Lesbian sleepover sex stories

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So me and my friend decided to have a sleepover, it was only girls there. While there we played different games and did different stuff. We compared bodies, masturbated, used sex toys, did truth or dare, do contest, did spin the bottle, did never have i ever, and sex. I put these into different sections you can read about. At some point during the party one of the girls started talking about how she wish she had bigger breasts like this other person, and one thing lead to another and we all started comparing body parts.

We compared asses, breasts, and pussy. One of the girls kept groping mine during the time.

Lesbian sleepover sex stories

We talked about who has the best breasts and nipples. We groped and sucked on each other. We groped and slapped each other asses. We looked at each others pussy. Then they started eating my pussy and it felt so good then someone sat on my face and had me eat theirs. At one point, one of the girls started masturbating and another noticed and started watching and doing the same, then another saw and said we should all masturbate together.

We all started masturbating, i rubbed my pussy until someone else told me to finger it, which felt better.

Lesbian sleepover sex stories

Once I cummed, one of them went next to me and started rubbing my pussy and put my hand on theirs and told me to finger them, so i did. Every now and then the person would put their fingers in the mouth to taste my juices and said it taste good. This happened during never had i ever.

Lesbian sleepover sex stories

I never used a sex toy, and they were suprised and agreed that i should use one right away, so the host went and got their toys and brought it back. They brought a vibrator and a dildo. They had me use a vibrator first, They showed me how to use it and then used it on me. I ended up not being able to contain my moaning and cummed while the toy was used and someone sucked my breast.

I then used the dildo, they then showed me how to use it and then put it on the ground and put me above it and had me slowly go down and up, and later had me sit while they hold it and used it to fuck me. It felt soo good, i cummed quickly. Since it was wet from my juices they had me use it on my ass. It hurt but felt good, one of the girls slapped my ass while i used it. We played truth or dare, and asked questions and did dares. One of the dares was if i remember correctly, give us your phone while your taking a shower.

I got this dare and this was a couple dares after taking lewd photos dare, so i unlocked my phone and gave it to them and went to take a shower, I had to completally clean my body with soap and clean my hair and dry up before i could get the phone back. While in the shower, they sent lewd photos of myself to people in my contact list and send messages with them. Some people replied back while i was still in the shower, so my friends replied back to the reply and kept having a conversation until i came back.

Any of you did something similar or slutty in truth or dare? We did contest like who could make the other cum faster, who could pee the longest amount of time, who could recieve the most spanks before giving up, who could cum the most in a minute, or the least, and more.

The loser had to do 1 thing the winner wanted. Any of you did something similar? Whoever the bottle landed on at the start had to kiss and remove 1 piece of clothing. After a certain piece of clothing was removed you could do a certain thing. When a shirt Lesbian sleepover sex stories removed you could grope the persons breast and once the bra was removed you could suck the breast. When pants or skirt was removed you could rub the persons pussy thru the clothes. Once panties was removed you could finger the pussy or eat it or use a toy on it or rub your pussy Lesbian sleepover sex stories it.

We did never had i ever. Let me know if you did never had i ever and was asked slutty stuff.

Lesbian sleepover sex stories

Here are some never have i evers: been fucked, cummed in a public place, gave a bj, flashed someone, given someone panties, walk with cum on. We made out first, then started being groped and fingered, and did 69, then started scizzoring, and we did this with different people during the sleep over and then one person put a strap-on on and started fucking us all in the pussy, and had us give it a bj, and then at one point she fucked my ass, she thought i was one of the other girls. At the end one of us put the strap-on on and fucked her.

The whole thing was fun and felt amazing! The post Slutty Sleepover With Friends.

Lesbian sleepover sex stories

First lesbian experience. First time using sex toys. Friends sent sexts of me to people in contact list. Erotic Stories. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. November 18 Slutty Sleepover With Friends.

Lesbian sleepover sex stories

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Lesbian sleepover sex stories Lesbian sleepover sex stories

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Lesbian Sleepover Stories