Lost swim trunks story

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Lost swim trunks story

Ace Clemens is a socially awkward, sushi addict by day, and a crime fighting wizard ice lord by night. He thinks of strange things on the fly and in a five minute conversation with him, one is surely to laugh their lower backside off. One of the most embarrassing moments of his life by far was the trip he took to the Lake of the Ozarks. Normally, every morning at the Ozarks was sweltering hot. This morning happened to be a little more bearable; the kind of warm that feels comfortable.

It was a very foggy morning as well. The sun was bouncing off of the misty fog, giving everything this Lost swim trunks story glow. Ace and his family and friends were staying at a condo together. In the morning of the unfortunate incident, one Ace Clemens woke up and went out to the balcony to enjoy his breakfast: A Donkey Donut and some straight black coffee, no cream and no sugar.

He was watching a heron attack some frogs and turtles in the lake. This was rather un-amusing to the eight-year-old-boy. After breakfast, Ace and his friends and family carried some things down to their boat. The mighty eight-year-old carried a forty pound cooler all by himself, while his younger brother, Jasper, carried about five towels.

To Ace, his brother was always the favored child to his family members. The heron was so startled that it flew in the air and left a trail of white fecal matter in its wake.

Lost swim trunks story

The families continued to walk on to the dock where their boat was stationed. Ace was the first to step on the boat. The family and friends created a dolly chain to pass the contents they were carrying on to the boat. Jasper was the second person to get on the boat and Ace remembered having to lift his brother on, for Jasper was only six at the time of the comically tragic incident. After Lost swim trunks story family was on the boat, they got everything set up: put the coolers in their deated cooler areas, their towels put in the right places, etc.

The boat was then dropped into the water, giving Ace a premature, shock-induced, heart attack. After he calmed down a bit, Ace inflated the inner tube and it was dropped into the water and dragged behind the boat. Ace cautiously lowered himself into the water on the inner tube. The cold water chilled him to the bone, but he quickly adjusted to the temperature. Jasper was whining about his position on the inflated device. This annoyed Ace, who thought his brother was always finding something new to complain about. The boat started to move at a velocity which Ace claimed could be deemed whiplash worthy.

Ace felt wonderful. The wind was nice and his brother was shielding him from the water droplets that would have been splashing on his face. It was one of the most exciting experiences an eight-year-old could feel at the moment. Life was good for Ace Clemens, the undiscovered ice lord. Ace continued to hang on for dear life for about two seconds before letting go. The inertia of the water slowed his body down and he just floated pathetically, watching the boat speed away from him.

Ace noticed an open feeling on his lower half. When he looked down he was horrified to see that he had lost his swim trunks somewhere in the water. Ace was feeling embarrassed. He began swimming awkwardly in his life vest and swim shirt to his shorts, which were floating along the surface of the water, making sure no creatures bit at his genitals. He snatched them up in his hands and quickly pulled them back on.

His family sort of left him in the water, so he swam back to the condo to wait for them. It was the most embarrassing and Lost swim trunks story experience he can recall so far in his life. Thank you for sharing this with a friend! Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your.

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Lost swim trunks story

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Lost swim trunks story

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Lost swim trunks story

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Lost swim trunks story

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