Las vegas escort stories

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Share your story. Man How old are you? California Highest education received: Post-graduate degree eg. In a serious relationship monogamous Religious affiliation : Agnostic How religious are you? Heterosexual Any other term s that describe your sexuality or sexual identity? Open How many sexual partners have you had in your life including oral sex? Close to 30 How many hookup stories have you here posted before? What did they look like? How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How did you feel about them before the hookup? She was a year old black chick that was in a bind and decided to pawn her pussy for cash.

Her boobs were quite saggy for her age and size, however she popped two children in her teens. He story was your stereotypical poor black Vegas girl story, but she was in school trying to work her way out of it. Hence the need for cash — to pay for her expensive books! I was in Vegas for a conference and decided to take advantage of what Vegas has to offer. I changed my typical Tinder profile looking for a fellow conference attendee of the female persuasion for some snuggle time and changed my preferred age range to the reciprocal of what it usually was — 21 up to Of course, a profile like that is like throwing meat to piranhas — matches with young black women started popping up right, left, and center.

For a Vegas hooker??? Game on! Anyways, I could see from her Las vegas escort stories pictures that she had the tall, svelte body that I was seeking, and the price was right for two bareback nuts. What led to it? Was planning involved?

Las vegas escort stories

Who instigated it? I wanted to get some weed, so I had the Uber driver take me to a new dispensary that had just opened up near my casino Med Men — check it out. I picked up some edibles and a pre-roll Las vegas escort stories then swung by her place in my Uber to pick her up. When she got in the car, I saw that she was dressed like your typical Vegas whore.

At this point, I felt like a Vegas high roller on the cheap! Instead of bombing around Vegas in a limo with a beautiful escort, I was picking up my cheap black hoe in an Uber for risky bareback sex! I had asked her to shower before coming, but she said she did not have time, so she got naked and showered in my room. She had the beautiful, petite, tight body I was seeking, but was disappointed that her tits were perky little babies.

I stepped into the big walk-in shower and showered with her, soaping her down and listening to her story. I started to feel a pang of sympathy for her situation and then planted a passionate kiss on her and we started making out in the shower. We then got out, dried off, and went and lit the pre-roll.

After taking a few hits each, we moved to embrace each other.

Las vegas escort stories

What sexual behaviors took place e. How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end? We started making out in the standing position before making our way to the bed. I laid her back on the bed and started kissing my way down to her breasts. I started licking her outer lips up and down before putting my tongue in to get to her inner labia and clitoral area.

I continued licking her clit in a rhythmic fashion while lightly penetrating her with my finger, and it took her about five minutes to orgasm. It was very rewarding to feel her body tense up like that and her squeezing my head between her legs as she came.

At this point, I was good and hard, so I got on the bed, spread her legs apart, and lined up my cock with her wet slit. But no!

Las vegas escort stories

No intervention — I just pushed it into her somewhat tight pussy. I slowly moved in and out of her, and I could feel the nice ripples of her vagina on my cock. I decided that, since this was paid sex, I was just going to finish quickly, move to the recovery phase, and then bang her again. I preannounced I was coming, and as I was coming I could feel her pull away in an attempt to keep my cum from going too deep into her. This was somewhat disappointing as I was paying to nut in her, and I wanted to nut in her. I stared down at my cock in amazement because it was covered in white frothy Las vegas escort stories from her pussy.

I had rarely seen this before, and certainly not that thick. We cleaned up, laid back and chatted while I recovered. She got knocked up at 13, and then again at age 16, the second time by a pimp. Her mother had her at age 13, and her grandmother had her mother at I eventually ask her to suck me to get me hard so we can get this over with. After I get hard, I did her doggie style. I usually end up banging BBWs, so I enjoyed doing this narrow-waisted lady from behind.

As I nut in her, she again starts pulling away from me. Again, I was upset as I wanted to shoot my load deep inside her. We cleaned up and I ordered her an Uber. I escorted her down and suggest we maybe get together the next evening, which she cordially agreed to. The next day, I texted her around 4 pm to see if she was available and got no response. So after dinner, I returned to my room and jerked off. I politely declined because I had just relieved myself, but then she starts hounding me to reconsider because she really needs the help.

This time I tell her to lay low on the hooker clothes and just show up in her normal attire. She showed up and again jumped in the shower. On one hand, I was happy I was going to nut in her nice pussy again, but on the other hand, I kind of wanted to get back to watching YouTube videos and surfing Reddit. We got in the bed and chatted for a bit before I asked her to suck my cock. She got me hard pretty quickly, and I requested that she gets on her back and spread her legs for missionary.

She did so with her back against the pillows, which are against the headboard, and I began Las vegas escort stories bang her missionary style. I continued to fuck her with her on her back and me kneeling. As I started to feel the orgasm build, I realized that her positioning will prevent her from pulling away from me as I cum.

Wanting to avoid any chance of her wiggling her hips to avoid me shooting deep into her, I leaned forward to change the angle of my thrusting more into the bed and to put more weight on her. Sure enough, I had her pinned in and just jammed my cock into her as I unloaded what little semen I had left into her soaking wet vagina. It made my night knowing that I neutralized her pullback technique to nut as deeply inside her pussy as I could. How did you feel about it the next day? How do you feel about them now?

After the hookup, we cleaned off in the shower and I escorted her down to the waiting Uber.

Las vegas escort stories

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