Mandingo sex stories three other wealthy, black members there who are about my age, and we found that we have a lot in common. They also have pure Mandinka blood-lines, with the same physical characteristics as I have. They too have a prurient interest in that post-emancipation period.

They also wanted more income to support their extravagant lifestyles. Over the course of several months playing golf together and having long conversations over drinks at the club, we began to formulate a plan that would be sexually and financially rewarding for us.

We did a little research and learned that Mandingo cuckoldry is a pervasive, recurring theme in pornography, and there are many white couples who either participate in Mandingo parties, or who otherwise have strong fantasies about the white wives fucking well-hung black men. It seemed Mandingo sex stories those days in the late s of having secretive interracial sex, had morphed to the point in our modern culture where white husbands encourage their wives to take black cocks, and even participate in it.

We learned that while there may have been some white guilt involved, one of the main drivers for the white, small-dicked husbands is being aroused by the humiliation and feelings of submissiveness that they experience while watching and participating in their wives being aggressively fucked and totally satisfied by superior black lovers with huge cocks. Another perspective is that some of those white husbands with latent bisexual or gay tendencies wanted to, Mandingo sex stories consciously or subconsciously, vicariously experience having sex with a black man by watching their wives being fucked.

Mandingo sex stories

Most of the white couples insist on the wives being fucked bareback, whether the wife is on birth control or not, just for the risk-fantasy of being impregnated by Negro seed. Some of them were actually trying to be impregnated by their black lovers. We learned that there is a lucrative market for Mandingo-party-themed porn videos, with even greater demand for Mandingo sex stories that portray the white wives being impregnated, which gives the ultimate humiliation and arousal to the cuckold husbands.

All four of us in our little group were aroused by the idea of exploiting white couples for our enjoyment and financial benefit. We were anxious to fuck and breed some pretty white wives with their tight little pussies. We knew that typical Mandingo parties involved single, black men in their twenties, usually fucking older, out of shape women. My friends and I wanted to take a different approach, and Mandingo sex stories a club where we, as middle-aged, handsome, and very fit black men, fucked younger, prettier white wives, in hopes of impregnating them, all while being filmed on video.

I have an old barn on my property that I refurbished to be a guest house, with a small kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and game room. I even left part of the barn untouched, in anticipation of some barnyard Mandingo sex scenes. My wife, Maddy, is the only one of our wives who is aware of our plans. She has somewhat of a dislike of whites, and she thought it was a kind of sweet justice to give some of those white couples black babies.

She also has a Mandinka blood-line, and she is as some would describe, a real Mandingette. She is a pretty, tall, and husky, with a large, protruding ass and huge breasts, which I think are 40GGs. In her mind, I would never have a reason to stray from her emotionally, due to our love for one another and her voluptuous body. She even planned to get involved when it was appropriate. The stated purpose to outsiders for the barn was to use it when I had friends over to play poker and when we had out-of-town friends or family visiting. My partners all contributed to the purchase of high-end sound and video equipment to record our Mandingo sessions, and I also have concealed cameras in all the rooms to record the overall activities.

We all contributed to the effort in other ways as well, in our own specialty areas. I prepared iron-clad legal documents that all participants would be required Mandingo sex storiesas well as providing the barn for our activities. The agreement states that they're participating of their own free will, and even though we will not be wearing protection, we the MBC, are not legally responsible for any pregnancies.

Lionel, the business owner, is responsible for the business end of making deals with various porn publishing companies to purchase our videos. And finally, each of us is responsible for finding white couples to take part. We were breeding those white sluts an average of four nights a week, and even though Maddy was home some of those nights, she had not gotten involved yet. Mitchell convinced one of his white nurses and her husband to the party; Sam found willing, white couples on Craigslist; and Lionel found out that one of the white ing clerks in his office was anxious to try black cock.

We were experimenting with our production techniques, trying to find the best angles to capture the action of our thick black cocks impaling the women, and then watching our cum ooze out of them before the husbands sucked it all up. Most of the women are young are very pretty, and I really enjoyed sinking my bare, black cock into their hungry, white cunts. The possibility that I might be impregnating them makes it even more enjoyable.

We had anticipated that some of the couples would want to be paid for participating, but none of them asked to be compensated, at least not up to that point. I finally found my first couple to contribute, in an unexpected way. My law firm held our holiday party at my country club, and it was a festive affair with an open bar, and the booze was flowing freely. There are only twelve people in the firm, including me and the other three partners. The population of the Memphis area is about sixty-five percent African-American, and my firm had only black employees, at least until recently.

We hired a new white associate who graduated from the University of Memphis law school.

Mandingo sex stories

We preferred to have all black employees, but I felt it would be better for our image if we integrated a little. Our new white associate, David, is soft spoken, and a little on the timid side. I found it a little strange that a bright, white, young lawyer like him would be willing to come to work for a small, all black firm.

David was twenty-five years old, and Kate was twenty-three, and I knew that they both had been born and raised in the Memphis area. She is a petite, naturally-blonde, Southern belle, with large, sparkling blue eyes that it looks like you could fall into. She was wearing a simple, black party dress that was tight enough to show her beautiful, heart-shaped ass and a massive set of breasts.

Mandingo sex stories

Her tits and cleavage looked almost unreal on such a small, five feet and three inches tall and one-hundred-and-ten-pound woman. From the looks of her bulging breasts, I was certain that they were DDs, and guessed that she had to be breast feeding their daughter. And to top it all off, she is absolutely beautiful, with thick lips and facial features that remind me of the actress Scarlett Johansson. I invited David and Kate to sit with Maddy and me at the party, as my way of making our newest employee and his wife feel welcome. Maddy could tell that I was attracted to Kate, and she saw the wheels spinning in my mind, that Kate and David might be good candidates for the MBC.

I knew that she would do her best to entice David with her voluptuous body, if she saw me making my move on Kate. In my mind, it was a given that many white people, and especially those raised in the Deep South, were prejudiced against blacks, and were nervous and uncomfortable around us. So, it was Mandingo sex stories to me the way David and Kate seemed to be so at ease around Maddy, me, and the rest of the people at the table who were all black.

Although, I could tell that David was intimidated by me since I'm his big boss. David was sitting between Maddy and me, and Kate was on the other side of me.

Mandingo sex stories

She is much more outgoing than David, and her bubbly personality gave me the feeling that either she was attracted to me, or that she might also be sucking up to the boss. Either way, I liked the way she made Mandingo sex stories feel, even with the twenty-two-year difference in our ages. The more Kate drank, the flirtier she became with me, sometimes touching my arm as we talked.

The band started playing early in the evening, and although many of my employees and their spouses were dancing, none of us from our table had been out on the dance floor yet. By pm, all except three couples had gone home, with Maddy and me, Kate and David, and one of the other partners and his wife remaining.

I had waited until the non-partner employees had gone, so they wouldn't see me being touchy-feely with Kate. I told the band to play only slow songs until the end of the party, which was scheduled to be over at midnight, and then I took Kate to the dance floor. Maddy did her part to support my efforts by asking David to dance, which would help divert his attention from Kate and me. I halfway expected Kate to keep Mandingo sex stories respectable distance, but instead, she snuggled up tightly against me with her arms wrapped around my back. Because of the difference in our heights, that placed her head just under my chin and lying against my throat and upper chest.

I loved the smell of her hair and the feeling of her huge breasts pressed against my stomach. We danced, slowly rocking and swaying to the music, and I was partially supporting her weight, because she was a little woozy. I saw that Maddy had David occupied, and since they are about the same height, at five feet and ten inches tall, she had her head on his shoulder, and breathing against his neck, as they swayed to the music. I wrapped my arms around Kate and began to rub her lower back and upper ass, to hold her up and against me.

Over a period of about five minutes, I slowly massaged her back and lowered my hands until I was cupping and rubbing her ass, with no protest from her. Yes, I am nursing my baby, and my breasts are so full right now that they hurt.

Mandingo sex stories

I pumped and stored enough breast milk to last a few days, which allows me to imbibe tonight. I was becoming a little suspicious of why she was so receptive to my advances, so I decided to be more provocative. Not that many beautiful, white, married women like you warm up to black men the way you have to me. Kate was silent for a few moments, and then she looked up at me with tears in her sodden eyes, and our faces were only a few inches apart.

Mandingo sex stories

I am genuinely attracted to you because of your looks, your strength, and your position of power and authority over my husband. And as you sensed, there is something else. He would be furious with me if he knew that I was bringing this up to you, but one of us has to have the balls to do it. I thought that if I made you think I was drunk tonight, and let you take liberties with me, that I could convince you to give us Mandingo sex stories money. She parted her lips to accept my probing tongue, and she began sucking on it as she probed back with her tongue.

We kissed for what seemed like several minutes, and then I pulled back, so I could talk to her. She tilted and moved her hips back in a way that caused my fingers to push further into her wetness. And at the same time, she moved one of her hands between us and began rubbing my soft cock lump. The band had just stopped playing for the night, and I looked around to see that my Mandingo sex stories and his wife were leaving and Maddy had David occupied.

They were in a tight, sensuous embrace, kissing passionately, and David was rubbing her huge breasts. My law partner had to have seen what was going on with both couples, and he wanted no part of staying any longer. Thus far in this story, I have shared with you the motivation for my friends and me to establish the Mandingo Breeders Club, as a way for us to make money, as well as allowing us to fuck pretty, married, white wives, and trying to impregnate them.

I have also described how I made my first contact with Kate and realized that she and her husband would possibly be a good couple to introduce to the MBC. Now I think it will be most informative to allow Kate to tell the rest of the story. David and I met when I was a junior in college and he had two years to go to finish law school.

Mandingo sex stories

We got married one Mandingo sex stories after we met and planned to have our first child right after he graduated. He made good grades in law school and should have had opportunities with any of the big law firms in Memphis. We thought we could make it, but soon learned that after the birth of our daughter, right after starting the new job, we were struggling financially. I kept trying to convince David to ask for more money, but he's too timid and quite frankly intimidated by Ron, the black managing partner. His was very nice, and invited David and me to sit at his table. As the evening unfolded I was as charming as I could be with Ron and thought that he was attracted to me.

Things really heated up near the end of the party, when after most of the guests had left, Ron asked me to dance. I loved the feeling of being in his strong arms, and he wasted no time in flattering me with compliments. I complimented him as well, and he was soon rubbing my back and the top of my ass. He must have gotten suspicious when I allowed him those liberties, and he soon asked me what was going on.

Mandingo sex stories

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