Injection in buttocks stories

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State health officials are still trying to discover who was responsible for the dangerous infectionsand what substance was being injected into the women's rear ends. Tina Tan, a New Jersey state epidemiologist.

Injection in buttocks stories

It's not the first time a group of women ended up in the hospital with a mysterious substance injected into their behinds. Tan has also seen reports of caulk and petroleum jelly injected in black market cosmetic procedure rings. In Januaryauthorities in Tampa, Fla. The women apparently went to Lindsay to enhance the appearance of their buttocks, according to police reports.

Callaway, another spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department, said Lindsay -- who is not a doctor -- has been charged with two counts of practicing medicine without a. The charge is a third-degree felony that he said could carry a sentence of five years in prison. Several calls to Lindsay's listed home phone showed that the had been disconnected. Saltz warned that injecting unsanitary, unregulated materials can frequently result in serious medical problems.

Injection in buttocks stories

Tan said the women investigated in New Jersey are recovering from their infections well. But in the Florida case, the homemade injections had one mother fearing for her daughter's life.

Injection in buttocks stories

Andrea Lee, 30, and Zakiya Teagle Carswell, 33, both were hospitalized at Tampa's Town and Country Hospital after suffering severe reactions to the shots they received at the hands of Lindsay on Jan. Lee's mother, Doretha Belnavis, said her daughter began feeling ill around 3 a. Belnavis said her daughter was admitted to the hospital at around 7 a. It's playing Russian roulette with your life. Saltz said it's unclear whether doctors are dealing with an actual increase of illegal buttock injections, or whether news media have gotten wise to the problem.

The procedures still make up a small of all cosmetic procedures performed. Only 4, buttock or gluteal implants were performed incompared to 2 million Botox treatments andbreast augmentations. But buttock augmentation was up At the same time people's interest may not match their diligence in doing research on the procedures.

Injection in buttocks stories

Haeck said unlike surgery, there is little regulation on which medical "professionals" can do injections. So even if a consumer goes to an M. Do you have a state in a medical specialty and is it posted? Even if an assistant ends up injecting Botox, Haeck said patients should be alarmed if a doctor has never taken their medical history, or if they can't tell that the needles have been sanitized. If the women in New Jersey and Florida had researched a bit more, they might have realized that procedures to plump the behind don't typically involve injections of foreign material.

Injection in buttocks stories

There's "fat injection, sucking fat from your tummy or from your thighs and injecting it into your buttocks," said Saltz. Another technique is called a "butt lift" or "a body lift. But many doctors are seeing lay people who assume anything with the word "silicone" in it means it is the same substance as what plastic surgeons use.

The public might even ignore how doctors use silicone in implants. Rhoda Narins, a clinical professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine, said that such unfortunate cases are an all-too-common result of people seeking cosmetic enhancement at the hands of untrained professionals. LOG IN. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Comments 0. Top Stories. Fallout continues from Gruden reation over s Oct 12, PM.

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Injection in buttocks stories Injection in buttocks stories

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