Locked in lace stories

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Original Fiction by D. Copyright by Mr. Moore - All rights reserved. Rich was not a party person; in fact, he hated parties, but his friend would not take no for an answer. He finally accepted the invitation, mainly because he wanted to see the house. He had heard about it, over 10, square feet of living space and worth millions of dollars. Rich was bored.

Locked in lace stories

He had just turned 38 and retired because had sold his business for just under a billion dollars. Now he was trying to find something interesting to do. He didn't have a wife or family because he had been so busy building and running his business that he hadn't had time for the finer things in life. He had his new Lexus LS packed, and in the morning he would be leaving on a 6 to 8 week road trip. He hadn't decided exactly where he was going, but he was going to start with Glacier Park, and then Yellowstone Park.

Locked in lace stories

The host had introduced Rich to several people and had pointed him toward the bar in the far corner. As Rich walked toward the bar he noticed a woman standing alone near it looking out a window. His first glance took his breath away.

Locked in lace stories

She was tall and beautiful. Her long hair was dark brown with a touch of red. Her blue print dress was strapless and it fit tight to the hips and then flared out into a beautiful flowing skirt. Her long legs looked great in the black pumps that had 3- or 4-inch heels. As he got closer to her he realized that the top of the dress was actually a corset that appeared to be tightly laced to give her a very small waist.

Rich couldn't think, his ears were Locked in lace stories and his heart was pounding. He had always been fascinated with corsets, ever since he saw Kim Novak wearing a tightly laced corset in the movie, Chez Joey. Rich got his drink, and as he turned around his eyes locked on to hers. They were standing there looking at each other and Rich's mind turned to mush. Rich couldn't make his mouth work and was much relieved when she said, "Hi, I am Connie… and you are…?

Rich managed to introduce himself as she turned and commented, "Isn't this a great view? She was wearing a little collar made out of the same material as the corset and the skirt, and he was fascinated to see a very small padlock on the back of it holding it closed. There was a second lock on the back of the corset at the waist. Rich wanted to reach out and put his hands around her waist, but was saved by what little common sense remained.

Fortunately, Connie took the lead and helped get the conversation going. It turned out that Connie owned a fashion boutique in Los Altos. Rich told her that he had just sold his business and that he was currently unemployed and was going to see what it was like to be retired. The tight corset was like a magnet to Rich, and he finally blurted out that he really liked her corset and asked if it was uncomfortable, because it looked so tight. Rich felt stupid as the words left his mouth, but he couldn't have said anything better as far as Connie was concerned.

She loved to talk about the corset. No, it was not uncomfortable to wear.

Locked in lace stories

In fact she loved the way it felt on her body. Yes, it was laced very tightly, but the constant pressure and restraint felt good to her. She liked the hugging sensation that the tightly laced corset created and, as a result, she even wore one to bed. She added that, over the Locked in lace stories, she had bought several new ones each year and, as a result, had a collection of several hundred corsets. She added that the corsets had turned her into sort of a bondage nut, since wearing a corset, or even a tight girdle, is really a form of bondage for many women.

She explained that the woman is trapped in the corset or girdle the minute they go somewhere and they cannot free themselves until they return home. She added that she usually wears a very tight, high-waist, long-leg, zippered girdle over the corset when she goes out, just to add to the bondage sensation.

Of course, when she wears the corset on the outside like tonight she always wears a severely tight girdle under her clothing which cannot come off until the corset does. The small locks on the corset and collar were also there to add to the bondage effect, and the keys were at home. Connie said that she thought her interest in corseting started when she was about five years old.

Two older girls baby-sat her, and frequently they would tie her up so that she would not bother them. They would stand her on a stool against a small peach tree and tie her with several ropes running between her legs to support her weight and then would tightly wrap rope around and around her body, squeezing her tightly against the tree. When they were done they would pull the stool out from under her feet and she would be left tied with her feet in the air for hours at a time, with the ropes tight against her crotch supporting her weight.

She said that it felt so good that she frequently was a brat just so the girls would tie her up. In her teens she discovered firm-control girdles and Merry Widows. Sometimes she would wear two at once because the tightness felt so good, and frequently she would sleep in them. Finally she discovered corsets; an older friend of hers had found an old corset in a trunk in the attic and had started wearing it. All she could talk about was how much better sex was when she laced it very tight. Connie's friend laced the corset on to Connie and, for the first time, Connie experienced the same sensations that she had as a little girl tied to a peach tree.

Of course the intensity of the bondage left a lot to be desired, as she yearned for the feeling of total helpless that she felt when bound to the tree with her feet off of the ground and no way of escape. Rich thought it strange that Connie was so open about her corseting and bondage interests, but for some strange reason it drew him like a magnet to her. Her wish to be corseted and helplessly in bondage with no way to escape made his heart pound with excitement and anticipation. He was intrigued, and wanted to know all about this beautiful, intelligent woman.

Connie and Locked in lace stories stood apart from the rest of the party and talked about everything imaginable, and managed to down about four fairly strong drinks in the two hours that followed. The alcohol in the drinks was like truth serum for Rich, as he told Connie about seeing the movie with Kim Novak wearing a corset and how it had fascinated him. He added that he always wondered what it felt like to be corseted so tightly.

Connie chuckled to herself and said, "Come to my house and I would love to show what it feels like.

Locked in lace stories

In fact I have always wanted to lace a man up in one of my corsets. Rich knew this was too good to be true, but his pulse was pounding and his ears were ringing, and he heard his reply before he had a chance to think; he had said, "Yes, let's do it!! Return to Original Fiction .

Locked in lace stories Locked in lace stories

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