Lazy town sex stories

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Lazy town sex stories

However, all this does not sit well with Robbie Rotten, a lazy man who lives in an underground lair hidden just on the edge of town. Most of the episodes involve Robbie Rotten dressing up in one of his numerous costumes and trying to make Sportacus leave town forever so he can encourage the kids to be lazy again. All characters are over 18, and fan fiction is protected free speech. A cool morning breeze sneaked past the flimsy curtains of the room and the rays of the sun danced on a quilt that shifted gently in circular motions.

Fingers gently stroked the instrument of pleasure, hips lifted, thighs trembled and a moan left the plum, red lips. As soon as her uncle left the house. She ran up to her room and pulled out her new toys. She went and layed down in her bed.

And by now her tits were rock hard! She pulled up her cute pink skirt. And pulled down her cute little pink COtton PAnties. Her pussy was already soaking wet. She started to rub her wet tight pussy Lazy town sex stories her hand and her Fingers.

She then grabbed her vibrator and used it on her puss ywhile she began to rub her nice titties. So she grabbed her brand new Purple Dildo. And began to suck on it to get it nuice and wet. She then started to tease her pussy with the dildo. Deep in her tight little pink pussy. It hurt so much but it felt so good! She is bored and nothing to do at night. She is on her laptop with her webcam and she thinking doing a webcam show.

More and more popped upto watch her go. Her pussy is getting wet. Soon over 1, people watch her playing her pussy. She pick up one of her toys start sucking it than she slowly putting in her sweet wet pussy.

Lazy town sex stories

She was loving it sooo much she cummed more than 5 times and squirted all over her room in wet pussy cum. Than she feel tired and went to sleep and she does it the next day and the next day. Stefanie visits Lazytoon and their are no people around in the whole town. She walks though the town and knocks on the doors. Suddenly she heard a sound! She go too the place where te sound come from and she find 4 citizens fucking. Stefanie crept closer and begin too rub her pussy. After a few seconds it become wet! The citizens notice her because se make noices.

Sorry, please go on we watch. Stefanie said can i you i would like to live in the town myself!

Lazy town sex stories

Ok, but in order to do so you must fuck all of us. Stefanie said who wish to get a blowjob first?

Lazy town sex stories

The strongest man around said I will. And Stefanie begin to suck his giant dig. Ooooooo Lazy town sex stories taste so good, cum in my mouth please!! LazyTown Porn. Cartoon Hentai Blog at Hentai Porn. Home Sample. I enjoy the work, Magnus Sportacus is a great guy to work with and for and Stephanie Jullianna had just finnished the song that ends the show before the credits, and everyone was congragulating each other on another good shoot.

You should see Julianna in her Stephanie costume. Short pink mini skirt with pink leggings, a tight pair of shorts to keep her cute and very tight ass and virgin hole covered, while wearing the mini skirt. And did I forget to mention flexable. Lazy Town Porn Story: sporticus has a brother? Posted on April 19, by lazytownporn. Lazy Town Porn Story: horny sexy stephanie and her sex toys Posted on April 18, by lazytownporn.

Cum over my whole body, The strong man cummed and the next action, begins. She fucked 3 hours. Recent Comments Anonymous on Stephanie is pretty superb as street performer too! Anonymous on Stephanie was hoping this double penetration to be more joy Anonymous on After being instructed by Sportacus Stephanie has no problems with dual ass fucking foray foray! Anonymous on Check out Stephanie being absolutely naked! Sportacus approves, and what about you? Proudly powered by WordPress.

Lazy town sex stories

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